Yeh Teri Galiyan 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arpita dies

Yeh Teri Galiyan 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shantanu gets ready. He says I am so happy. I always wanted to study in such a good school. He rolls around with her. Anita says my head hurts. She faints.
Doctor comes. Everyone is worried for Anita. Doctor says she is pregnant.Its a miracle. Everyone is really happy. Everyone congratulates Arindham. Roshni says why did you adopt. What will you do with him now. Arindham says enough. Don’t say things like these. she says I said right and leaves in anger.

Ravindra says to Arindham blood is blood. Take Sahn back to where you got him from. Roshni says e is right. Shan shouldn’t be here. Arindhma says but.. Ravindra says Shan wont live here. The younger son comes and says he isn’t a disposable plate. Anita comes and says Shan and my baby are equal. He came to this house and this miracle happened. Is this how we return favor? Shan will live here. If anyone has problem I will leave this house with both of my kids. ROshni says don’t be emotional. Ravinda says shan will live in this house. Anita says thank you sir.

Scene 2
Arpita sees Puchki making idols. Puchki looks at his photo and feels sad. Shan wins a trophy in school.
Pucki says choti ma no one is here to play with me. I feel so alone. You don’t play wit me either. Arpita is asleep. Chanda says puchki dont’ worry I will take care of Puchki. Puchki touches her face. Chanda checks Arputa but she doesn’t wake up. Chanda screams and says arpita please open your eyes. Arpita is dead. Chanda says puchki your mom has died. Puchki screams ma.. Puchki and Canda cry. Puchki says choti ma please open your eyes. I can’t live without you. Everyone is shocked. Chanda does Arpita’s arti. Puchki is crying. Thakur ma says she should be happy that she got done wih this horrible life. Puchki cries. She says don’t take my chotu ma. Chanda says let her go. Thakur says her time has come. Puchki screams and cries. They take arpita for her funeral. Puchki cries.
Precap-Thakur ma asks Pucki to burn Arpita’s corpse She says no choti will be in pain. Thakur ma forces her to do that. Anita says to Arindham did you bring shan from sona kachi? Send him back there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sukhi Dhillon

    OMG Poor Pucki No Shantanu Or Her Maa

    The precap cant wait to see what happens next.

  2. Today it seemed a bit realistic. Relations of childhood are the purest. But as time passes by & kids gets busy with their studies & life, gradually they learn to live without those who were once inseparable from them.

    Felt really sad for Puchki & Arpita. But agreed with ThakurMaa, Arpita indeed escaped from this hell. Too bad she left her daughter here.

    I just wanted to spit on Arindham’s face & Kick on Rabindra’s a**. Kamina Buddha aur uske spineless beta!!! Was really glad that at least Nivedita was impartial towards Shan. However precap indicates Shan will loose her too. Can’t really blame Nivedita for that.

  3. SukhiDhillon

    OMG Poor Pucki Without Shantanu And Her Choti Maa Wonder What Will Happen Next!

    Precap — Cant Wait To See What Arindham Will Do With Shantanu.

  4. So sad yrr bechari puchki ab kya karegi, i hope ki chanda puchki ko sambhlegi orr usko maa k pyar degi ab, and navidita ko pta chl chuka hai ki shan sona kschi se toh wo usse wapas bhejne ko keh rhi hai, shyad arindam yee btyega sabko ki shan uska beta haii toh navidita usse rehne toh degi btt apne pati k dhoke k karn shan jo apne se dur kar legi oor shan khud se nafrat krne lagega ki wo ase jagh se belong krta hai orr use sona kachi k sabhi logo se nafrat ho jyegi yha tak ki apni puchki se bhi or islye wo leap k bad angry rude men ban jyega.


      i think, woh Shan wala scene Sapna hoga…. ??….itni jaldi Cvs aap ke itne saare Raaz ki baat nahi kholenge…. ?

  5. Needless to say my heart went out for the orphaned Puchki….her Badi MA is there but a big blow at such a young age….We don’t know how many challenges are awaiting this girl before she grows up but her life is certainly not enviable…Since Shantanu’s departure, the little girl seems to have gained years and maturity …..none of that bubbliness…..the chirpy girl has simply gone silent .. .finally she has come to terms with the truth that her friend is gone ,if not for ever,but for the time being …adding to that is the loss of her mother……it really squeezes my heart to see a child losing her childhood before growing up…l don’t know why the almighty does this to innocent children but I pray to god to spare them this gloom and misery and give them the joys of sweet childhood …

  6. Pihu,You may be right in many of your assumptions..someday or the other the truth about Shantanu’s parentage has to come out….and it s better if it comes out now when he is still a child…,Nivedita will certainly get hurt on knowing that Shantanu is her husband’s illegitimate child….i hope Nivedita will be reasonable enough to not hold Shantanu responsible for his father’s escapades….but certainly the love and warmth that we have seen so far will be missing…That way Puchki will be better,,,,she will have the love of her Badi MA..If our assumptions prove right,Shantanu will have all the worldly wealth but not mother’s love and the opposite will hold true for Puchki….Really no one can foresee what destiny has in store for everyone…

  7. Today’s episode was sad for me, I feel so sorry for Puchki, how could Arpita just die just like that ???…now Puchki is all alone, doesn’t matter who’s there for her, her lights just dimmed and this little girl is now forced to grow up quickly…I think that Nivedita would accept Shantanu despite knowing his parentage and illegitimate status, how else would we see the polished man we saw in the promos?? He has to be educated first and then we’ll see him make his presence at Sona Kachi….It’s his formative years there which will tell us what manner of man he turned out to be.

  8. With the precap, maybe Arindham would tell Nivedita that Shannon is his son, that is… if he has any testicular fortitude. Maybe Shan would grow up with only Arindham’s love…Nivideta’s request to send Shan back to Sona Kachi shows that no matter what, step children do feel that they won’t ever have 100% of their parents love. Now that Nivedita is having her own child, she is being biased to the same child she accepted wholeheartedly months before….i agree with you Lakshmi, Shan would have no mother’s love but all the wealth at his disposal but what worth is wealth when you don’t have love in your life!!! Lonely situation to be in…

  9. Devga

    Shit i had thw gut feeling frm the start they wouldn’t have arpita for long… Soo sad turn of events… But am following up with ytg as it has vrushika and a different story….

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