Jhansi Ki Rani 26th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Bundels attacks Jhansi

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Jhansi Ki Rani 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Janki asking Gangadhar not to feel hurt and says I knew that Manu came here to become just Maharani, and says she used to forget her mistake thinking it as childishness. Gangadhar recalls her words. Janki says I am with you. Bundels attack Jhansi. Gangadhar thinks of Manu’s words. They hear the attackers’ voices. Gangadhar is shocked. Kashi comes to Manu and says Palace is attacked. Gangadhar asks Soldiers to close the doors. Manjiri and other widows are in the tunnel and hears the voice.

Ross says you are king because of us and don’t want to support us, now Gangadhar will know what kind of friendship we do. He laughs. Bundels tell that they have surrounded the Palace. Saku Bai says the palace will be hers. Bundels ask Gangadhar to open the door else they all will be killed. Someone informs Gangadhar that bundels attacked them and says what might be their aim. Gangadhar says what matters is our safety first and says the main door shall not open. He asks soldiers to hold the door. Gangadhar jumps and comes towards the door. He holds it. Gangadhar asks soldiers to inform britisher. Janki thinks she shall take Ross’s help. Moropant tells Tatya guru that bundels attacked Jhansi. Manu keeps the mirror out and see. Kashi says you want to help Maharaj who has broken relation with you. Manu says I have strong relation with Jhansi and asks her to lock the door from inside. She comes out. Moropant and Tatya guru fights with the bundels and kill them. Bundel sees Peshwa and appreciates their destiny, and asks them to see around and put the weapons down. Everyone is forced to keep their weapons down. Janki runs. Laccho is scared. Janki hugs her. Laccho says you was never scared this much. Janki asks where is Saku bai? Laccho says she might have hidden somewhere.

Manu comes and holds the door standing beside Gangadhar. Saku bai is outside and asks him to kill Gangadhar. Manu gets the smell of gun powder and tells Gangadhar. She says the enemies are breaking the door with gun powder and asks everyone to move back. Gangadhar says the same. They move on. The door blasts. Manu sees the bundels attacking there. A man says kill everyone. Gangadhar fights with bundels. Manu throws a heavy vase on them.

Janki and Laccho rings the bell to take help from britishers. Gangadhar asks the soldiers to move back. Manu sees Bundels attacking her and bends down. Smith tells Ross about the attack on Jhansi. Robb says we shall save them. Ross says nobody will go, and says they will attack Jhansi and gift it to Governor General and then we will become special to him.

Precap: Gangadhar and Manu are sitting for marriage. Manu tells that Jhansi is theirs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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