Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 51

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On cliff 

Karan loses his ability to think and do anything. He recalls Preeta’s fear of their separation previously.

“No nothing happened to her, I will not let you go away from me Preeta Karan stands up

Rishab : where are you going?

Karan : bhai to find Preeta, she cannot leave me like this

Rishab : we both will go okay, calm down I talked with inspector they have sent team down to find her

Karan : I cannot wait till that long, I will go by myself (starts getting hyper)

Rishab : don’t be stupid you won’t be able to trace her alone lets go

Rishab forgets his pain to find Tanya and tells Sameer to find her instead. He goes with Karan in search of Preeta.


Rakhi consoles Dadi and Sarla for losing their daughter. Shrishti keeps calling Rishab and Karan but could not get them. They both come home without Preeta.

Shrishti : karan sir where is my di? you told me you will get her back (asks him)

Sameer : Shrishti calm down we will find her

“What do you mean you will, my sister disappeared and you are giving me false hopes Shrishti burst in tear

Sameer take courage and tells her about Preeta’s accident from cliff. Everybody remains in shock hearing him.

Shrishti : you are lying, tell me this is not truth nothing has happened to my di, she is my world understand (vents her anger on Sameer and slowly starts getting dizzy)

“Shrishti are you okay Sameer and Sarla tries to wake her up

Sameer takes her to the room and calls doctor

“How is my daughter Sarla asks him

Doctor : she is in big trauma right now so make sure she stays out stress or else she will slip into depression

Sameer : thank you doctor

Karan sits lifelessly without strength left in body. The only thing he have is Preeta’s memory running in mind and heart.

“Karan say something please don’t sit like that Rakhi tries hard to bring him on senses

Rakhi and Kareena blasts Sherlyn for crossing all the limits of inhumanity.

Sanjana : it was my fault that I gave birth to you, I still curse that day why did you do this

Sherlyn hears her quietly

“You know till today I had no complaint against you for what you did to me but today more than you I feel hurt that someday I considered you my friend Rishab breaks his silence blasting her

Sherlyn : I am sorry but please believe me I don’t know where she went

Rishab ; I asked for one happiness in life and you could took away also mercilessly (gets in tears slowly) what did she harm you

Akshay : the person for you did all this does not care about you at all

“Sherlyn even if today we forgive you, do you think will be able to face yourself, I asked only for a good life that innocent girl that also you not could see Rishab’s words breaks the wall of hatred in Sherlyn for Tanya

Rishab leaves from there without arguing further. The families go back to their house after the major storm wiping away their all happiness and dreams.

Rakhi : i don’t know who casted evil eye on my children’s happiness

Kareena : bhabhi when things are not right we should leave everything to god and he will find the way by own

Mahesh ; I have told commissioner to find both girls as soon as possible

Sameer : uncle one thing is still bothering me, Preetas falling from cliff we understand but if Sherlyn is saying she just left Tanya in room unconscious how did she disappear

Mahesh : you are right and that room does not even have window to go out

Sameer : I think when the wedding was going on somebody kidnapped her, I am not getting good vibes

Kritika ask Roo about Dhruv but she does not give any answer

Roo : how would I know? he left in halfway and why do you care, you are happy with your husband forget him

Kritka : don’t be smart with me I know he didn’t leave like this

Roo : di why don’t you decide what do you want your love or compromised relation (leaves the room)

Kritika keeps calling Dhruv but he does not pick her calls.

Arora house 

Sarla remains strong to handle Shrishti.

Dadi : what did this all happened? we already lost our one daughter now this too

Sarla : no beeji I know nothing has happened to my Preeta she will come back

Dadi : Shrishti won’t come in sense till our Preeta gets back, god please make everything right

Commissioner inform both families for not able to trace either of the girls. They found Preeta’s bangle in the water she fell but not her body

Rakhi : Maheshji do something our children won’t be able to handle this

Mahesh : I know they are not that weak but right now they need us

Rakhi goes to Rishab knowing he would only share his heart with her after Tanya.

“Rishab where are you Rakhi goes to his room that is filled with darkness

Rakhi : what are you doing to yourself

“Mom till today I never knew what is love, for me marriage was just compromise first Preetaji came she taught me importance of relation but I didn’t even realize when Tanya started ruling on my heart Rishab pours his heart

Rakhi : we are all slaves of time when things are not in our hands we should let God decide if he has destined your fate with Tanya, time will bring her back to you

Rishab : I have lost faith on everything love, relation there is no existence without Tanya

Kehta Hai, Hai Zindagi Tu
Kyun Mujh Mein Phir Milta Nahi
Deta Hai Aisa Safar Kyun
Hai Manzile Jinki Nahi
Kehde Khuda.. Hai Kaisa Khuda Tu
Jo Bas Mein Tere Kuch Nahi
Han Koi To Vajah Hogi Jo Yun
Hai Majboor Tu Bhi Kahin
Jitna Talashu Tu Milta Nahi
Ye Fitrat Teri Tu Badalta Nahi
O Oh Jitna Talashu Tu Milta Nahi
Ye Fitrat Teri Tu Badalta Nahi
Tu Bata, Aise Kyun
Teri Marzi Chalata Hai Tu
Jeete Ji Yun Jalata Hai Tu

Karan goes to bar getting high pitched drunk in memory of Preeta. With every gulp he swallows the pain for losing all happiness, dreams.

“Why Preeta, you told me you will never leave my side then why questions her in mind

Ishq Mein Jeene Na De Tu
Aur Marne Bhi Deta Nahi
Kehta Hai, Hai Humsafar Tu
Phir Saath Kyun Deta Nahi
Kya Hai Khafa, Hai Ya Bewafa Tu
Jo Sunta Meri Kuch Nahi
Haan Koi To Vajah Hogi Jo Yun
Hai Majboor Tu Bhi Kahi

Mahesh and Sameer comes to get him.

“Sammy my brother you came to get me, I will not go anywhere lets party Karan hides his tears

Sameer : bhai please control yourself

Karan : hello dad whats up

Mahesh : what have you done to yourself? you are not able to stand on your feet

Karan : don’t lecture me on midnight dad

Mahesh feels terrible seeing the condition of his both children.

Karan : who can understand better than you what it means to love immensely

Mahesh : thats why I am saying we all cannot se e you both brother like this

Karan : Dad what did I lack? why did my love went away from me (asks him tearfully)

Mahesh : if your faith is strong and love is true your love will come soon

Karan : this is all book type theories dad in real life love only give pain see Rishab lost his love, I also did who knows one day even Sammy will

Both brings Karan home who is heavily drunk trying to forget his pain.

Farm house 

Rishab holds the wine glass on farm house with Tanya’s picture on side.

“You were only the light in my dark life now see when you went away that brightness also left me, maybe this is my punishment for not be with you when you needed me the most I am sorry talks with her picture guilt stricken for not able to save her from disaster


Shrishti calls Sameer in church to give her final decision.

Sameer : you don’t worry I know we will find Preeta very soon (assures her)

Shrishti : I called you for something else

Sameer : yes what is it

“To give you this back, I am sorry Sameer but I won’t be able to carry this relation further, I don’t have that courage just like my di went away if I lose you then Shrishti removes the ring

Sameer : have you gone crazy? you will break our engagement for this reason

Shrishti : for you it will be small but Preeta di was my whole world, everything Sameer I don’t have courage to lose one more relation

Sameer ; I won’t let you go like this you promised me right that you won’t leave my hand

Shrishti : please let me go, don’t make me more weak with your tears

Sameer : you want Preeta right I will bring her back but please don’t go (stops her)

Shrishti : Sameer please forget me, consider we were never made for each other

She runs away from there with heavy heart leaving Sameer in darkness again. He holds the ring but leaves on the feet of god.

Sameer : today again you took away everything, till you don’t bring my love back this ring will stay here, you took away our happiness now only you will bring those moment back in our lives

Kehde Khuda.. Hai Kaisa Khuda Tu

Jo Bus Mein Tere Kuch Nahi
Haan Koi To Vajah Hogi Jo Yun
Hai Majboor Tu Bhi Kahin

After Sameer leaves the church bell noise echoes in whole room.

Kritika decides to bury all the memories of Dhruv inside her heart and start new life with Akshay.

Preeta’s body in unconscious state reaches a small town. Some villagers praying in temple looks at the reflection in the middle of water. One of them was rich NRI Sahil Khanna, an ambitious but heartbroken singer. He goes inside the water to get her out and gives CPR.

Sahil : mom (Roshni)

Roshni : who is she?

Sahil : I don’t know mom but I saw her in the middle of river her pulse are still beating

Roshni : take her to hotel room, I will bring doctor go

Sahil takes her to their hotel and waits for the doctor to arrive.

Sahil ; mom seeing her attire it looks like it was her wedding and something happened

Roshni : yea you are right, you go outside I will change her clothes

Sahil : okay mom (goes outside the room)

The doctor arrives to check on Preeta’s condition

Roshni : how is she now? when will she regain consciousness

Doctor : i think some incidence have left big impact on her mind, but I have given her medication if she doesn’t come to consciousness let me know

Sahil : thank you doctor I will drop you outside

Roshni : how will we find who is she, her family everything

Sahil : let her come to consciousness then we will ask from her don’t stress out, its quite late go to sleep


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  1. Super emotional episode
    Everything just finished in few moments…
    Plz let preeta be normal and make her remember everything
    As for Tanya…..where would she be?????
    Rishab and karan…?????
    Hopefully everything gets back to normal ASAP
    This story has a great impact on me. While reading it it feels like everything is happening in front of my eyes. I seriously feel like crying. It is getting difficult to hold back my tears??
    Plz post next part ASAP
    Cannot wait for it
    Love u loads❤❤❤

    1. You both are main reason for me to continue this story. But someday it will end and you have to read other stories too. Hold back your tears you will need till the end of story now. Fun drama ended now emotional part started after interval

  2. Omg this was another shock . Too emotional . You made me cry . Poor shrishmeer..poor rishnya….poor preeran??
    New entry sahil . I think once again a love triangle for preeta
    Karan’s state was too bad
    And rishabh also
    Shrishti-sameer ?
    Where is tanya?
    I think preeta will lose her memory .
    Are you planning for a leap?
    Please update soon
    Keep rocking/shocking
    And keep smiling

    1. Tanya won’t be shown for a while but yes there will be short leap. Things will restart with new stories. I was not planning to continue the story but you, Cindy and IF readers are making me more curious to keep continuing.


    But pls will preeRan’s meeting be anytime sooner? plz update us soon, can’t wait to
    know what happens next… thanks

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