JNDSD FF….. Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 2)

Recap: Vividha and Atharv are separated by Kailash. Story takes a 5 year leap. Vividha is working as a teacher in Shimla. She lives with Atharv’s memories close to her heart. It’s valentines day and Vividha misses Atharv soooooo much and wishes him to come back.

Episode 2
Vividha cries thinking of Atharv and their moments. Jaana naa plays…..
Viv; (looking at Atharv’s photo) Atharv… its been 5 years without you and I feel like 5 centuries. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me take even one breathe without you. I have tried all means to find you. But I failed. where r u?. why r u not coming to me or why am I not able to reach you?. I miss u so much. I love you Atharv. I love you.
She thinks of how she confessed her love to Atharv by jumping from cliff. Tumse milke aisa laga plays………….

Scene 2- A mansion. A man is shown getting ready. he prays to god. He is about to go out but stops and hesitates. a woman pats his shoulder and assures him that everything will be all right. he takes her blessings and leaves.
Scene; An office
The man enters office and everyone stands up surprisingly.
employees; boss!!!!!. oh nooo. our project is still incomplete. we are done today.
The boss comes forward and he is shown. its ATHARV.
Employees; Good morning sir.
Atharv; Good morning. I hope it will be a good day for all.
he smiles and goes to his cabin.
employee1; but why did he come all of a sudden. usually he doesn’t come to office.
employee2; Y cant he cme? its his company. and I am seeing him for the first time.
employee1; I am working here for 2 years and I have seen him only twice or thrice.
employee2; why so?
employee1; he come to office once or twice a year. He handles everything sitting at home. He is not at all open about his personal life. he lives with his mother. I don’t know why but he is undergoing some sort of treatment. Sir doesn’t speak much. But once he gets frustrated, then only his mother can stop him. Any way your new to office, you will gradually learn about him.

Atharv is in his cabin. He looks restless. He suddenly sees the calendar and then reads out the date as 14th feb. He looks on confusingly.

Precap: Atharv runs from the office. Vividha is called by the principal. He hands over a letter to her. Vividha reads it and is shocked.

Guyz..Sorry, I wont be able to post episodes daily due to work at school. I will try maximum. Hope you enjoy MATB. PLzzzzz do read nd comment.

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