Kasam 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika to meet Arun, Ranbir determines to search her

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The Episode starts with Kritika crying seeing her mother’s condition in ICU. She thinks how is this city and asks Mata Rani not to let anything happen to her Mum. Ranbir and his family come to hotel. Manager welcomes them. The staff makes them wear garland. They go to their room. Doctor comes out of ICU. Kritika asks how is my mum? Doctor says I am sorry, and says we tried, but she is critical as she inhaled lots of smoke. Kritika asks what you are saying and says my mum will be fine, and says if we would have been in our city, then Vaid ji would have treated her. Doctor says people can survive bullet injuries, but dies if inhales smoke. Kritika says how can you say this being a good doctor of a big hospital. She comes to ICU and asks why did you inhale so much smoke. She asks who will take care of me when I return home, who will celebrate my birthday, who will handle me if anything happens to you? Malini says your Papa will take care of you. Kritika asks what are you saying?

Malini gives her Arun’s address and says we came here to meet him and not for your alliance. She says she came to know few days before when she saw him on TV. She asks her to take her photo with him so that he can identify you. Kritika says I don’t want to go to that man who left us years ago. Malini says he is your father, you have to meet him. I want to see you happy and asks her to promise that she will meet him and tell that she is his daughter. Kritika promises her cryingly. Malini also cries and asks her to be happy always. She dies and closes her eyes. Kritika asks her to wake up.

Ranbir cuts the cake and senses something. He makes his mum have cake bite. He feels pain in his chest. Akki says may be it is heart attack. Mr. Kapoor says we can’t take heart pain lightly. Mahima says we will go to cardiologist in the morning.

Kritika does her mother’s last rites and recalls her childhood with her. Pandit ji gives fire to Malini’s pyre. Kritika breaks down and is shattered. She recalls her words. Ranbir is sleeping in his hotel room and wakes up restless. Akki wakes up and asks what happened? Ranbir says she came in my dream, that current wali. We have to search her and look for her. Akki asks why there is tears in your eyes, and asks are you crying? Ranbir checks it. Akki says if this is love? Ranbir says are you mad? I haven’t seen her. Akki says if Chachu hears this, then he will faint.

Kritika is on the road walking and thinks of her mum’s words. She sits a road side and cries. She takes out her father’s address and thinks I don’t want such father who left my mum, I will not see his face. She throws it away. She then recalls her mother giving her promise and thinks I will go to meet him for your happiness. She looks for the paper and finally gets it. She thinks I am coming to meet you.

Mr. Kapoor tells Mahima that he is going to see his Mumbai house, and says I sent money for its welfare though.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The episode is moving further , I think the house is bedi house , but what about natasha and taniya

  2. Deeyaana

    Connection feeling was nice in today’s episode

  3. why those writers kill Tanu’s parents in every janaam

  4. I miss my friends Katrina, sia, Silent reader, vafa, Kasam,Natasha, Tanshi and The Undertaker Justin Bieber

  5. please a description of the series 5 may be

  6. I don’t like this Rishi family . Love the Bedi.
    The Bedi family didn’t all die maybe begee lol miss Ahana n Manpreet n what happened to Netra ? Natasha must a big girl now ? Little of the past birth would be great to see

  7. Writers are doing the same thing as the beginning of the show! Ranbir will be setup with Kittu’s sister..kittu will become a servant…same old…boring! Change the writers pls!

  8. Next update plz

  9. Naman pandey

    What will happen on 7th of may is they both meet each other or not lets see

  10. They always killed Tanu ‘s parents. This time kritika mother. Y she always have to suffer? Anywhere..kratika acting mindblowing.. such a natural actor..she always nailed in every scenes, especially in tis emotional scenes.. really her acting looks so real..make me cried.

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