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Twinkle, stop moving and feel great. You are looking absolutely stunning and gorgeous baby- Roshni said in excitement after looking the work she has done on Twinkle.

Twinkle- I don’t know about this. It’s so revealing. Twinkle said in hesitation after looking her reflection in the mirror.

Roshni had spent all afternoon dressing and preparing Twinkle for the evening party. Roshni made Twinkle understand that Kunj needs to realize how s*xy and beautiful his wife is, so that maybe he will realize that looking somewhere else is inappropriate for him and secondly not at all necessary when he has such a beautiful wife.

Roshni had done Twinkle’s make up making her look like a super model. She had done Smokey eyes for her and a perfect face with the help of foundations and concealer with a perfect shape giving to her lip with a perfect color. After working so much on Twinkle, what she was sure to surprise Kunj most was twinkle’s outfit. Gone were the days when she uses to wear all traditional dresses and was traditional. Now he will get to see the new twinkle, which will bold him off. Now Twinkle wore a beautiful backless gown which was showing Twinkle’s figure. It was something Twinkle would have ever worn or say dare to wear in her life, and she felt uneasy about it.

Roshni- Are you really going to back out after I have put all this hard work.

Twinkle- No….. I just…. Actually, this all seems like too much.

Roshni- No Twinkle, you need to get over there and flirt with other men. Show Kunj that you are not afraid of anything and you can too put yourself out there and get attention from others as well. That jealousy will alone keep him from even thinking of cheating on you again.

Twinkle- He might get really angry.

Roshni- Twinkleeeee ! You should be the one to be angry on him. If he gets angry also, tell him that all is his fault not yours. He himself started all this. He had no right to be angry with you for showing your s*xy and bold side to him. I mean it’s what he’s wanted all along. – Roshni countered and explained her.

Twinkle- I guess you have a point.

Roshni- I know I do.

Twinkle arrived at the venue as said by Kunj. She walked into the room and instantly all eyes were on her. She didn’t like the attention though. She saw Roshni and Sid talking to each other but she didn’t see Kunj anywhere.

Well, hello- A male voice came from behind her.

Twinkle- Hi. She said but her eyes were still searching for Kunj.

Man- I think we have never met. I am Andrew. The man politely extended his hand.

Andrew- Why don’t you let me get you a drink?

Twinkle’s eyes met with Roshni and she gave enthusiastic thumbs up to her, when she noticed Andrew giving so much attention to Twinkle. Twinkle shook her head from side to side trying to avoid the attention and also sowing her reluctance but Roshni gave her a look to stop showing her reluctance and get going.

I don’t dr….- Twinkle started to say when she saw Kunj and UV making an entrance- I mean, I will have red wine.


Twinkle –Always. Twinkle gave him an inviting smile.

Andrew went to the bar and got her a drink. Twinkle kept her eyes on Kunj who was busy greeting other business fellows. He hadn’t yet noticed her. Andrew quickly came back with a drink in hand.

Andrew- So Twinkle, what brings you here? He asked while taking a sip from his drink.

Twinkle- O business ventures you know. She lied as she didn’t want Andrew to know that she is married.

Andrew- Yeah, same here. It’s boring and you know the worst part of these kind of parties?

Twinkle- What?

Andrew- Not even a single pretty woman to dance with…until now.

Twinkle paused. Dancing with another man. She remembered how well the last time went. She simply didn’t feel comfortable in another man’s arms.

Twinkle- No thanks….

Andrew- C’mon Twinkle, the party hasn’t yet started, but when it does, I would be honored to be you’re your first dance partner.

Kunj looked around the hall searching for Twinkle, hoping that she still intended to come. His eyes landed on her figure, her very exposed figure. She stood near the bar, wearing a s*xy backless evening gown and talking to other man.https://www.suzhoudress.com/i/black-prom-dresses-straps-sleeveless-s*xy-backless-mermaid-see-through-evening-gowns-15546.html

Kunj mouth fell open as his eyes landed over Twinkle’s bare back and the scrumptious curves. He felt jealousy rise as he watched Twinkle talking to other man. He went near her, not sure if he was angry or aroused by Twinkle’s change in behavior.

I just don’t like to dance-… Twinkle said taking a step back.

With anyone besides her husband, she means to say- Kunj interjected and placed a hand on the small of her back.

Andrew- Oh, you are married? He gave a confused look.

Kunj- Happily married. He said giving a malicious smile to Andrew.

Twinkle felt a charge of energy pass through her when Kunj’s hand met with her skin.

Andrew- Nice to meet you Twinkle. I hope you enjoy your evening. Andrew said and walked away disappointed.

Kunj- Wow Twinkle, you look…..damn s*xy! Kunj was at loss of words and said after thinking for a moment.

Twinkle couldn’t help herself from looking down. She was supposed to be angry at Kunj and was supposed to show her sensual, confident and bold side but in reality, she was shy. Kunj calling her s*xy would obviously make her blush. She ignored his comment however. Roshni had instructed her to limit the attention she gave to Kunj that night. She asked her to ignore Kunj as much as possible.

Kunj- Twinkle. Kunj tried again. She looked up at Kunj but didn’t said nothing. Kunj understood he was getting a silent treatment and was going to get the whole night.

UV- Twinkle, you are looking so hot. I swear that if you were not my best friend’s wife, I would have taken you away right now and….. He was blabbering when Chinki walked in.

Kunj- UV. He said in is warning tone but UV was in no mood to listen.

UV- But honestly Twinkle you are looking so hot.

Chinki heard what UV said and understood the situation. Though she was unaware of Kunj cheating on her but she could make it out that Twinkle was angry from Kunj and she had worn such dress just to make him jealous. Maybe she should join Twinkle in her little game just to see how UV handles it.

Chinki- Twinkle, let’s go to the lady’s room. She didn’t even wait for Twinkle to answer and grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the washroom- Now tell me- Chinki asked once they were at a safe side.

Twinkle- What? Gave a confused look to Chinki

Chinki- Why are you dressed like this? What has Kunj done?

Twinkle admitted- He…… cheated on me.

Chinki- What?…… That b*****d. Chinki began to walk out of the washroom in anger, but Twinkle stopped her.

Twinkle- Don’t do anything in rush. I am handling it… I think so.

Chinki- Ok, Twinkle. Let me know if you need any me to do something. I would love to help you to get Kunj back. She said with grin on her face.

Twinkle smiled appreciating her help. She knew she wouldn’t be handle this alone without the help of Chinki and Roshni.

Chinki- Twinkle, who gave you this idea?

Twinkle Roshni.

Chinki- Roshni would.

Chinki and Twinkle walked out of the washroom and saw that Kunj and UV were talking with each other in corner. She spotted two pretty good looking Indian men, who looked close to their age and sitting down and having their drinks.

Chinki- They would be perfect to make Kunj and UV jealous. Chinki said to Twinkle and both went near the boys.

Chinki explained the plan in between to Twinkle and asked her to be confident. Chinki and Twinkle both reached near the boys.

Chinki- Hey. She greeted the two guys.

Hi- One of them spoke. He seems to be the more outgoing among the two.

Chinki- Well, I need your help. She said bluntly.

Same boy- Of course, I am Gautam and he is my brother Viren. Gautam explained. He was the older one and quickly took a liking for Chinki.

Chinki- Well, we are trying to make her husband and my boyfriend jealous and we would like you to help us and play along. Chinki explained.

Gautam’s grin fell once he found that Chinki had a boyfriend.

Gautam- Sure, we will but will you explain us why you are trying to make them jealous.

Chinki- Well, they are being jerks. She casually said as she didn’t feel the need to tell the strangers the truth as it was Twinkle’s personal matter. And she and UV were going strong. She just wanted to have a little fun and see how he reacts.

Gautam- Ok, what we have to do? Gautam was doing all the talking and Viren still hadn’t said a word.

Chinki- Ummm…. get us drinks, laugh with us or may be dance?

Gautam- Great. He said and winked at Chinki. He left to get drinks for both the girls.

Chinki- Hi, you are Viren right? I am Chinki and she is my friend Twinkle. Chinki introduced herself and Twinkle to Viren once Gautam left.

Hi- Viren said. His eyes were locked on Twinkle. Twinkle smiled back at him.

Chinki- Twinkle, sit down.

Twinkle- What?

Chinki- Sit down, Kunj is watching?

Viren- So, Kunj is your husband, right?

Twinkle- Yes, and right now we are not in friendliest terms. She replied and took a seat beside Viren.

Vire- I can’t imagine someone fighting with a beautiful woman like you. he smirked.

Twinkle blushed. Viren seemed like ladies’ man, but much shier than Kunj, also not as handsome as Kunj. Twinkle wondered if bot Gautam and Viren are committed or single. If committed then she would feel guilty of making them involved in her and Kunj’s arguments. Gautam returned with the drinks for the ladies and Twinkle and Chinki gratefully took them. Twinkle set hers aside noticing that it was an alcoholic drink but Chinki finished in few seconds.

Gautam- Whoa! High tolerance. The couple began laughing and talking. All four of them were actually having a good time even though the set up was all fake.

Where have the girls gone- UV asked where as Kunj’s eyes were fixed on the table where Twinkle and Chinki were sitting with Gautam and Viren.

What the hell UV said as he followed where Kunj was looking.

Kunj- They have been there for quite some time, laughing away like we are not even here.

Chinki also- UV said sadly- Do you think she is liking that guy?

Kunj looked at UV in disbelief. Even he knew Chinki wouldn’t leave UV for someone she met five minutes ago, and here he is already getting depressed.

Kunj- UV, why don’t you go over there and get her back before she actually falls for that jerk.

UV- No, maybe she is trying to tell me something… maybe she wants break up. UV was already thinking that she had rejected him.

UV looked like he was about to cry any moment now. He genuinely looked sad and Kunj couldn’t bear to see his best friend sad, especially if it was because of a woman.

He looked at Twinkle, laughing with some other man and was feeling really jealous. He felt like punching the guys face who was talking to Twinkle. Her talking t another man was enough to set him on the edge. The fact that she was clad in nothing but a backless, s*xy evening gown did nothing to help in the situation either. He walked over to the table. He wouldn’t even look in Twinkle’s directions.

Kunj- Chinki, UV wants to talk to you. Kunj said deciding that his friend was more was more important than his jealousy.

Chinki- If he wants he can come and talk to me. She said and turned back to Gautam.

Kunj- He thinks you want to break up with him and is giving you space. If that’s what you want, then fine, go and tell him so that he can find another woman to spend the evening with. If not then tell him otherwise his heart will break for no reason. Either way go and tell him something. Kunj knew that Chinki had no intentions of breaking UV heart, it was just a game Twinkle was playing to make Kunj jealous and it as working. He was jealous. She was totally making her point, but it didn’t have to mean that UV got hurt in this process.

Chinki looked on confused and Gautam watched her carefully. Secretly, he wanted Chinki to choose him, but he would be guilty if Chinki and UV’s relationship would fail because of him.

Gautam- maybe, you should go and talk to your boyfriend.

Kunj immediately looked relieved. If Chinki would have choose otherwise and decided to stay at the table then UV’s heart would have been crushed and Kunj would have not wanted this for his friend. UV face lit up as soon as Chinki reached him. Kunj watched them. After talking for a moment, they shared passionate kiss but a brief one. Kunj smiled and UV was a goner for sure.

Twinkle was now growing nervous without Chinki as now she was all alone and no one was there to guide her. Kunj was towards UV and Chinki. His back was towards Twinkle. She wasn’t sure whether it was working or unnecessarily it was going way too ahead as Kunj would have reacted one but he was focusing on UV and Chinki.

Twinkle, would you like to dance with me- Viren asked. By then, many couples were on the dance floor. Viren knew this is the time to ask to dance with Twinkle. Twinkle hesitated- Should she? How would Kunj react? She looked at Kunj who still had his attention on UV and Chinki.

Twinkle- Of course, would love t. Twinkle said holding Viren’s hand.

Kunj who has his back turned towards Twinkle, his jaw clenched after listening this. He stalked away without giving Twinkle a single look. He knew what he did was wrong and Twinkle deserved to get revenge from him but this was killing him. He walked over where UV and Chinki were sitting and started watching Twinkle and Viren as they began to dance. The occasion was formal, so the dancing was also formal. Only couples were on the dance floor and the music was too romantic and slow. Viren had his wrapped around Twinkle’s waist while hers was on his shoulders. They started to dance romantically. Kunj was watching them and his blood was boiling. He was in pure rage as one Viren’s hand had begun to caress Twinkle’s bare back.

Viren- I think you husband will kill me by the time the party ends. He said while watching Kunj’s reaction from the corner of his eyes.

Twinkle- he will be fine. Twinkle said. Actually, Twinkle had started to feel more uncomfortable as she felt Viren’s hand explore her back. She was regretting to wear such an exposing piece of cloth.

Viren- I know, it’s none of my business, but why are you both fighting? He asked and his eyes travelled down her body- Because I can’t find a single reason why anyone would ever be angry at you.

Twinkle- He…. well…… I wouldn’t. Twinkle did not know if it was appropriate to reveal her intimate secrets about her personal life to a stranger- He broke my trust.

Viren- Not a bright thing to do.

Twinkle Are you married? – She asked to keep up the conversation.

Viren- Twinkle, if I was married, I would never have you in my arms. My wife would have killed me.

Twinkle thought back to what Kunj had done. Here Viren was saying that he would be guilty being a married man and simply dancing with other women, and there Kunj was sleeping with other women with no sense of remorse. Twinkle moved her body closer to Viren. She had her eyes on Kunj who was seeing them in anger. Twinkle looked down unsurely. Kunj had never looked this much angry before. He was clutching his drink glass in his hand so tight that it was sure he would break the glass any moment in his hand. Twinkle jerked Viren as she felt his hand travelling down more on her lower back. She looked at him questioningly, but he simply smiled back at her. She dared to look back at Kunj, who now had hurt expressions on his face.

Twinkle- I am sorry, but I can’t dance more- She said and moved away from Viren and walked near the bar where Kunj was standing. She cautiously approached Kunj, unsure why she felt the need to come back to him. Kunj said nothing to her, simply looked at her, with mix of anger and hurt expression on his face.

Twinkle- Kunj I….

Will you dance with me? – Kunj asked before Twinkle could finish.

Twinkle- Sure. She said relieved, as he wasn’t angry at her.

Kunj grabbed Twinkle’s hand and led her back to the dance floor. Twinkle saw Viren had taken his seat beside his brother. He closely watched as Kunj and Twinkle started to dance.

Kunj placed his arms around Twinkle waist, celebrating the fact that he would only have an opportunity to caress her back. Twinkle’s arms were around his neck and her eyes were glued on the ground.

Kunj- Why all of a sudden you started to feel uncomfortable?

Twinkle- I am not.

Kunj- You seemed pretty enjoying dancing with another man and you seem like you are unhappy with me.

Twinkle- Kunj, I am never unhappy with you. She said looking up at him.

Kunj said nothing as Twinkle’s answer did little calm him down. Anger was still there inside him. Images of Viren’s hands on Twinkle crept into his mind.

Kunj- You know what kind of attention you are attracting by dressing like this right? – He said angrily.

Twinkle- But this is how you have always wanted me to dress. You like bold women.

Kunj- And what opinion do you have of bold women, Twinkle?

Twinkle hesitated. She always thought ill of bold women, who used their bodies to attract men’s attention and she was doing just the same.

Kunj- Every man here is thinking about taking you in their bedrooms and having their own way with you tonight. I hope you know. He said too maliciously.

Twinkle- Kunj.

Kunj spun her around before she says anything further. The music goes a little faster, and many of the couples broke out into a waltz type of dance. Kunj moved Twinkle around the dance floor. Is expression being blank. He wasn’t enjoying but was determined not to create a scene. The music slowed again everyone started to dance slow again.

Kunj started to caress Twinkle’s back as they danced. He ran his fingers down gently. Twinkle shivered. Kunj ran his hand over her lower waist. He slipped his fingertips under the fabric of her gown and caressed her lower back even more. He brought his hand up and placed it on the middle of her back. He pulled her forward so that her body was against his. His hand moved over to the side, his arm extended over her back almost like he was hugging her. His fingers slipped under the fabric on the side of her dress, as he tried to caress the skin near her b****ts. Twinkle pulled away from him. She tried to walk off from the dance floor, but Kunj held her hands and pulled her back resuming their dance.

Kunj- Twinkle said. Her eyes wandered around the room, noticing all of the men hungrily watching them as she and Kunj danced- Please give me your jacket? She said quietly.

Kunj- Why Twinkle? Regretting you outfit choice already? Kunj asked in a malicious tone alr

Twinkle- Please Kunjjj. She said while her voice quivered as she spoke. She looked like she wanted to cry.

Kunj sighed. He led Twinkle off the dance floor, over to the side. He took off his jacket and out it around Twinkle. Twinkle graciously took it and secured it around her. She immediately moved out of the party hall.

Kun went after her- Twinkle. He grabbed her arms once they were out of the party hall and no one was there- What is the matter?

It’s all my fault- Twinkle started to cry.

Kunj- What is?

Twinkle- Your affair.

Phew, finally a long one, right!

So Twinkle finally in western dress and Kunj was so mean about.

This is personally my favorite chapter, I enjoyed so much while writing it.

So in last chapter I forgot to mention Anaya’s name- Sorry about that.

Kiya, you asked me to post today, so here it is dear. 🙂

Chiku- you wanted to see Twinkle in western dress, finally your wait is over dear. 🙂

This is for all my readers! I hope you all like it.

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Love you all. 🙂

A big twist is about to come so wait for that as well. 😀

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