Swasan- I MISS U (OS )

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Hey guys this is Savanshi here… I know I was supposed to give u all the next part of my OS- My Someone… but since I had this OS in my store so I thought to update this one till the mean time.. hope u all will have a nice time reading it… and do let me know ur views about it…

I passed out my class 10th. All ready to enter into the New phase of my life… I got admission in class 12th… a new atmosphere… New people… everything seemed difficult…
I was he’ll worried whether I’ll adjust here or not but to my surprise I got a very good company. All were so cool… I was the topper therefore people paid more attention to me but as usual I was a hard nut shell to crack. I remained in my shell. But with passing time I too developed a friendly bond with all… I befriended many… some girls and some boys… He was amongst them…. but we didn’t talked frequently… that time we didn’t had much bonding…
I was continuing with my studies as I was supposed to be the topper and I also wanted it to be true… so I buried myself in my books not worrying about anyone…
We occasionally talked and had fun… With growing time.. we came close but only as friend… neither I liked him nor He.. we used to group up together and irritate others and when there was no prey for us… we irritated each other… we used to give each other a dozen of funny Nick names…

Like this we passed our class 11th with fun… now came the most crucial time… we were to appear for our boards.. I was working hard… he too was busy in his studies…
Whenever I would acquire a corner to study he would silently stand behind me and irritate me by pulling my hairs and all sort of fun he could… although I already knew he was at my back but I acted like I’m deeply busy in my studies… I really liked to discover which new technique he is going to use to irritate me…

He was a caring guy and that was the best quality of him… he alwaz took immense care of his beloveds…
It was that time only when my leg fractured and I was quite affected but he encouraged me… he used to carry my bag till the classroom and back from classroom to my vehicle so as to make sure that I don’t take much stress… such a perfect and caring guy… I really felt blessed to have such a friend…
Finally the most awaited time  arrived… our board practicals begun… we were called early morning to school and were taken to our labs for our practicals and viva…

It was quite difficult for me to stay there starving coz we weren’t allowed for our lunch also and this lead me to gain severe headache which was really unbearable… that time he appeared like an Angle… thinking why I called him Angle… off course he was coz without his head massage I would have missed my practicals… his hands did a magic and I was quite relieved and that resulted into a triumph..  I scored full marks in viva… and all thanks to my buddy…
Along with these we used to enjoy our last day of school to it’s fullest… we along with our group talked all the non- veg talks we could… I used to draw his diagram and he used to feed me with my lunch as a compensation…
Those days were really fun…

We used to take a lot of selfies.. post them with all the funny.. emotional.. abusive quotes that we could get…
Later we passed our Xams and left in search of our carrer… although we both opted for same field but we are far apart from each other…
We used to chat late night with each other… then we started calling… we both literally enjoyed each other’s company… w used to scold one another for not having lunch.. he being a fitness freak gave me  bundles of dietary lectures… u should eat this..  u should eat that… and I just listened it quietly…

Our journey was going on perfect but I think it wasn’t destined to be forever… our one single fight destroyed our so deep friendship… it wasn’t that we never fought.. we used to fight for every single thing… starting from kaju- katli (a sweet dish) to his hair style..; who will text first and who commented on my pic first..  we didn’t needed a topic to began our Tom and Jerry nok – jhok… even the silliest topic was enough for us….
But that silly topic became a serious one with passing time and the consequence of it was our friendship broke away… now we don’t talk to each other… we have even deleted each other’s no.
Although I tried my level best to talk to him but I think he is too angry.. he had never been this much angry from me… but what can I do… I can’t even meet him for next one year then how am I supposed to clear our misunderstanding…
These distances lead to something that w never thought off..  but I just hope he stays fine and misses me coz I literally miss u soo much “My Stuart”…

At last apologies for any grammatical or spelling mistakes

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  1. Simin

    Awesome dear
    But its incomplete plz complete it

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u dear

  2. sooooooooooooooooo emotional but sooooooooooooooooo good
    what does my stuart in the last mean
    is this the end

    1. Savanshi27

      Hey thank u soo much Myna… Actually is is Nick name… as I mentioned in the story that they used to give each other nick names…

  3. Soujanya


    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u Soujanya

  4. Navya

    I just loved it

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks Navya

  5. Sami


    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u Sami

  6. Is it incomplete coz what’s the reason of their misunderstanding…… Plz if u can, can u give a nappy ending ?????????

    1. Savanshi27

      Hey thank u soo much Vidhi… glad that u liked it dear… first I thought to leave the story like this… but now after seeing everyone’s response I’ll definitely come with next part

  7. Plz watch swaragini last chance to save swaragini

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u dear

  8. hey its your story na…. and you wanna tell your frnd na that how much you miss him……. he’ll surely understand u???

  9. Deeksha

    Awesome dear… Continue soon

    1. Savanshi27

      Hey dear this isn’t my personal story… if u would have read my other OS then u’ll definitely get that its just the POV of my Lead…. btw thank u zoo much for ur comment

  10. plz plz can u give us an happy ending and plz update it and plz plz give the reason for misunderstanding its incomplete dear

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u soo much Aamias… I’ll definitely come back with next part and that will be a happy ending… I promise… and I’ll clear everything in it

  11. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Outstanding os dear but it’s incomplete.. Plz complete it.. Keep it up..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Savanshi27

      Hey thanks Uma… glad u liked it… and I’ll definitely complete it…

  12. Abirsha

    Awesome but can u give the reason for mu???

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u Shan… u’ll get everything cleared in next part

  13. Vyshu10

    nice…bt it looks incomplete

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u Vyshu… I m goona complete it in next part

  14. Scooby

    Awesome.. i guess its like ur personal too mixed here.. so some how u sort it out.. and wr is d ending???

    1. Savanshi27

      ThAnk u Navi.. dear this isn’t my personal…. I’ll definitely come back soon with the next part…

  15. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
    D way u showed dere frnshp…
    Bt wat was d reason of dere fight??
    U’l post one more part na?
    Plz try to continue it

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u sooo much Arshaanya… glad u liked it… dear I’ll b back with d next part….
      and I must say ur profile pic is damn awsm…

      1. Arshaanya

        Thanku ???

  16. Meghna shanti

    I was in same position
    But I tried my level best to contact her
    On her birthday I called her from my freinds phone as I can’t miss her birthday

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