Karn Sangini 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Trouble Awaits Uruvi

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Karn Sangini 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shubhda imagines Radha tellingn to think once before eating food if her dearest daughter Uruvi ate something or not. Shubhda tries to slap her and realizes it is her imagination and hopes her imagination should not be true. RKarn’s aunts eat pearl millet rotis in dinner. Gauri who was maid in Pukeya before says Uruvi will not eat this hard roti as once she had hard puri in Pukeya and her throat was swollen for 2 days. Another aunt says she will as people even walk on fire in love and bets 2 gold coins. Gauri agrees. Elder aunt comments they both don’t have a single paisa and are betting gold coins. Radha this she will win whether Uruvi eats hard roti or not.

Karn eats food while Uruvi tries to tear hard rotis. He walks away for something. Surili rushes to Uruvi and asks

her not to eat it as she may not tolerate it, if something happens to her, Karn will feel bad. Roti falls down. Surili picks them and hides. Karn returns. Uruvi tries to speak and slips. He holds her and makes her sit. Uruvi apologizes and says she.. Karn says he will not forgive her for finishing his mother’s prepared food, now she has to feed him. She relaxes and feeds him rotis. Surili looks at rotis and thinks her princess is so delicate, she cannot even touch this food, she reminiscing Uruvi gifting her laddoos and thinks this will quench Uruvi’s hunger. Karn finishes food and says she did not know

Uruvi opens door. All 3 aunts who are listening to their conversation fall in. Senior aunt says these 2 made a bet that Uruvi will not have hard rotis. Karn says she already finished rotis. Gauri feels disappointed. Uruvi walks aside. Surili touches her from behind. Uruvi gets afraid and says she frightened her. Surili says she brought her laddoos as she cannot have hard rotis. Radha passes by and fumes that Uruvi did not have her prepared rotis. Uruvi tells she will have what her husband has and will live the life he lives. Surili asks how will she. Uruvi says she has choosen this life and will adjust slowly, asks where are rotis. Surili says she threw them outside palace. Uruvi walks towards main gate and seeing guards warns blanket over her and walking out hiding picks rotis. Dogs bark at her. Guards run to her, capture her with net and bring her in. Aunt yell a thief h as entered to steal their wealth. Radha asks who dared to risk his life. Karn signals to show face. Guards remove net and everyone are shocked to see Uruvi holding rotis.
Precap: Aunts yell at Uruvi that Radha prepared rotis for bahu with hard work, but bahu did not have them. Karn says he cannot see anyone insult his mother, Uruvi should have informed him if she did not want to have rotis.

Update Credit to: MA

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