My Destination: Cafe Coffee Day- Chapter 5 by Jerry

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“You know tia we all missed you a lot and I hope Dushyant is taking care of you really well” om asked. Rudra chirped in not letting Tia say anything. “O, you don’t know Dushyant jiju is taking care of her that too really well. And yes he loves her a lot, haven’t you seen both the love birds yesterday and their public display of affection.” He teased. Tia blushed remembering the kiss in front of everyone. “Rudra you na…why are you teasing her ? Now that she has come we’ll have lots of fun” om declared. “Yes Tia we all can go somewhere. A club ?” priyanka the youngest child of Oberoi’s asked. She was still full of energy after returning from trecking trip yesterday. “No prinku we’ll will go to CCD. There is a grand party of its success and all the companies that sponsored for it are invited with family, so we all will go. Okay ?”rudra spoke excitedly. ” Yeah we all will go but we sponsored ? ” Om questioned. “Yes shivaay bhaiya sponsored that too yesterday only, I toh seriously think o something is there between them” rudra chimed. “Something between whom ?” Tia and priyanka asked unawared. Rudra and om told them everything about Anika. Tia as well as priyanka were flabbergasted. “I wanted to make them friends but I think she will be soon going to be our bhabhi.” Rudra chuckled. “Shut up rudra” everyone screamed in unison except priyanka.

“Tia can we take Gauri there too. She’ll enjoy” om asked. “And saumya too. I think she is bored of eating parathas. There she will get to eat new items.” Rudra joked by keeping it casual as he didn’t wanted them to tease him, knowing he desperately wanted to spend some time with her. Tia nodded “okay okay we all will go. Fine.”

“Di can Ranveer also go” she asked nervously yet shyly. “No” the brothers spoke. “Stop becoming so overprotective om and rudra. He’ll come. No more discussions.” Both nodded. “Thank you so much di” priyanka side hugged her after his brothers left. “Your welcome sweetheart” tia replied.

Tia was well aware of everyone’s love interest. She was really someone whom he/she can be at their best. She always laughed at silly jokes of rudra and praised omkara’s shayari’s. Everyone genuinely adored her as whenever she comes to the mansion, it becomes lively. Om had told her, his crush Gauri before anyone knew and rudra hasn’t expressed himself but always talked about saumya, so her instinct was clear. Priyanka had too told her about Ranveer, how she has met him and many times he acted as her shield. Only shivaay has not told as he was less at expressing things but after getting to know about Anika she was having a strong vibe that this can be his partner…life partner.

“Rudra have you called shivaay, we all are ready. Its 8 now. We’ll be late.” Omkara asked still putting up the buttons of his hand collar. “He will reach there directly.” Rudra answered calling all the ladies to come down so that they’ll reach there. “I heard it right all the girls take so much time in getting ready” he spoke to om being frustrated. “We are here cry baby” saumya answered coming down with the other three. Both om and rudra turned to witness their angels coming down. They were lost so were the angels to see their handsome prince. “Saumya I think we should leave we all are already late and yaa Gauri we called you here so we all can go together but I think you are lost.” She remarked giggling. All 4 were embarrassed and then left for the party.

“Khanna have you brought that black suit from home and ironed it properly ?” asked shivaay still busy in reading some documents. “Yes sir. Here it is.” He handed him. “Okay.” He changed and directly went to CCD looking attractive.

“Bhaiya ji do this properly. And yaa these plates put them in that corner.” Anika went ahead to look for other arrangements. “Ohh bhaiya no no here and…” She was interrupted by a tap on her shoulder. “Di” Anika saw rudra and hugged him. “How are you ? And you here ?” Anika asked wondering, still excited. “Vo actually our company has too sponsored and by the way di you are looking beautiful, how many you are gonna flat today?” Rudra asked. “Thank you so much buddy. You all sit here. I will come in a minute.” She ran to stop the bartender to mess the things again.

Shivaay reached the venue and met his family. Tia complimented “Shivaay you are looking really hot yaar.” “Thank you Tia, you are not less.” He too complimented. Then he began looking here and there. “Bhaiya whom you are looking for, Anika di ?” Rudra seriously has a degree in teasing. “Wo actually….” Shivaay she is in the terrace.” Priyanka unfolded the mystery. “I have to make an important call..” Shivaay spoke and went from there quickly. “Ya ya go, who has stopped” om spoke.

He reached the terrace which was decorated beautifully. He saw her from the back asking someone to see the preparations downstairs. The waiter went. She too was going, when she saw him. He saw her from head to toe or rather checked her out and then slowly spoke to himself “Oh My God !!! I will have a tough time controlling myself.”


Heya cuties !! I thought to post this one longer but my health has some other plans, I guess. So Do not forget to comment and tell me your reviews along with silent readers. The next one will be really interesting.Thank you for reading❤

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  1. Zainab

    This is just so good. I am in love with these❤❤❤. Sorry for commenting so late. Actually I was not well and suddenly stopped reading all the ffs. But when I saw chapter 6, I was not ablr to control myself and read all the three chapters 3, 4& 5 all in just one breathe. This is just so good. Love you and your fan fiction❤❤❤

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Zainab for commenting. It means a lot. No need to be sorry dear and I hope you are fine. And if not, do take care of yourself. Glad that you found it tempting. And i am waiting for your ff too❤

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