Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi sleeping. He dreams of leaving Roshni alone and wakes up. He says I did mistake, I should have not let her alone, if Gagan does anything to Raman and Ishita… He goes out of room. Romi stops him and asks where are you going at night in this state. Adi says I m going to meet my wife. Romi asks how will you meet Aaliya now. Adi asks not Aaliya, Roshni, she is my wife. Romi asks who is Roshni, tell me what’s the matter. Adi tells him everything about his marriage with Roshni. Romi gets shocked and asks why did you not tell us, where is that girl now. Adi says I left her in some park, I could not get her here, what shall I do.

Romi says you did good to leave her in park, this is not marriage, they forced you, none can accept this marriage, don’t feel guilty. Adi cries and says I m feeling strange, what would I do, that poor girl, its not her mistake, I m scared if Roshni told Gagan, they are dangerous people. Romi says nothing will happen, O m there, I will manage, Roshni is not a small kid to fall in problem, she would have gone to Khandpur, none should know this, forget everything, she can’t do anything, I will manage, I m with you. He hugs Adi.

The auto driver gets Roshni to a hotel. She asks where did you get me. He says I know you can’t trust me, but a good lady Shanti Tai stays here and helps people like you. Shanti Tai gives her water and says you are brave, call your mum. Roshni says no, what will I tell her, my husband left me, he will come back to take me, I have to find him. Shanti asks her to stay in her home, many worried girls come here, I take care of them, don’t worry. Roshni says even if he left me, I won’t become burden on anyone, I m young, I can work and earn money to pay you rent. Shanti asks her to go and rest. The man asks Shanti to take care. Shanti says yes, I don’t think she can find her husband.

Its morning, Romi asks Adi is everything fine, does Roshni has your number. Adi says no, none has number and address, why did Gagan not call. Romi says maybe they don’t care for her, they treat girls like goats and cows, they had to take revenge of Chandan’s revenge and did your marriage with her, if call comes, don’t answer, block the number, I m going Khandpur, I will make things fine. Adi says don’t go there. Romi says I have seen such goons, don’t worry, none should know about this, just chill. Raman comes and asks what’s the matter.

Romi says you should knock and come in young son’s room, I was just explaining Adi that he is going to get married now, we should keep a good bachelors party for him. Raman says it will happen when he gets married. Adi asks why will marriage not happen. Raman says your mums are having a war. Adi asks oh that’s the reason. Raman asks should there be any other reason. Romi says Adi is feeling strange. Raman asks Adi to go and send Aaliya.

Ishita says none has to do anything. Mrs. Bhalla asks what’s the matter. Ishita says Raman does not want to talk to Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi has gone out. Aaliya comes and cries, saying I think I will not get married and will get mad in Adi’s love. Raman smiles. Mihika says she is crying so much. Aaliya says Shagun won’t come in marriage, how will it happen then. Raman says Shagun is doing emotional blackmail, its Shagun’s mistake, she always does so. Aaliya says Ishita is right, marriage can’t happen.

Ishita says yes, is this any way, talk to Shagun. Raman and Mihika smile. Adi and Mani act in front of Shagun. Mani says Aaliya went out. Adi says its good, I don’t want her to see me in this state, Ishita refused from coming in my marriage, everyone is my love’s enemy, you are Ishita’s good friend, talk to Ishita. Shagun says like I decided, I will not come in marriage. Adi does emotional blackmail and asks won’t we care if you don’t come, I want both my mums to be there, marriage be lavish or simple, I want to marry anyway. Mani says Shagun won’t bend. Ishita is not doing fair, Shagun I m with you. Shagun says we know Ishita, she won’t agree. Mani asks who is she to decide this. Adi stops Mani. Mani says Raman is calling, I don’t want to talk. Adi says please talk. Mani answers Raman’s call. Raman asks them to come home. Mani asks why shall we come. Shagun says we will go there for Adi. Adi thanks her. Mani says fine, we are coming. They smile.

Adi says Romi should figure about that girl, our story will end here. Roshni thanks Shanti. Shanti says I will make you pay for this, go and get ready. Roshni says I think he will find me in park, I will go there. Shanti sends her. The driver comes there and asks how is she. Shanti says I will keep her fine, she is golden eggs laying hen, we should get customers. They laugh. Roshni hears them and cries. She tries to run. They catch her. Roshni scolds her. Shanti slaps her.

Shanti asks the driver to shut Roshni and find customers. Shagun, Mani and Adi come to Raman’s house. Shagun asks Aaliya how is she here. Raman says she was crying. Mani defends Shagun. Raman defends Ishita. They argue. Adi asks them to talk to Aaliya and ask her what she wants. He asks Aaliya to say. Mihika says just say what’s in your heart, you like that lahenga or not. Aaliya says I liked that lahenga, but I don’t want to wear it, this lahenga does not matter to me, your happiness matters, I can wear anything in marriage, I just want both my mums to come in marriage well. Raman says so Aaliya decided. Mihika says actually, Shagun wanted Aaliya to look beautiful, Ishita does not want lahenga to be costly, we will see more options. Adi says yes, we will see new designer. They all agree. Ishita and Shagun see each other. Aaliya says none can stop our marriage, I m so happy. She hugs Adi. Adi recalls Roshni. Aaliya gets laptop and calls him out.

Ishita meets Shanti and shows lahenga design. She hears Roshni shouting for help. Shanti asks her to leave and scolds her. Ishita worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Cvs made adhi a fool. Why did he leave roshini alone? It means he’s not ready to face the problem. Poor aliaa.. hope she might not think that adi ditched her. Now ishta will hear roshini and try to help her by tricking shanthi,brings her to bhalla house and there she points out adhi saying he’s her husband. So the truth gets revealed before everyone and aliaa will suffer a heartbreak. Cvs made us mad. Adhi is immature, running away like a coward and later realising he did wrong with roshini. Romi is also stupid. He’s misguiding adhi to ignore roshni. Roshini is innocent… don’t know where’s ashok..maybe he’s upto another scheme against bhallas. The fight shown between ishta and shagun is a total waste of time. Furthermore the serial is dragging.

    1. Yeah well said.

    2. azuka nkwonta

      Somebody is saying adi made mistake by leaving Rosh I but I said no he did well but he did not leave her at the right place and also left her without money which is wrong. Ishita should not involve herself in this problem right now.

    3. very true Arnilda! I too feel Adi should not have left Roshini alone .Creators are really showing rubbish . Lehenga fight is very silly and the way to solve the same by husbands rather silly . What are they trying to sort out ? Now Ishitha will bring Roshini , without knowing the truth and the whole family will be against her including Raman .. my feel … How can Ishitha reach Shanths house for a lehenga design . l

  2. Again a buckwass epi,disgusting,Adi to pahlesehi immature tha or ab ye to prove ho gaya,bechari Roshni ko akela chor dia,mujhe samajh nei ata cvs ye waste of time storyline q dikha rahe hai,souan drama partc1 kam tha kea ki ab ye log soutan drama part2 v suru karna chate hai,wise galti to kisikivi nei hai,kismat,this kismat is written by cvs idiots.tottaly foolish twist this is,pata nei kab khatam hoga.
    But dekhnelayek chees yeh hai ki dt ir kp or v jyada hot lug rahehai,and dt ne weight loose v kia hai,she is looking more prettier now.but kea faida ab to Adi Alu Roshni k buckwass dramese fursat mile tab to koi unhe dekhe,total idiotic storyline.

  3. adi is such a fool to marry roshni. he is betraying aliya and she is just unaware about it.what the hell is going on . we wanted adi and aliya to be married but ….. it doesn’t happened . what will happen when aliya comes to know about the truth she loved adi leaving mihir just for him . now adi will also fall in love with roshni . iam just thinking about aliya . she was just the best match for adi .none could be like her. we were just crying when we saw that BAKWAS marriage of ad and that BAKWAS girl. now if adi does not rebound to aliya …,no we will sop watching yhm from now onwards.i just hate roshni she just entered the life of adi and aliya . roshni has a lot of persons to share her feelings with but aliya whom does she has? she does not have her parents. i will just leave our yhm fan club and tell my friends also to leave . we will find some other serial which will show what is the truth and some action.

    1. Agreed!!

      Aliya was the adi and stopping yhm!!

  4. azuka nkwonta

    Looks like ishita is going to expose adi’s secret but I hope she does not succeed.I like that romi went to that town to solve this problem but I think he shouldn’t do it alone.
    Adi acted immature by leaving roshhni I always know that he will act immature.But roshni should not return to the scene right now.IT will be more fun if she returns after adi and aaliyah’s marriage to create tension and to create more suspense in the serial and at the same time adi should tell his mom and dad about this.
    All we need right now is suspense and tension and roshhni and adi’s marriage will be dissolved.

  5. its just a bakwass to watch yhm now .adi just cant fall in love with roshni just like that .i just cried seeing adi and aliya together .iam a 12 year old little boy .pls dont hurt me .pls remake adi and aliya’s match or i will just go for some oyher show because i just came here to watch adi and aliya’s lovestory but i think i have to remake my mind.

  6. yeh yhm bohot……………………gandha hai .

  7. Such an immature coward, oh come on if he cant face his own probs how is he able 2 handle marriage life rather than 2 wives. Alia u well suffer a hrtache but if u marry dat coward who u think u cant live without it dan u will face a life of nightmares which will be a eternal suffering. If i were u I rather be hrtbroken then marrying that dickface. Love comes n goes so as long as u r hopeful than u will fal in love again just like u did wid shitface after u couldn’t have his uncle anyways there is no such thing like cant live without u because ur life doesnt depend on anyone other than God cause he is the one that created u n wen he says ur time is up than pc out. Pls writers dont turn her hrtbroken into a villain rather show the viewers that it does matter wat happens 2 u u can overcome it just like u did wen she was in the past so plz once again if u wanna turn anyone a villain dan it should be Adickface. We seen dis b4, a gurl gets hrtbroken den she becomes the billain, plz dont show that shit, it is getting old. I like Alia’s caracter but not with Adickface. She is a gud so, i hope dat she doesnt dwell on how that dickface will break her hrt.

  8. waiting for roshni entry in bhalla house… everyone will be shocked as roshni is desi & adi is modern …so funny..

  9. azuka nkwonta

    Roshni character should be well developed in this serial because I think she has more to offer in the future but not as adi’s wife but may be as his enemy. Come on guys the serial needs to develop I don’t want to keep seeing only ashok as an enemy of the bhallas.

  10. I think Adi is ryt, cuz Roshini shouldn’t hv married with any type of boy like a goat!! She must hv taken her own decisions abt her’s life! So accordng to my point, I thnk she deserves dt!!

  11. I have a feeling that roshni turns negative later. for now I think bhallas accept roshni. & she will take revenge of chandan’s death. and ruin adi’s life.

  12. Omg Adi can’t marry Alia because he us already married n second marriage will be false n that is the betrayal of all betrayalness to anyone. Stop acting immuture dude u r a grown as pu**y so act like it. U should come clean b4 its 2 late n FYI I never like pu**y n Alia 2gather anyway, I mean who would fall 4 a person who fell 4 ur uncle in the 1st place, I would just have left our relaciones in the frndzone n nothing more. Not only dat who would fall 4 such pu**y like Adi. I just hope that dis marriage bcwass doesnt take place n look 4 a deserving groom 4 Alia who isnt selfish n immiture bcuse no woman wants 2 deal wid dat shit. I think Shagun n Ishu fighting scenes r awesome n cute, they aren’t fight like enemies like they always done in the show but like frnds do which is interesting. Romi on the other gand telling his pu**y nephew that u didnt the right thing is the pussiest of all pussines n also immiture like him, poor Mihika u deserve better.

  13. Radhika malhotra

    Nice episode and precap was superb exciting

  14. This serial is becoming a typical elta kapoor serial….dragggggiiiinnnngggg….n ….draggggiiinnnggg…… till the time audience totally stop watching it…n trps come to ground zero…she is queen of this

  15. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  16. Hi dear frnds…
    Vp, rithu, shivani, sindhu, bhagya, majic hw ru all?
    What disgusting things they are showing in yhm… Ekta kapoor had gone mad.. Every couple in the serial suffers a heart break.. Earlier it was mihir-mihika.. Such a cute pair they were nd now adi-aaliya.. Cant any couple live peacefully here..
    Today adi proved hw immature he is.. He is shaguns son only.. Estranging a poor girl like this is ridiculous.. He should have left her in a safer place and ensure her safety.. She is a timid
    Village girl nd fears the traditions and rules in their village.. If she cant say anythng against their forceful marriage hw she can manage in this strange place away frm her family.. A tight slap shld be given to her mother’s face thinking only of revenge nt abt her daughter’s future..
    What adi did is ridiculous.. He proved how immature he is. By leaving roshni nd befooling aaliya he proved he is nt ishitha’s son bt shagun’s blood.. Anyways this marriage is nt going to happen ad yhm nvr allows any couple to unite nd live peacefully..
    Now ashok will intervene nd this roshni will turn out to be anothet shagun.. A disastrous enemy of bhallas.. She will turn neg for sure.. They will drag this drama for an entire month or 2 or may be more..

  17. Hi all long time since I commented. If you all watched yhm since it started yhm has been the best because of 4 ppl. Raman,Ishitha Ruhi and Shagun. Shagun as negative is more useful than a positive Shagun. Did anyone like the surrogacy and ghost track. Either the CVS are trying to make Shagun as negative or make Adi aliya get married and will start the show from beginning

  18. anay bangalore

    this whole serial has problem with lovers
    Raman + Shagun = Shagun left him for ashok
    Ishita + Subbu = Subbu left ishita and married some one else
    Mihika + Mihir = Mihika married Ashoka by helplessness
    Ashok + Shagun = Ashok left shagun to marry Mihika
    Mihir + Rinky = Rinky had an extra marital affair then died
    Simmi + Param = Param was not loyal to simmi & got divorced
    Mihika + Abhishek = dont know what happend suddenly Mihika left everything and went with romy finally both got married
    Romy + Sarika = Sarika cheated him
    Shagun + Manoj = Manoj vansihed from the serial after the leap
    Mani + Ishita = Mani always loved Ishita but he was only friend for ishita
    Mani + Shagun = Shagun cheated mani but later on they patched up
    Simmi + Gaurav = Gaurav is cheating simmi & now he vanished from the serial
    Ruhi + Sahil = Sahil cheated Ruhi
    Adi + Aliya = Adi got married to some one else by force

    Is there any love story with only one partner in this whole serial?

  19. anay bangalore

    I left 1 more cople
    Simmi + Subbu = Subbu cheated simmi also

  20. Great analysis…

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