Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjali killed Arohi’s parents

Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi sees downstairs. She says Virat? Did he send this letter? Or is it deep? Arohi comes to chawani and says who did this to you? Tell me. He says I don’t know his face was covered. I am very scared. Deep adn tara are very dangerous. Arohi says I am here with you. She says I am with you don’t worry. She sings him poem and says my mom used to sing this for me. In a car accident my parents died. I feel so alone in this world. If they were here all this wont happened. Chawani says they must love you a lot.
Arohi recalls when her mom used to oil her hair and Arohi said she doesn’t want oil. She says I am so alone.

Arohi gets a call. A man says there is a parcel for you. Get it before Tara gets it or you would be in trouble.
Tara takes the parcel. Arohi says this is my parcel. Tara says this only has address. Not our name. Arohi tries to snatch her. Arohi shoees her and says chawani is alone and anything can happen with alone kids.
Arohi runs to chawani’s room. Someone locks the door. Arohi says open the door. Tara says have fun. Arohi says what to do now.
Virat opens the door and says who locked you. He looks at Tara. Tara says why would I? Anjali must be playing with chanwai. Anjali better be careful you are pregnant. Virat says you should be careful about your health. Arohi sees a toy in the parcel. Chawani checks it. He says its a chip. Arohi plugs it in TV. It has ANjali’s video.
Anjali said on call kill that boy. A man begged her please don’t kill me. Anjali killed them. Arohi sees the mangalsutra in the woman’s neck. Its her mom. Arohi realizes its her parents that anjali killed. SHe is dazed. Arohi says Anjali is a criminal? Did she kill my parents? She says surekha said everything good about Anjali. Arohi says Surekha come dsit with me. Sorry i get rude to you. Surekha says you are so nice. You hepled me so many times. You were never wrong. Wrong was the guy who..Virat comes in and says surekha I asked you to pack my bag. Arohi wonders who was surekha talking about.

Mausi calls deep. He says I will ask that doctor who is anjali who is arohi.
Deep goes to Doctor’s cabin. He sees Virat. Virat says what are you doing here. deep says I lost my watch here. Deep says better be careful of your things you don’t get them back once you lose. Deep says I never lose what’s mine.
Precap-Anjali shot Arohi’s parents. Arohi says deep gave me the face of my parents’ killer? I will ruin everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What the hell? Now they show that Anjali was the murderer of Aarohi’s parents and Deep gave her the Killer face. How will Aarohi get justice for herself when Deep gave her the Killer Anjali’s face.

  2. I just hate to day episode.. What is this nonsense deep scene came last 2minutes.. what is going on.. Suddenly arohi parents came in flashback.. not at all interesting bcoz of this nia

  3. Writers spoiled the nice story by changing arrohi character.. not interested in story still watching only for arsha.. I can’t tolerate this Nia in whole episode. I don’t have hopes that alisha will come back as aarohi.. Plz writers end this drama or do plastic surgery to deep n Tara charecters also n bring some one… we will quit this show

    1. Satya127

      Sravanthi I know and I can understand ur feeling because all of us feel the same about the show seeing arjun like a lightning for last 2 min and seeing our loved actress as side character really hurts us badly but don’t lose hope anything can happen anytime and immj is the example for it…..
      To tell u frankly the show had lost its charm
      Now it is also officially came that immj is gradually loosing its position in trp list and it came out of colors top 5 list and the whole reason is replacing ALISHA with nia and then s dragging trash track… Now slowly the writers producers colors team everyone gonna taste this bitter and may realize their mistake and bring alisha back as AROHI….
      Today I am happy to watch my AROHI (alisha) for atleast two minutes…. And I am irritated to watch nia all over…. Today I was so frustrated the double role which we love is spoiled but they brought another double role where we cannot tolerate nia in one role they gave her two roles… Disgusting…. But today our point of view is proved that nia can be tara then the show could have a best turn and twist and alisha as AROHI…. Would be the best…
      I don’t know but I feel alisha will come back as arohi because writers and everyone there can’t be that stupid to replace the lead which was the soul of their show and with whom all of us r connected
      I only hope these decline in trp and the dislike towards them, they r facing would open their eyes and brains and bring alisha back as arohi as soon as possible…. And give more importance to arsha (ARDEEP ) who had done a lot of hardwork for the show to become a hit…..
      Goodnight guys…

    2. Hi satya…
      Yes I agree that any thing can happens in immj

    3. Hi satya..
      Yes we are ready to accept any stupid reason mee to want only Alisha as aarohi.. this Nia I hate her.. after watching yesterday episode I got severe headach.. Im waiting for Friday

    4. Hi sravanthi. Agree with you.

    5. Hi rhivanya… how are you dear..
      this Nia is too irritating..
      In 5 Oct episode in that police officer told to aarohi that her parents ka hit and run case convict got arrested after 5 years..
      In yesterday episode they showed 6 months back anjali killed aarohi parents.. nonsense at all

    6. Satya127

      There in that episode arohi parents were already died in a car accident this is the information that AROHI know and deep used this point to make arohi agree for marriage that time….
      But why r u thinking about any logical in the story now
      Now the writers r showing only some big trash….. Illogical things and that why I am telling them bring ALISHA as AROHI with any twist they want we don’t care…. For me arsha r my ARDEEP no one can ever replace or snatch their hard work….

    7. Fine r u?
      Yeah totally illogical.

    8. Fine dear..
      after Nia entry in one interview arjun said twist is coming in the story n I hope viewers will enjoy.. what is that.. when that comes.. Iam losting patience

  4. Arjun and Alisha part is very less.
    Alisha is so cute in flashback scene. But her brother is missing.
    Otherwise full of mystery.
    I think arjun and Alisha is not main lead of this show.totally ruined the deep,arohi, Tara character.this is one of the unique suspense thriller romantic revenge show. But now totally different from that.
    Please writers change the track. Or arjun & Alisha quit this show.
    I don’t know Alisha will come back as arohi or not.

    1. Satya127

      Yes rhivanya
      Today only the flashback scenes r nice and I too felt like arsha r nit the main leads like seriously…..
      U know before thereby few episodes where there used to be little part of arjun but then I did not feel bad but today I really felt like totally frustrated and that to we all watch it now only for arsha and how dare the writers keep them as side characters…. And on top seeing nia all over made me hate the show more and for that I had lost my few interest in the show…. Don’t lose hope
      alisha will come back as our AROHI…..

    2. Hi satya.writers totally spoil our favorite show.

  5. The question is who told Anjali to kill Aarohi’s parents. It looks like Deep is trying to save Anjali. Oh god, please reveal the reason behind why Deep gave Anjali’s face to Aarohi. It looks like that the story is getting diverted from its original story plot.

  6. I always thought Aarohi’s parents died when she was young… This show is such a mess! I feel like they’re just going around in circles!

  7. What the he’ll is going in this serial…icant understand…y y y y the writers directors produce r doing this..y dey r spoiling this serial …n this nia…we cnt tolerate her in single minute…serusly now they should stop immj….

  8. Ardeep die hard fan

    U know it cud be deep gave arohi anjali face to protect her and wants anjali money cuz it belongs to arohi parents and is taking revenge for wat happened with arohi parents .. my sis gave this idea its possible

    1. Okay this cud be possible but u know when her dad bought the locket for her mum she said it was expensive and if he was rich then why did she say that ?

  9. I don’t watch this imm
    I want Alisha madam as arohi role
    Alisha madam is best acting

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