Jiji Maa 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni goes for the operation

Jiji Maa 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jayant asking Suyash where was he till now. Suyash and everyone praise Falguni. Vidhaan says you have done a commendable thing, jayant says we are so proud of you. Chiku says we have also raised a flag today. She falls down. Falguni asks her to show where she got hurt. Chiku says you are bad aunty, I don’t want to talk to you. Suyash takes Chiku with him. Falguni goes to her room and cries. Niyati consoles her and asks her not to give up motherhood. Falguni says I will regard Chiku as my child, one day she will accept me. Niyati says your operation didn’t happen, take this as Lord’s decision.

Uttara comes and says Niyati is right, I won’t listen to you, everyone knows you in Jaipur, you are seen on local tv, you forget this operation now. Falguni says no, we will go to some other city, help me in keeping this promise. Uttara and Niyati try to stop her. Falguni says I can go Mumbai if Uttara helps me out. Suyash thanks the Lord for saving everyone. He lights the diya. Falguni comes to him and asks him to book tickets for Mumbai. He asks are you going Mumbai. She says no, Uttara and I will go, she wants to go to Siddhi Vinayak, she had made a mannat. He says fine, I will come along.

She says no, you can’t come. He says Niyati, Vidhaan and Jayant can take care of Chiku, else I will take her along. Falguni says no, you be with her. He agrees to book tickets. Niyati worries for Falguni. Niyati tells Vidhaan how Falguni has risked life for her. He hugs her. Suyash decorates the place. He takes Falguni and says today we will see the moon and talk all night, since you will be away. She hugs him. He says thanks for saving yourself, else I would have died. She asks him not to say this and hugs. Its morning, Suyash, Vidhaan and Niyati bid farewell to Falguni. Niyati tries to talk to Suyash. Falguni stops her. Niyati says I m scared to send Falguni alone, as terrorists had threatened her. Suyash says yes, I wanted to go with her, but she didn’t allow me to come. Falguni says I will be with Uttara. Niyati gives her an idol. Falguni leaves.

At Mumbai, Uttara asks Falguni not to undergo this operation. She cries and says you were seeing that pregnant woman in flight as if your dream is getting snatched. Falguni says yes, I want my own child, its dream of every woman. Uttara asks who has stopped you, don’t go for this operation, forget that promise. Falguni says no, I will surely keep the promise, if I fall weak, you will give me strength. She hugs Uttara and cries. Falguni goes to hospital. She gets Suyash’s call and lies to him. Uttara meets the doctor and says I m Falguni’s mum. She goes with the doctor for formalities. Falguni prays that her courage doesn’t break, she has to fulfill her promise to Shreya. She sees a boy dressed as Kanha and waves to him. He signs her. She gives him chocolates. He runs with her idol. She runs after him. The lady stops him. Falguni says he ran away with my idol. The lady says forgive him, Bhojpuri film shooting is going on, he has become Kanha, he is doing much mischief. Falguni asks him not to steal things, its bad. Falguni stops and goes to see the shooting. She gets shocked seeing Shreya.

Falguni follows Shreya and calls her out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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