Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 59

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Preeta remembers their wedding day every incidence slowly.

Preeta : Karan? how did I came here? I cannot remember anything (asks him)

Karan tells here each detail right from her falling from to cliff to current day. She gets guilt stricken knowing what everybody went through in her absence.

Karan : this time you went too far baby doll, gave me big competition in fights(teases her funnily in tears)

“I am sorry Karan Preeta sobs in his arms

Karan ; hey don’t cry now you are back to me and trust me this time I will not this kareli go away from my sight even for a minute

Preeta : ma (goes to hug her and dadi)

Sarla gets emotional seeing her daughter finally back to them

Rakhi : god bless you dear, I knew god will listen to our prayers and bring you back now just Tanya comes back then our family will be complete

Karan and Rishab looks at each other

Mahesh : you know Preeta, your sister will be so happy to see you she was the one who missed you the most in this two months

Preeta : but where is she?

Sarla : she went to goa for her workplace, she is coming today

Preeta : thank you Roshni aunty and Sahil for saving my life

Roshni : dont’ consider it as favor dear we did out of duty and now your memory has come back don’t forget us

Preeta : never aunty how will I forget people who gave me new life

Karan : I won’t either (puts hand on Preeta’s shoulder) you also have to tolerate me also

Sahil : of course now we have close connection with you all (looks at Ruchika standing behind)

Karan ; it was nice seeing you buddy (shakes hand with Sahil)

Roshni : we should take leave now, it was very nice to meet you all thank you Rakhiji

Rakhi ; but we will let you go one condition if you promise to come again

Roshni : definitely we will, Sahil lets go

Sahil : okay mom (goes to Preeta) take care and don’t forget this brother

Preeta : promise

Mahesh ; Rishab did you find anything about Tanya yet the other day

Rishab : dad actually

“Oh no I totally forgot about Sameer if he gets to know about Pinky’s condition he will break down Karan starts worrying

Sarla : Preeta you take some rest dear

Preeta : I am fine mom, I cannot wait to see my little princess

Mahesh ; they both are on the way

Ruchika goes after Sahil to thank him. Roshni sees them together

Sahil : yes ms sweetness, you didn’t tell me that you are the Karan Luthra’s sister

Roo : actually the other day I introduced you but  your anger came in between

Sahil laughs at her antics

Roo : thank you for what you did, friends

Sahil shakes hand with her starting new friendship. Roo waves him while leaving

Roshni ; not bad, you are befriend a girl and that too somebody so beautiful

Sahil : mom please she is just my friend

On way Sameer take Shrishti with him to Luthra house when Karan informed him about Preeta but Shrishti remains unaware.

Shrishti : why are we going to Luthra house right now

Sameer : chachi has organized some prayer and she wants you to be there

Shrishti : okay

Both reaches Luthra house

Sameer : lambu I have to go somewhere, why don’t you go inside Sarla aunty is inside too

Shrishti ; where are you going

Sameer : i have some work in office will be back soon okay

Shrishti : take care (goes inside the house)

Sameer goes to office for some work. Shrishti sees the house in dark entering

Shrishti : mom, Rakhi aunty where are you

Phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai
Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai
Saari umar hamein sang rehna hai

Shrishti hears the familiar tenderness in the voice that is attached to her heart.

Phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai
Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai
Saari umar hamein sang rehna hai
Phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai

Preeta gets extremely emotional to see her baby sister the one who she has raised from childhood.

“Didi Shrishti runs to her sister in tears

Preeta : how is my little princess

“Didi you are back you know how much I missed you Shrishti weeps

Preeta : see your Preeta di is back safely, you will do as I say na

Shrishti ; I already did (shows the ring Sameer put in her finger while ago)

Karan : wow not bad this Sammy is faster than jet speed not fair

Preeta : oh please at least you don’t say anything about speed

Rohan : thank god bhabhiji finally you have no idea what this guy made me into

Rishab : what did you do?

Karan : bhai nothing he is lying (taps on Rohan’s head)

Preeta : Rohan what did he do

Rohan tells her everything

“Are you serious Karan like really poor guy Preeta gets annoyed at his antics and leaves

Karan : listen to me (goes after her)

Preeta : I dont’ want to listen anything you made him scapegoat to spend time with me

Karan : what could I have done? I didn’t find any other reason to spend time with you

Preeta : tell me something very honestly I troubled you a lot right

“This pain was nothing than your going away from me on that day Karan holds her tightly not willing to go for her

Preeta : your love brought me back Karan please bound me in your love today nobody can take you away from me (embraces him passionately running her hands on his hair)

Karan is tensed due to Tanya’s condition

Preeta : whats wrong is everything okay?

Karan ; baby doll actually Tanya

Preeta : what happened to her? did you find her where is she

Karan takes her to his room before anybody could listen to their conversation

Preeta : why did you bring me here?

Karan : please promise this thing will not go out of this room only between us not even Sameer

Preeta : you are scaring me Karan

Karan tells her the most devastating news she could imagine in her dreams

Sameer goes to the guest house unaware of Tanya’s presence to get some files. He opens the door getting big shock of his life.

Sameer : pinky you here (gets emotional seeing her in front of him)

Tanya does not react too much with his gesture

Sameer : where were you? I tried to find you everywhere in one moment god took you and Shrishti away from me and now returned at the same time

Tanya looks at him helpless

Sameer : why are you looking at me like this? and what is this injury please say something

Tanya ; you know mom always said a person does not die when he stops breathing but when dignity is stripped

Sameer : what are you talking about?

Tanya shows him all her wounds on hands of self defense

Sameer : oh my god, who did this

“Prithvi reveals to him finally

Karan : I swear I am waiting for that day when his name comes on Tanya’s mouth

Preeta : calm down your anger will only make things worst for everybody else

Karan : how can I keep quiet when our friend is broken right now do you know Rishab’s state, he is trapped from every side

Preeta : I know but this is very sensitive issue and we have to help Tanya get through this you don’t worry I will stay with her

Karan : I told bhai to bring her back here

Rakhi listens to their conversation that slips the ground from her feet.

Tanya tells her story about the disaster happened on the wedding day.


The goons bring Tanya to a house far from city. She opens her eyes with heavy head in a dark room. She looks around to find nobody around her. Walking downstairs she is stopped by a shadow coming towards her.

“You Tanya sees Prithvi approaching

Prithvi : Welcome to my small kingdom

Tanya : why did you bring me here? oh I see your Sherlyn babe might have told you right

“Actually she is not smart girl like you goes close to her

Tanya : listen stay away from me if Rishab gets to know he won’t spare you this time

Prithvi : of course he won’t but only when he can find me and when you can leave from here

Tanya : why are you doing this? you cheated on the girl who has been with you

“She was but I can’t help it my real destination was to reach you baby Prithvi shows his real colors claiming right on Tanya

“Listen you lost that right years ago don’t even come close to me, and I hate you from my heart Tanya roars in front of his devilness

Prithvi ; I love this, see here is the difference between both of you sisters that Sherlyn was just puppet but it took me a while to get hold on to you

Tanya starts feeling guilty for Sherlyn’s condition who has been ditched due to her.

“I will tell you good story today sit makes her sit against the pillar

Tanya is not willing to listen his rubbish but is forced by him.

“So I used Sherlyn to get my work done, I trapped her in my love and that fool got so much crazy that she was willing to marry Rishab for my sake, but could not even trap guy like Rishab Prithvi’s words bring more restlessness in her

Tanya : just for that small insult you stopped so low

“Yes I did because it hurt my ego, and you made my job very easy, you trapped Rishab in your love so easily now I will make him pay for my insult by snatching you from him grabs her hair tightly messing up all attire

“Prithvi please let me go you will not get anything by capturing me like this pleads him

Prithvi : after long time you came to me how can I let you go baby

Tanya pleads to him recalling Rishab’s face at every moment. Prithvi drags her mercilessly on floor to the room forcing him on her.

Flashback ends

“Sameer you very well know Rishab and Karan they would turn everything upside down and bring Prithvi, and what will happen you know that also Tanya tells him

Sameer : but Karan bhai won’t keep quiet he will figure it out

Tanya : I don’t want anymore mess in my life, please let things stay how its going right now, Prithvi did all this to take revenge on Rishab and Karan

Sameer : you think everything will be fine but it won’t be you know why because truth has to come out one day

Tanya : I don’t have courage left now, that girl was somebody else who fought for rights

Luthra house 

Luthra family remains speechless knowing Tanya’s truth and the circumstance everything happened.

Rakhi gets tensed concerned about Rishab’s future and society.

Rakhi : you didn’t share your grief with your mother why

Rishab : I am sorry mom but I did wanted to lose your trust

Rakhi : you thought you will solve everything but your mom won’t know anything right

Karan : dad please tell mom

Rakhi : Tanya that day I asked you will you give that happiness my Rishab deserves, tell me now will you be able to live your words

Mahesh : Rakhiji calm down first we have to handle this matter very sensitively

Rakhi sits on sofa distressed

“Aunty you remember that day when I asked you to give me the precious gem of this family and you asked that if I will keep him happy but I realized that I have given him nothing except sorrows ” Tanya sits on floor

Rakhi looks at her with teary eyes

Tanya : ever since Rishab came to my life, happiness have not left my hand, we both won’t be able to live happily without your blessing

Rakhi hesitant to put hands on her head and starts leaving her broken again

Preeta : one second aunty (stops Rakhi) you are mother who have every right to think about your son but think from a woman’s view

Karan feels proud of his baby doll

Preeta ; whatever happened was not in anybody’s hands and you are mother to all three of us if you think it was Tanya’s fault wont’ you forgive your daughter

Tanya : aunty before me you have more rights on Rishab I promise till your heart does not agree I won’t meet him

Karan : tanya you (tries to stop her)

Rishab : have you lost it? you are not going anywhere (holds her back)

Tanya : let me go (runs outside to the car)

Rishab : wait what do you think you are doing, listen she is my mom I know her very well she will agree today or tomorrow

“Aunty is right I am not your worthy anymore, for how long will you fight for me, with your family this society, I have no strength to see you doing that’ Tanya drives away in car

Pyaar Hai Ya Saja Aai Mere Dil Bata

Tutata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila

Is Pyaar Me Ho Kaise Kaise Imntihan

Ye Pyaar Likhe Kaisi Kaisi Dastan

(Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar

Dilbar Pe Ho Na Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar) – (2)

Pyaar Hai Ya Saja Aai Mere Dil Bata

Tutata Kyon Nahi Dard Ka Silsila

Tanya stops the car on hill  crying her heart out recalling her moments with Rishab

Karan gets upset seeing his brother’s devastated condition. Rishab looks at her picture in room

Kaisa Hai Safar Wafa Ki Manjil Ka

Na Hai Koi Hal Dilo Ki Mushkil Ka

Dhadkan Dhadkan Bikhri Ranjishe

Saanse Saanse Tooti Bandishe

Kahi To Har Lamha Honto Pe Fariyad Hai

Kisi Ki Duniya Chahat Me Barbad Hai

(Ya Rabba De De Koi Jaan Bhi Agar

Dilbar Pe Ho Na Dilbar Pe Ho Na Koi Asar) – (2)

Xaviers’s college

Ruchika is selected for solo dance in youth festival representing her college.

Pooja : wow Roo finally you are selected for the dance competition

Roo gets excited for the competition when she is about to fall from stairs. A strong hands holds her through waist, she looks up the face none of other than Sahil Khanna. Both have eye lock

Pehla nasha

Pehla khumaar

Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar

Kar loon main kya apna haal

Aye dil-e-bekaraar

Mere dil-e-bekaraar

Tu hi bata

Pehla nasha

Pehla khumaar


Kritika and Dhruv comes back

Sahil rejects Roo’s proposal

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  1. Amazing update
    Preetan scenes….???
    Shrishti and Preeta …..?????. Love their bond?
    So Sameer and everyone else came to know about Tanya but poor Tanya ???; Rakhi aunty is not willing to accept her???
    Hopefully Rakhi aunty accepts her soon
    Roohil friendship…..finally?.
    As for precap; exciting
    Ruvika returning??
    Sahil rejects Roo’s proposal??
    Keenly waiting for next
    Update soon
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Stay blessed???

  2. Hey! it was such a…..I mean i don’t have words to express my feelings!! It was so emotional..
    Happy to see preetan and shrishmir together? ?
    I am a silent reader and don’t comment much but today i felt I should comment on your fabulous episode..
    Plz don’t end your FF I am just addicted to it…
    Everyday I first open telly updates to check if you have uploaded or not..
    Love u loads??
    Be happy??

  3. Preeran moment was awesome?
    But prishti/preeti moment was super awesome??
    Tell me one thing from where do you bring such beautiful songs . What a superb song selection!???
    Tanya’s dark past revealed! Feeling terrible for her . She is completely devasted? . I want my old tanya back .
    As for prithvi I knew it was him and you know how. The reason behind he did this is clarified . I was confused why he did it . But let me meet prithvi I will beat him black and blue.?
    Risnya separation?
    I hope rakhi accepts tanya soon as she was not at fault .
    And also hope for the disclosure of tanya’s identity being pinky . I doubt that kareena bua will again go against tanya .
    Ruvika will get shocks on shocks when they come back because of our shockstar ash di .
    Ruhil proposal ?Ok this is another shock . Rejection by sahil? Another shock but heartbreaking shock .
    I was confused about the meaning lf this ff’s title but now I understood . It is:
    Truth of life is that it is filled with SHOCKS?
    Please update soon
    Keep smiling and make my ideal tanya also smile?

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