Kunj looked at Twinkle. She had no idea how much Kunj wanted her right at this moment. He wasn’t even sure what had gotten into her. She had all of a sudden become so much more receptive towards his advances. It was so unlike her. Kunj didn’t want to think too much about it. All he wanted was to kiss Twinkle and with that he captured her lips. He kissed her feverishly and Twinkle was so lost in it that she was not thinking straight. Twinkle kissed him back with the same passion. Kunj shifted positions so that he was over Twinkle, carefully not placing his weight on her. His hands traveled down her body. He desperately wanted to unwrap the towel and run his hands all over her gorgeous body, but he knew Twinkle would object.

Twinkle shivered at Kunj’s touch. She was afraid and nervous as she knew what was going to happen tonight and she wanted it as much as Kunj wanted. Her body ached for him. She felt intense longing inside her that could only be satisfied through Kunj’s touch. The passion between the two had reached a new height. Twinkle moaned Kunj’s name in pleasure as he was kissing her all over her neck. He reached for the lights to switch it off, turning the room dark. He began pulling the towel paying attention to her expression. She didn’t seem to notice. She was lost in the affection that Kunj was showing her.

Kunj connected his lips again with hers. He trapped her arms against the bed, pulling them over her head. He left her lips and his lips met her neck again. He started nibbling her ears, making her moan even more, as he pulled the towel off of her. Twinkle clutched the sheets tightly around her body. She turned away embarrassed to be so exposed. Kunj expression softened. He knew Twinkle was shy and wanted to make her comfortable. He kissed her shoulder and then down her back. He was continuously observing Twinkle’s expression which showed that she was enjoying the moment with him. He pulled the sheets lower and kissed downward. Soon Twinkle’s whole back was exposed. Kunj caught his breath and she was beautiful. He slowly turned her around. He saw that Twinkle’s eyes were closed and she was clutching the sheets to the front of her chest.

Kunj kissed her forehead, and then the tip of her nose and then her lips. Twinkle opened her eyes and gave a shy smile to Kunj to continue. Kunj kissed her roughly exploring each and every corner of her mouth.

Suddenly, he went still. He pulled away from Twinkle, breaking the kiss.

Kunj- No.

Twinkle- What happened? She asked breathlessly

Kunj- We… we can’t do this.

Twinkle- But why, you wanted this.

A wave of guilt hit Kunj. He cheated on Twinkle. She deserved so much better than him. He needed to tell her. He couldn’t sleep with her knowing that she didn’t know anything about his infidelity, He knew she would be angry with him for cheating her, but if he slept with her tonight, she will never forgive him and he couldn’t afford to take the risk. Twinkle was too important for him.

Kunj- Twinkle, I am sorry but not tonight. He said and turned away from Twinkle, his back facing her.

Twinkle was shocked and couldn’t believe the fact that he Kunj had just rejected her. Twinkle pulled the discarded towel around herself again and just laid there thinking about what could have happened and why was Kunj acting this way?

Kunj- Good Morning, our clothes are dry. The storm passed away last night and we need to go. Kunj said and was sounding distracted. His mind was on the business conference events that he has to attend.

Twinkle- Kunj, last night.

Kunj- It’s all forgotten. Don’t worry, now hurry up. I am going to call a taxi. He said and quickly not making any eye contact with her and left the room closing the door.

Forgotten? How Kunj can forget a night like that? Twinkle questioned herself. She sat there lost for some time. She wanted to cry but couldn’t as tears were not coming from her eyes. She decided now was not the time to be sad. She got out of the bed and went into the bathroom to get dressed. She got dressed and walked out of the room where she met Kunj.

Kunj- Great, you are here. The taxi is waiting.

They stayed quiet through the entire ride back to their hotel. Kunj was in business mood. Once he entered his suite, he jumped in the shower and put on his finest suits. He was going over some official documents when he heard a knock-on his door and that was from Twinkle’s door.

Come in- Kunj said carelessly.

Twinkle who was now dressed up in a simple saree entered. She looked at Kunj an who still focused his attention on his files.

Twinkle- Are you busy?

Kunj- Just give me a second. Kunj said while scanning the last page of the document and asked again- Do you need something?

Twinkle- If you are busy I will come down later.

Kunj- No, it’s ok, tell me. What is it?

Twinkle- Kunj, I actually wanted to talk about last night.

Kunj- What?

Twinkle- We just can’t forget about last night.

Kunj- Better we do it. It was just a moment and it happen. Kunj’s mind travelled to Alisha. he realized that he couldn’t fall for Twinkle. He wouldn’t allow himself to fall for her until he himself confess in front of her about his infidelity. She deserves a better person than him.

Twinkle- Kunj, it was so special, how can we forget? Don’t you think so that? I actually think it might be……

Kunj- No Twinkle. It just happened. We didn’t even go all the way. We are married. These things happen. Just forget about it. Kunj said angrily and he took his official documents and left from there.

Twinkle was completely shocked. She was not able to understand that what wrong has she done that made Kunj so angry. Other side Kunj was also frustrated that and lost in the business conference. UV was the one who handled everything there.

UV- What the hell is wrong with you? Where were you lost, I have to give all the shit in the meeting. UV said as soon as they entered the cab.

Kunj- Sorry.

UV- Dude, what is wrong with you.

Kunj- After the spa present you gave to me, we get caught in the storm last night.

UV- Sucks on you. He replied without even a hint of guilt.

Kunj- Thanks UV. I can totally count on you to sympathize with me . Kunj said sarcastically.

UV- What did you do in storm?

Kunj- We found a small motel, not good though but had to spend a night there.

UV- Good, at least you both were safe.

Kunj- There it happened, at the motel.

UV- What happeneed?

Kunj- Twinkle and I were about to have s*x. Kunj very quietly told UV so that the cab driver would not hear about it.

UV- Oho man, getting dirty in little motel.

Kunj- Be serious UV.

UV- Ok, serious UV. UV said in mock seriousness.

Kunj- I can’t sleep wth her until I tell her the truth.

UV- Truth, about…..her?

Kunj- Yes. I know it would kill her when ever she will found after the fact. I can’t do that to her. I need to tell her.

UV- Kunj, you are a good man. I think it’s a good thing that you want to tell Twinkle. Sure she will be mad at you, but I hope she forgives you.

Kunj- I hope so too.

Kunj was sad all the way back to the hotel. UV tried his best to lighten his mood, but he was unsuccessful. He quickly went to his room to talk to Chinki and drown out any potential yelling that is bound to result from Kunj’s confession.

Kunj knew he had to confess sooner or later. The guilt was too much for him. He knew Twinkl was falling in love with him, but he couldn’t allow that to happen before everything was out in open. He went inside his room. The glass sliding door was open, so he went inside Twinkle’s room hoping to find her there.

Kunj- Twinkle.

Twinkle turned and saw Kunj standing in her room.

Kunj- Twinkle, I am sorry about this morning.

Twinkle- It’s ok.

Kunj- I need to talk you though.

Twinkle- About what?

Kunj- Last night was a big mistake. I am so sorry, i got carried away.

Twinkle- A mistake? Was it really, I thought it was wonderful.

Kunj- Twinkle, I can’t love you.

Twinkle What? Why not. Twinkle was shocked and was looking at him with wide eyes. Her hear was breaking ” Why Kunj couldn’t love her?

Kunj- I…. I just can’t. He didn’t know how to tell her.

Twinkle- Did I do something wrong. She said with tears in her eyes.

Kunj- You have not done anything wrong Twinkle. He said and wiped away a tear that had fallen onto her cheek.

Twinkle- then, what is it?

Kunj- It’s me. I did something really wrong. I am sorry Twinkle.

Twinkle- What did you do?

Kunj- I am sorry.

Twinkle- Kunj, what did you do?

Kunj- I cheated on you. I slept with another woman. He confessed.


OMG!!! Finally the confession. Now waiting for Twinkle’ reaction. How will she react?

How did you find the motel scene, I hope it was not very inappropriate.

Please share you views and ignore grammatical errors.

And Kiya and Chiku for you both especially.

I am so sorry everyone that am this much late. I hope you all will forgive me.

I have read everyone’s comment in the last episode and am really glad you all liked it so much.

Love to all my readers. 🙂

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