Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Simmi threatens Pihu

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita thinking Simmi was snatching my daughter, thank God everything got fine. She shares her happiness with Simmi and says Raman will get his memory soon, you will never get successful. Simmi says you think you are very smart, stop flying, you think Raman will remember everything, once Pihu goes, nothing will change. They leave.

Everyone comes back home. Simmi asks Raman to keep Ishita away from Pihu. She asks Pihu to be a good girl and gets ready, she has to go to hostel, else Raman will worry. He promises he will come to meet. Police comes there. Inspector asks Ishita why did she call him. Ishita says I m scared, kidnapper is not caught, he can attack me or Pihu, get the CCTV camera soon, you ask Raman to be careful about Pihu. Inspector tells Raman that kidnapper is not caught, Ishita is in tension, we will be installing CCTV cameras here, we can monitor it directly.

Raman says its good. Ishita says we will feel insecure. Inspector says we will have policemen posted here. She says Pihu is going boarding school, it won’t be possible to keep an eye on her. Inspector asks Raman is this true. Simmi says we think she will be safe here. Ishita says maybe she gets away from family and kidnapper too. Inspector says kidnapper can attack her, I m shocked, how can Raman do this, keep her with family, until we find the kidnapper, don’t send her to hostel. Raman says I m really sorry, I didn’t think this way. Ishita says you will be busy always. Raman says its my problem, Pihu won’t go anywhere, she will stay with me. He takes Pihu. Ishita thanks inspector. Simmi angrily goes. Ishita says Pihu will be safe and happy too. The family gets glad seeing Pihu.

Raman smiles and recalls Pihu’s words. They all play Swag se swagat…. and dance. Simmi looks on and gets angry. Ishita sees her family smiling and smiles. Simmi sees Ishita at the door and scolds her. Ishita says I will not leave you, we will meet soon. Simmi stops the music and says I have a headache. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go and rest. Simmi asks her to see Pihu, she looks tired, I will take her. Ruhi gets thinking. Simmi pushes Pihu on the floor and scolds her. She asks her to change and get studying, Ishita won’t save her. Pihu cries.

Shagun says thank God, Pihu came back, Simmi has been playing such a big game with us, the good part is Pihu is back, she will stay happy with Raman. Ishita says don’t know, she feels uncomfortable when Simmi is around,why is Raman not recalling anything. Shagun says he stopped taking pills, he should recover. Simmi says I will not leave Ishita. Parmeet says just we know the truth, everyone thinks Raman is not taking pills now, Raman doesn’t know how we are giving him pills. She says that’s our smartness, I didn’t tell you how I m giving medicines to Raman, his memory will never come back.

Ishita gets a call from doctor and worries for Ashok. Parmeet sees her and follows. Ishita meets the doctor and learns about Ashok’s state. He asks her to explain Ashok, he has to get treated for some time. She says I will talk to him. Parmeet looks on. He says oh, so this is the reason that Ashok is supporting Ishita, he has cancer, the good human in him has awakened, Ishita is Devi, she would have forgiven him, I will spread the news that Ashok is down, I will cut your wings. Pihu thinks of the kidnapping and wakes up. She gets scared and thinks I should go to Raman. Simmi catches her and takes her to room. She scolds Pihu.

Ishita calls Aaliya to know about Pihu. Aaliya is sleeping. She doesn’t answer. Ishita calls Ruhi. Raman doesn’t find Pihu in room.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Such a boring serial. ..simmi is soo irritating

  2. Billu ji aka Rahul96

    Mrs Shreya shetty,
    First of all I am 21 year 2 months old. So no daughter, no wife, no girlfriend.
    You wants to know about my personal info. Ok.
    My grandfather ( my mother’s father ) have 5 daughter, 1 son. No he was not demand of son his elder and younger children both were girl. Even if his daughter would used to do some mistake, he never beaten his daughter. Because he was of thinking ” beti pe haath nhi uthana chahiye” ( daughter must not be beaten) but on the other hand if his son used to some mistake he used to beat him, though he never discriminated between his son and daughter. I have never seen him, but this story is narrated to me by my mom and i feel proud of him.
    In family lineage i have never seen anyone beating his wife or his daughter ( more than his son ), 2 exceptions. But yes they all want their daughter to learn cooking.
    I hope this is more than enough for you.

    Now coming to Raman. We all know that he has anger problem from the beginning. But we all know that how much he love ishu and he will never slap ishu.
    As far as i remember in none of the previous episodes Raman has slapped ishu. But ishu has slapped Raman twice. But in none i felt that raman should heat ishu back becoz in first cause it was misunderstanding of ishu and in 2nd one it raman’s anger fault who forced ishu to slap him.
    Now in this situation he even didn’t remember his wife. According to him he slapped a stranger women. Then how did he become a abusive husband?? All of a sudden, just because of a single slap that too in his memory loss condition, he becomes a abusive husband. And all the fake feminist starts telling that ishu should slap raman, ishu should break the hands of raman, this show is promoting abuse of wife, beating wife is ok in Indian culture blah blah.

    Mrs Shreya shetty, in no way i am telling that raman did right thing, in fact i am expecting raman to apologize after he regain his memory. But telling raman abusive and cursing him is too much, because he didn’t remember that she is his wife.

    Even if ishu was in place of Raman and Raman was in place of ishu, with ishu having anger problem then also my stand would have been same. Feeling bad for Raman and expecting ishu to apologize, but never started yelling that ishu is abusive wife, raman should slap ishu, this show is promoting husband abuse blah blah.

    Even if my wife ( future ) would have slapped me, in her memory loss, then also my stand would have been same. Because in that case i would have loved my wife ( future ) more than my self respect.

    Sorry to interfere in your personal info, is your husband abusive?? If yes then i am sorry because your hatred must be coming from bad experience.
    If you know that your husband loves you and he has slapped you in his memory loss, then what have you done?? Starts telling him as abusive, broken his armb, slapped him 3 times??

    1. KartikK

      A big cmnt keep calm and stay relaxed

    2. Biju , nice reading ur comments ! Shreya cant tolerate anyone slapping ! Its true slapping shows indecency of any persons … wife to husband or husband to wife or parents to children .. to anybody to that extent .Give respect and gain respect ! And on a felicitation ceremony to bring good father like verbal assaults in public by Ishitha knowing his ml is too not acceptable . As I always say any rubbish you give to Divan , They act brilliantly ! Thats a treat to watch . As you said from surrogancy track this story is completely gone to a rubbish
      masala story ! How can cvs show such a crap to the audience ?If cvs can tell us the medicine where Raman forgets only Ishitha Ruhi and Adi and remembering Pihu , All bull shit … all the family members just stay quiet without revealing Ishitha is his wife . How can Ruhi allow Pihu to sleep alone knowing Simmy …

    3. Sorry ! I meant Billu

  3. Shreya Shetty

    OHHH HELLO Billu Ji.for ur kind information, I AM A 17 YEAR OLD TEENAGER NOT A MARRIED WOMAN!!
    I never wanted or wish for a husband but when u called all of us girls as FAKE feminists,then it enraged me and so I couldn’t tolerate it dude
    just bursted out at u so that for calling us a bad name,although u r justification may be correct,but
    U know what??Raman is very disrespectful,abusive and ill mannered creature with limbness ability of raising both of his children and his two wives!!
    do u even realize that raman always blamed ishu for everything and ishita always had to keep quiet and remain silent for all those crazy mishaps caused by that rammy doo

    1. KartikK

      KEEP calm and stay blessed

  4. Probably all the characters,viz.,Raman/Ishitha/Aliya/Ruhi/Pihu are under the influence of sade sati. Under its influence, nothing good happens. Life becomes tough and challenges are many. This goes on for the first five years. In this serial, first two and half years is over. Now, the second two and half is on. So, we have to wait for another two year leap for something good to happen in all the lives of the mentioned characters.


    1. Billu ji aka Rahul96


  5. Billu ji aka Rahul96

    Sister shreya shetty,
    I also never justified Raman slapping ishita, but when you all girls bursted out at Raman calling him abusive husband, ishu should slap raman back, indian show is promoting wife abuse blah blah, then it engraged me and i couldn’t tolerate just bursted out on all you girls telling each of you girls Fake feminist. You know why, because all of us know that Raman did not remember ishu, so according to him he slapped a stranger woman ; Raman never slapped ishu ; when ishu slapped Raman none of the girls come out telling that how ishu can slap raman, but when raman slapped many girls come out telling raman is abusive husband blah blah and then giving justification that no one have right to slap anyone. This engraged me so i called all of you girls bad name double standard hypocrites fake feminist.

    Coming to Raman’s character you are partially right. He is hypocrites when it comes to raising his children.
    1) Ruhi – Raman never loved ruhi, till ruhi ‘s age was 6. Why because of some idiot mark on ruhi lips keeps reminding him of a idiot woman shagun. He also doubted that if ruhi is his daughter or Ashok. Thank god for ishu. After that Raman starts loving ruhi. Till now raman never slapped ruhi.
    2) Adi :- raman loved adi very much, in fact both adi and ruhi, after death of ruhi-ishu, raman behavior towards adi becomed very rude maybe because adi was grown up or maybe he loved adi too in those 7 years i don’t know. But till now adi has been slapped by raman many times.
    3) Pihu – lucky girl pihu till now have received raman ‘s love only. He slapped pihu one time only.
    4) Raman with shagun :- come on we all know how shameless shagun is. She has betrayed both raman and Mani. Raman was never abusive with shagun. And even if raman have slapped shagun, then she deserves it.
    5) raman with ishita :- raman loved ishu very much. He insulted ishu only when he doubted ishu affair with Mani, at the end of that ghost track and most commonly when it comes to his children like death of ruhi, return of ruhi, ruhi going to jail, adi aliya marriage. I am not telling that Raman did right but he is not an abusive husband and yes he has anger problem and he is not cool like ishu. And to be honest ekta destroyed this beautiful show after shagun surrogacy track. Idiot ekta.

  6. hi guys
    when will Simmi and her husband will be exposed
    will it be in 2017 or 2019
    the producers have been dragging the story far too long

  7. Hi Indira ! From beginning if you see whatever the negative actions were shown …. never exposed ! Without revealing what happened and how , the cvs close it .Same can be expected here with Simmi and Param ! No logic and no sense . If cvs can end this show …

  8. What wrong with ruhi, why she letting simmi take pihu with her.

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