Jiji Maa 15th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara poisons Vidhaan’s mind

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The Episode starts with Uttara getting baby treated by doctor. Niyati says baby needs mother’s milk, call Falguni back home. Uttara refuses. She says she has cheated us, she tried to steal the baby, I will get the best milk for the baby, there are many imp things. Vidhaan agrees with Uttara. He asks Niyati to give them some time. The baby gets quiet. Niyati says how did the baby get quiet on own. They go back and see baby gone. The lights go. Vidhaan asks guard to lock the gate. Falguni takes the baby and goes to storeroom. She apologizes to baby. Uttara shouts to Vidhaan. Falguni feeds the baby. Vidhaan looks for the baby. Falguni keeps the baby back in the cradle and cries. She turns to go. Niyati comes there and sees her. She hugs Falguni and thanks. Falguni says its my duty to do this, how can

I leave him hungry. They hear Uttara coming. Falguni hides. Uttara sees the baby back in cradle. Falguni goes. The lights come. Vidhaan sees the baby. Niyati says maybe the thief left the baby back.

Falguni comes home and cries. She says I m helpless and can’t raise a voice against injustice. Suyash looks at her. Uttara scolds the servants. She asks them to guard the house well. She gets a message and says baby’s naming ceremony will happen after three days and all the property will come on Vidhaan’s name. Guard asks who is it. Someone slaps him and goes. Guard screams. Falguni wakes up in the morning and gets surprised seeing the baby. He says I got the baby back. She asks why. He says baby is ours, so I got him here, we will stay together. She says when we decided to give the child to Niyati and Vidhaan, we decided to not have any relation with child, now they are his parents, I know Vidhaan is behaving such because of misunderstandings, Jayant will come back and everything will get fine, like I love Niyati, you love Vidhaan, trust your love, everything will get fine. Uttara comes to them and says they have stolen the baby. She asks Jayant to see this himself. Jayant comes there. He asks Vidhaan to take the baby from them.

Vidhaan calls Falguni by her name and insults her. Jayant scolds Suyash and Falguni for stealing the baby. Uttara says Falguni won’t change ever. Falguni says you won’t change, I know you have played this game, you have filled poison in Vidhaan and Jayant’s mind, we are wrong to forgive you, we are wrong to forget that Naagin will always bite. Uttara raises hand on her. Suyash holds her hand and stops. He says you have blamed us wrong, I didn’t say anything, I tolerated when you snatched the baby, you called me stepson when I gave you respect, I will not be quiet now. Vidhaan stops Suyash. He gives baby to Uttara and asks Suyash to talk to him. He pushes Suyash. Jayant shouts Vidhaan. Suyash pushes him on the car and asks him to stay in limits. Uttara asks Falguni to manage her husband. She threatens of police complaint. She asks Vidhaan to come with her. Falguni cries.

Niyati invites Falguni for baby’s naamkaran. Falguni comes in disguise, along with kinners.

Update Credit to: Amena

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