Meri Durga 23rd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga confronts Sanjay

Meri Durga 23rd December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga walking on the road and crying. She thinks of Sanjay and Aarti. She thinks of her marriage and moments with Sanjay. She gets dizzy and faints. She gets hurt. Some men see her and comment on her beauty. Sanjay comes and stops the man from touching Durga. He beats the men. The men run away. Sanjay holds Durga. She asks why, why did you do this. He sees her forehead bleeding and cries. He lifts and takes her.

Brij asks Dadi where did her hearing machine go. A stranger comes home and says I know you all well. Brij says who are you, whom do you want to meet. The man says don’t feel bad, I m Yashpal’s old friend. Dadi says you should have told us, come. They serve him snacks. Yashpal and Annapurna come. They get shocked seeing the man.

Sanjay takes care of Durga and feels sad. Gayatri comes and scolds Durga for staying out of home at night. Durga argues and tells her about Sanjay’s nightstay. Gayatri raises hand on Durga. Durga holds her hand and asks her to know Sanjay’s deeds first. She taunts Gayatri. Sanjay asks her to stop. Durga says I will not tolerate this, we are married, how did you forget this, you cheated me, even then I kept this relation, just because you were leaving in a misunderstanding, you never loved me, you don’t deserve my love. He says your status is not such to match with me, I don’t want to talk about this, I have to talk to Aarti.

Yashpal takes the man aside and scolds him. The man says you know why I came here, I have your secret, arrange the money for me. Yashpal asks are you threatening me. He sees Annapurna there. Durga says you can’t go like this, I m your wife, I have a right to ask your answer. He says this marriage is just a drama for me. She says fine, you want to live with Aarti, you are free from this marriage. She gets the divorce papers. She says I will always have your sindoor in my maang. She thinks of their marriage. She gives him the sindoor box. She cries and says I loved you so much, you didn’t care for my love and this marriage, no woman can bear her husband’s affair, you are not the one I loved. He smiles and thinks of making a plan with Gayatri and Aarti, so that Durga asks for divorce and he can force her to speak out the truth.

Annapurna gets worried for Durga. Yashpal asks her not to say anything, anyone can hear them. Sanay gets Aarti home and says she will stay with us. Durga gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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