Ayushaman Bhava 23rd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikrant kills Badri

Ayushaman Bhava 23rd December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Kavya why is she worried. Kavya says I m in love with Krish, I don’t know whether he loves me or not, is this right time to tell him. Kaushalya says love doesn’t happen by following any time, I feel Krish also loves you, maybe he kept his feeling a secret, just tell your feelings to him. Kavya says fine, I will try this once, if you are saying. Kaushalya prays for them. She sits reading Gita. Krish comes to her and hears her paath. She says I was thinking Krishna’s leela is so great. She asks him not to regret for past and not worry for future, just live in present, everything will get fine. He says yes, I know, but my present is related to past, my future just has an aim to revenge.

She says Kavya told me that she loves you a lot, if you also love her, what’s wrong to tell her, you have a habit to hide sorrow. He says no. She says I know you love her, life is like a flowing river, many hurdles come in, but river don’t stop, river then joins a sea and gets calm, but her identity ends there. He asks what do you want. She says life can’t change, Krishna told in Gita, that there is no charity bigger than forgiveness. Krish says enemies are not ours, I can’t forgive anyone. She says fine, but a mum wants her son to get happiness, that happiness shouldn’t burn in this revenge fire.

Krish meets Badri. Badri asks him not to worry, they will give answer to everything. Krish says I called you here so that we can make some plan. He gets a message and says I have to leave, take care. Vikrant looks on. Krish goes. Vikrant catches Badri to kill him. Samaira asks Vikrant to leave Badri. Krish comes home and gets surprised seeing the lovely decoration. Kavya is about to tell her feelings. Sudhir asks Vikrant to leave Badri, its no use to kill him, Krish will not leave us. Samaira asks him to think about Kavya. Vikrant says I m doing this for Kavya, Krish is dancing on my head, I will tell him what I do.

Badri says I have to settle scores with you, did you not identify me, I m Badri Narayan, you were my employee, you have won my trust and ruined my business, you killed my family and send me to jail in that blame, Krish will kill you soon. Kavya says I love you, I feel scared when you are not around, when you are around, my heart gets peace, I will make our relation strong, I will never hurt you. Vikrant kills Badri and shouts Badri Narayan, I have killed many people like you, now its Krish’s turn, Kans will overpower Krish again. Sudhir and Samaira get shocked.

Kavya gives a rose to Krish and says I love you Krish. He gets Badri’s pic and gets shocked. He says I have to go. She asks what happened, did I say anything wrong. He leaves. She gets worried and says maybe he doesn’t feel the same for me. Samaira says Sudhir, Krish will get mad, he will kill us. He says we should go away for some days. She says no, we should talk to Vikrant once. He refuses to talk to Vikrant. Krish comes to Badri and gets shocked. He says I will not leave that devil now.

Kavya apologizes to Krish. He scolds her and says I just have hatred to give you. Vikrant asks Krish to come. Krish says you were waiting for your death.

Update Credit to: Amena

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