Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Tumse Raglak Part 11 Gentleman?

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Thank you all for commenting on my on my previous chapter. Sorry for not replying to them.


Laksh’s POV

Few days passed but I and Ragini never changed. We would fight for Petty things. I purposely came on the way wherever she would go so that I could irritate her. I was still furious with Ragini after she had insulted me in front of the college students and what she had done thereafter.


After the college I was waiting for Ragini outside the library in order to give my shirt. My precious shirt which Sanskaar had given me on my birthday. Sanskaar and I were very close to each other after all. He always saved me from Dad even though he hated lieng and cheating him. I was hoping she would wash off the strain that she got on my shirt but I was stupid thinking that. The very next day when she returned my shirt she had this devilish smile or rather I should say smirk on her face. I definitely didn’t like that look as it gave me some instinct that either something was wrong or wrong will happen. I hurriedly opened the bag which had my shirt and took it out only to see that it was no more a shirt now but a piece of rag. It had many holes. She had totally destroyed it. The revenge of my previous insult was still pending and here she gave another reason for a revenge. Don’t worry Miss Ragini, the revenge this time will be worse and you will realise that you shouldn’t have messed with me.


I was just waiting for the correct time to take the revenge and the correct time is Fresher’s party. Tomorrow is the party and I hope to see her dressed up like I want. This Fresher’s party will be fun.


Next day

Ragini’s POV

“Di please let’s go na. Look it is the first event happening in college​ after we have joined and most importantly it is for us..The Fresher’s. Please don’t say no to this Di.”

“Ragini I said No means NO. I don’t want to go anywhere nor you will.” With this she turned to what she was doing previously that is chopping the onions.

Surprised??? That Swara di talked to me?
Yeah.. she finally did after I asked apologies from her many times and promised her I won’t fight with Laksh or any other guy.
Laksh still troubles me but sometimes I ignore him and sometimes I do fight back but our fights are small kiddish fights. Thankfully we are not involved in any huge fights. He must be scared of me now. But right now I have to convince Swara di to go to Fresher’s Party which is today. I had already got my costume ready and promised Arya that I would be coming for sure as Kirti won’t be coming.

Swara di went out of the kitchen and I followed her. She started cleaning the dining area.

“Di, please I promised my friend that I will be there tomorrow. She will be alone there di please.”

“Look Ragini I know you are excited to go to this Fresher’s party but I am sorry we can’t. I have to submit my designs tomorrow and I haven’t complete them. This party will be just waste of time dear. And I don’t want to send you alone there. I am really sorry dear.”

“I can understand Di how important this is for you. And I also know you would have accompained me if you could. But di, I promise I will be a good girl there. I won’t pick up any fights with any one. I really do promise di. And I will also come early as possible. Please di, please let me go. Please please please please.” I literally begged on my knees. She kept quiet thinking something. Maybe she will agree but with n number of conditions in it.

*Few hours later*

“Hello Arya?”

“Yes Rags? Your coming right?”

“Now how should I tell you this Arya.”

“What means how should. God has given you tongue to speak right.”

“Arya I mean, Swara di….”

“Don’t Tell me your di didn’t agree. I am already dressed here and I will strangle you if you say that.”

“Calm down my sweet devil and worry not yaar. Swara Di has agreed and I am ready too in my character.”

“Ok then I’ll pick you there in less than 20 minutes. Bye.”

I hanged up the phone and stared at myself in the mirror. Theme for today’s party was dressing up in any of hollywood villan character. I was dressed in Harlequin’s character.

Not totally as her though. I had worn jeans avoiding to wear mini shorts. I left after saying goodbye to Swara di.

After about 10 minutes I got a message from Arya saying…
Hey Rags my car is broken down and it will take at least an hour. Don’t get mad on me I am sorry.

What the hell​ is this now. It was so difficult convincing Swara Di and now when she is convinced another problem arised. Hey Bhagwan, am I the only person you love to burden with bad lucks. Just then the gate from the house from the other side of the road opened and a white Audi came in contact with my eyes. I think Sanskaar is going to the party too and he will be the best company in the party till Arya arrives.

I ran towards the car and stood in front of it waving my hand. Sanskaar stopped the car and I moved towards the driver’s window. As soon as the window went down I saw the devil. How can I forget that this house not only belong to Sanskaar but also to this Laksh.

“Who are you miss.?”

“Ragini. I am…” I stopped saying anything further as he suddenly started laughing. He came out of his car without stopping his laughter. I know I look funny but it doesn’t mean he have to laugh so much.

“You know what Ragini, this is the perfect look for you. It suits you and your character.” Saying he laughed again. What the hell is his problem. That was the theme right and I am just following it not like I am being real me.

“Can you please shut your laughing and help me?”

“Ohh my. Someone please pinch me. Am I dreaming. Miss Ragini is asking help from me” this is too much. I pinched him hard till he cried out in pain.

“What was that?” He asked rubbing his upper arm to sooth the pain.

“You asked for it and I how can I deny the request. I mean yes you didn’t ask me to pinch of course but there was no one here to make you come out of the dream.” I showed my teeth saying this.

“Ok now just leave all that and tell me what help do you want from me”

“As you know today is the fresher’s party, I don’t have any vehicle to reach there as my friend couldn’t make it. I just…”

“You want me to help you to reach there. Right?”

“No your wrong. I don’t want, I wanted. I changed my mind now. I don’t want your help anymore. I will ask lift from someone else.”

“Look am ready to help you as our destinations are the same. I was just kidding and pulling your leg. It’s not safe for you to ask lift from any other random person whom you don’t know.”

I looked towards him if he was serious of what he said. His eyes showed genuiness and the smile he gave was alluring. Was he really Laksh I knew all this while? This one looked too caring and acted like a gentleman while the one I knew was not even close to gentle. He was obnoxious.

I was drawn out from my dream Land when Laksh snapped his fingers in front of my eyes. I looked at him and he opened the door for me. Only thing is I have realized it late. Gentleman. I walked towards the door and sat inside the car. He quickly strode to the other side and started the after sitting beside me. He drove us towards the college.

He was surprisingly driving at normal speed. I mean whatever I had heard or read about bad boys they drive very rash and even being one of those he was acting like a good boy. Unknowingly I started admiring him. He had black eyes which were focused on the roads giving me a chance to look at him closely. He had pointed nose and lips were pink. My eyes moved towards his hair, he had soft silky hair. Instantly I was urging to feel my hands on them. I wanted to run my hands on his hair and feel how soft they were. He was well built showing off some bulges of muscles from his white shirt. I wonder white is his favorite color. But that striked me. Why is he wearing normal clothes whereas the theme was dressing up in Villan character.

“Why are you wearing normal clothes? The party has some theme right?”

“Yes it does, but only for fresher’s not for seniors.”

“Ohh ok.”

He focussed back on the road but instantly put on the break when a dog passed by hastily. I wasn’t ready for this and my head was about to hit the headboard and I knew it would bleed in seconds from now. But nothing happened. Neither I was bleeding nor I was in pain. Something stopped my head from hitting the headboard and I realized it was a hand. And who else it would be. Obviously Laksh saved me from hitting the headboard and getting hurt. Is he really a gentleman or acting like one. I looked at him full surprised by his actions. He smiled at me and asked me if I was ok. I nodded and he resumed driving. Seconds later my eyes went on his hand which was bleeding a little. Oh my his hurt.

“Gosh Laksh your hurt.”

“It’s ok Ragini, it’s not much.”

“Stop the car.”


” I said stop the car.”

He stopped the car to my last order. I don’t know what got into me that I removed the first aid box which was in his car and started bandading him after applying a gel. He hissed which made me to blow some air on his hands to soothe​ the pain. After the bandade was done he started the car and drove off.

I was still not believing the things happening this evening. Firstly he made me come with him caring about me. He saved me from being hurt and even though he was hurt he asked me first if I was ok without caring about his wound. Was I taking Laksh wrong? Or am I taking him wrong now?
But I don’t think this Laksh is acting. He is so genuine and being honest in his actions. Why will he hurt himself saving me. The one who always have fought with him. No this is the true face of Laksh as Sankar said. He is not that bad, just a little naughty. The car stopped as we reached our destination.
I looked outside and to him again.

“I am really sorry Laksh for everything. From beating you up to ruining your shirt. I am ashamed​of my act and I want to rectify it. If you want I can say sorry to you in front of everyone in the party.”

I said and immediately moved out from the car without hearing his reply​.

“Ragini listen…”

I didn’t let him continue and just entered the party hall. I knew he would taunt me but right now I wasn’t ready for it.

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