Jiji Maa 23rd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Uttara accuses Falguni’s neighbors

Jiji Maa 23rd December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mangla asking for gifts. Uttara acts good and says we are not so cheap to ask for gifts. Mangla asks Shom why is there no drama here. Shom says drama will begin now. Uttara says we will leave now, Falguni this is your responsibility now, keep the jewelry safe. She asks Shom to give the box to Falguni. Shom lifts the box and says it look lighter. She asks him to open and see it. The box is found empty. They all get shocked. Mangla creates a scene while Falguni looks for jewelry. Uttara stops Mangla and politely asks the neighbors to return the stolen jewelry. The lady argues with Uttara. Zeenat says we didn’t steal anything. Uttara asks them where are the bangles, no one will leave from here, call the police, I will not leave my bahu’s hand till then, I will sit here. Jayant gets Suyash’s call.

Uttara asks Jayant to tell Suyash about the drama happening. Jayant answers the call and says we are not at home, we will come in some time, you reach home, your mum is stuck in NGO things. Suyash says there is no one at home. He sees few girls playing and recalls Falguni. He smiles. Bhanu asks what are you thinking. Suyash asks what will I do at home now. Bhanu asks shall we go to Falguni’s place. Suyash calls him smart. Police comes home. Uttara complains about the theft. Falguni says there is no thief here, its a misunderstanding here. Inspector asks the staff to search jewelry in the house. Falguni cries. Zeenat says we don’t have jewelry. Falguni says our neighbors are decent people. Inspector scolds the poor neighbors. Falguni, Zeenat and Niyati worry. Vidhaan asks Jayant what’s all this, such thing is happening here. Jayant says jewelry is stolen, let police do the work.

Suyash and Bhanu talk. Bhanu asks him to confess feelings to Falguni. Uttara acts good to Niyati. Falguni prays. Suyash asks Bhanu to stop the car. He removes the coat and tie. Bhanu asks him to tell Falguni that he is Suyash Rawat. Suyash goes to meet Falguni. He gets a call and asks is Kaka fine, I will just come. He asks Bhanu to take him to hospital, Kaka is not eating food, I have to feed him. Bhanu says you didn’t eat anything since morning. They leave.

Constable says we got something from every house. They get the jewelry. Inspector says it means this locality is of thieves. Mangla and Shom check the jewelry. Uttara says check well, no jewelry should miss, I can’t keep jewelry here, its my responsibility to protect this. Inspector scolds everything. Shom recalls stealing jewelry. Uttara smiles.

Uttara says you all have upset me, you cheated these innocent girls. Inspector arrests all the neighbors.

Update Credit to: Amena

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