Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyani and Anupriya reply to the seniors’ ragging attempt

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The Episode starts with senior student girl telling Kalyani that every college students will know that she is Jija ki item. She writes J on Kalyani’s forehead. Kalyani shouts Aai. Anupriya knocks on the door. They see Anupriya and pretend to be good thinking her to be Lecturer. Kalyani calls her Maa and tells that senior students are doing their ragging. Anupriya asks what was the need and tells that students come for studies. She tells that she is a student. The students close the door and tell that they will do Anupriya’s ragging. Kalyani asks them not to dare rag Anupriya. The girl asks Kalyani to slap Anupriya hard else she won’t be let to write her exams. Anupriya asks if she don’t have any values. Girl asks Kalyani to slap her hard. Kalyani says sorry and tells that it is important

for her to write her exam. She asks for apology and look at her shaky hands. She slaps the girl instead, holds Anupriya’s hand and asks her to run. The table gets stuck to her. She takes it out. Senior girl says you are gone today. Kalyani throws color on her. The girl asks her male friends not to let them run. The guys ask them to run now. Anupriya holds Kalyani’s hand and signs her. They hit the students ragging them. Kalyani asks the juniors to take a stand for themselves, else the seniors will always rag them. The juniors hold the seniors and ask them to go. Kalyani splashes colors on them and threatens to make the ragging video viral, and warns them saying her husband is ACP. Anupriya gives her admit card in her hand and leaves.

Baby is crying. Aparna tries to make baby quiet, but he is still crying. Kalyani comes home and takes baby. Baby becomes quiet. Aparna scolds her for going to college and says she is working like a Servant. Kalyani says what to do if you think like this. She takes baby from there and talks to him regarding Anupriya taking admission in her college. She dances with the baby and sees Malhar standing. Malhar takes the baby in his hand and asks her to stand on one leg. Kalyani stands on one leg. Malhar asks her to dance standing on the bed/khatiya. He says your childishness may go after falling on it. Malhar says entertainment is missing and asks her to stand again and dance. Baby starts crying. Kalyani gets down from the bed and takes the baby in her hand. Kalyani thanks the baby in her heart for saving her. Malhar is going. Kalyani tells him that she got admit card and tomorrow is the entrance exam. Malhar asks her to reach before time and if she fails then nobody will be bad than me.

Anupriya shows her admit card to Godaveri. Godaveri is happy. Anupriya says will I be able to write exam. Godaveri asks her not to worry. Anupriya asks her to help her in studies. Godaveri says she will. Anupriya asks her not to tell anyone. Godaveri promises her. Just then Pallavi comes calling her. Godaveri gets up making the paper fall on the floor. Pallavi scolds her for not studying. Aao Saheb comes and picks the admit card. She asks what is it? Just then it flies away and falls on Malhar’s side of house. Malhar asks them not to throw the garbage to their side. He rubs his shoe on the admit card paper and leave. Aao Saheb gets upset. Anupriya goes out and gets the paper. She thinks it is good that it is not torn. And thinks Kalyani says right, then nobody can fool me and education is needed for the business. Anupriya prepares for the entrance test. Aparna comes and scolds her for learning loudly and says baby will get up. Kalyani says he is sleeping. Aparna threatens to complain to Malhar. Kalyani says she will sing a song so that baby sleeps peacefully. She sings learning. Aparna complains to Malhar that the step mom doesn’t care about the baby. Malhar says if baby’s real mum was concerned for the baby then she wouldn’t have eloped with stranger man leaving us.

Anupriya is in exam centre writing exam and worries thinking why Kalyani didn’t come. Kalyani asks Godaveri about Aparna, but she is not there. Kalyani thinks how to reach exam centre, if she don’t go then Malhar will get angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think she take baby with her or someone will come atlast she will write and pass pakka I think bec story should continue know

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Most dumbest person is Anupriya, she can’t figure out anything….😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

    2. I am not liking Malhar now at all, he is punishing Kalayani and Anupriya unnecessary….😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠

    3. Billu is rockstar, he always indirectly save Kalayani….👍👍👍👍👍

    4. Aprana is always behind kalayani and anupriya, but she think sampada mahan, I like Malhar insult her, she deserve this

  3. The college scene was good. They have brought two good issues, one how bad ragging is and if all juniors speak out together against humiliating ragging then it can stop; two, how discouraging society is towards anyone who is not very young and who wants to study. They make make fun of older person, mock them from wanting to study at an older age, call them aunty, uncle in a mocking disrespectful way( if they call respectfully then it’s ok.). I like that this show brought these two issues. Not liking Malhaar’s attitude and humiliation of Kalyani, I have never appreciated this form of relationship and romance development as I find it a degrading concept that to fall in love one must first humiliate or torture the other, but it’s the norm on TV shows these days so I swallow it as a bitter pill. I see though that Malhaar at the end of the day does what’s right for Kalyani even when he is being super rude about it. And he does not let anyone else like Aparna talk badly to her. It’s like he has decided Kalyani is his personal prey or punching bag and only he will the her emotionally and verbally. Either that or he is maintaining a rude front to hide what he is slowly finding out about Samppada and Atharva, I am sure as a police officer he is investigating their death still. I feel in future this story might take ideas from the movie Aaina that had juhi chawala, amrita Singh, and Jackie Shroff. I like that finally someone told Aparna that before telling Kalyani whether she takes good care of Pillubor not, she should consider what her own daughter Sampada did by abandoning her baby and running away with another man. I was waiting for someone to say that and happy that it was Malhaar who so far gas been putting all blame on Kalyani and Anupriya not saying a word about Sampada. I was a bit satisfied in that last scene when he gave back to Aparna. I nervous about how Kalyani will reach for exam tomorrow. Why do I feel Malhaar will indirectly find a way to help her but of course will scold her and will say he is only doing it for his baby. Lastly, I just love this baby actor Pillu. My God! He is so cute and laughs so sweetly in kalyani’s arms always.😍

    1. Malhar blame sampanda too he used to say kalyAni u Sam anu taken my smile u spoiled my life…D connection between pilu and kalyAni is sweet tats wat director showing tat baby laugh so cute and dis kalyAni always obey malhar she should overcome it she should rise always baby can’t save and still no connection between malhar and kalyAni.. hope v seen cute romance between them…

  4. The episode was good. The college scene was too good. Aparn is just irritating.pillu is so cute always save kalyani indirectly from malhar. There is no age for studying its good to see Anupriya in college its a good messege to society

  5. You say well … about kaliyani who should raise his voice against malhar when the situation is justified .. what he does by making it dance on one leg and on the bed is not fair .. his behavior becomes annoying because he is not justified on the moment .. he should be happy that Pillu is well pampered and loved by kaliyani. the scene that I loved is when Mai and kaliyani are together to defeat the seniors .. short but my favorite scene is this complicity between kaliyani and Pillu .. when Pillu cries and turns his head to kaliyani is just cute .. when he smiles it’s crooked .. the final scene is top when malhar puts Arpana in his place..the fact that he finally dares to put words on Sampada and his betrayal by abandoning his own baby .. I deplore the behavior of malhar .. it will be more than a treat to see how malhar will fall for kaliyani .. dare to hope that the feeling of love will come from malhar first .. thereafter will come those of kaliyani..it would be interesting to see malhar to question himself again to understand the feeling in love .. he should feel again for a woman .. especially if this woman is kaliyani. . whom he tormented a lot and who made a lot of mistakes. he who no longer trusts love and the woman .. it would be good if his ego and his way of thinking and acting be questioned …. look forward to seeing this emerging love .. but we will have to wait because to hope for this miracle..kaliyani will have to bear this physical and psychic suffering..Malhar will have to be forgiven for all his bad action and kaliyani will have to simmer it before forgiving all .. But intentionally malhar takes the defense of kaliyani .. But do not let anything appear ..

    1. Ya ur right hope malhar fall for kalyAni I too waiting ..Tat baby so much attached to kalyAni in off screen on screen baby with kalyAni more so it laughs by her happiness it cries when someone shouts at her.. director understand baby emotions according to baby mood they r shooting so only it’s scenes r cute.. in future he will grow up like smart hero like malhar..

  6. Leisa s morris

    Im of d view dat sampada WILL return and cause havoc in kalyani and malhars life. She will surely cook up some story of only goin with atharv after being convince by kalyani and didnt want to leave her child. But billu will never accept her as kalyani is his mother and sampada will have to deal withdat. Malhar is a police officer but hes not using his power of deduction to come to d truth and sampada will use dis along with her mother. It is high time anuprya gets educated so dat these crooks whomshe call family doesnt cheat her anymore. How long is dis loan to b process and who exactly will b gettin d cheque will it b given in d company name as her inlaws r planning to abscond with d money once it is in hand. Aao saheb really didnt raise her children well did she but then again dey say children learn wat dey live

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