RadhaKrishn 26th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Soham Threatens Govardhan

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RadhaKrishn 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna asks Radha if he should kick out Govardhan. Radha says not yet as her mind says something else. Panditji angrily shouts that someone established kalash in mantap in a wrong place. Chandravali’s father scolds Chandravali. Govardhan takes blame on himself saying Chandravali told him, but he did not listen, and corrects kalash’s position. Chandravali tells Radha that she did not say him anything. Radha says let him correct it. Krishna asks Radha to think by heart.

Kans walks to jungle and throws love pearls on a dead tree. Tree relives. Akroor asks how did it relive. Kans says this tree relived with love pearls and when Radha will break love pearls, love will vanish from whole world and even this tree will die, Krishna will be powerless, then he will kill Krishna easily.

Radha sees someone walking around mantap and identifying him as Soham asks where was he going. He says he was not getting sleep due to nervousness, so he was wandering around. Radha asks if he loves Chandravali or nor not. He nervously says he undoubtedly loves Chandravali and walks away. Govardan under a tree writes poem for Chandravali. Soham walks to him and holding his collar asks why did he come here, does he want to snatch back his poems. Soham says he sold his poems when he needed money, he does not need them now. Krishna with Balram walks in there. Balram seeing Soham threatening Govardan angrily walks towards them, but Krishna stops him saying still there is time for it and loudly calls Govardhan. Soham escapes from there hearing Krishna’s voice. Krishna walks to Govardhan and asks him to go and rest as he has a big day tomorrow. Govardhan leaves. Krishna tells Balram that Radha knows everything and just needs to listen to her heart.

Radha returns to her room and sees Ayan there. Ayan apologizes her and says he knows she loves Krishna, but he out of jealousy tried to separate them many times, he knows Krishna is a very great human being and is always right, he will not interfere between them hereon. Radha says he is her friend and should not apologize, asks what is his opinion regarding Soham. Ayan wipes his crocodile tears and says when Krishna has approved Soham, there is no question of any doubt.

Next morning, Chandravali and Soham’s waghdan ritual starts. Krishna tells Balram that Radha looks very confused and she should realize trust soon. Pandit asks to start ritual by reading waghdan letter. Chandravali’s father asks Soham to read letter as his parents are not alive. He reads letter that he is getting married to Chandravali on the given date. Radha thinks why she feels Soham is not right for Chandravali. Chandravali’s father picks letter next to read it. Chandravali stops him and says Radha is responsible for her marriage, so she wants Radha to read a few lines of her waghdan patrika. Father agrees. Radha picks letter.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that a tree burns under sun and gives shadow to people sitting under it, with time it bears flowers and then fruits, then in spring season its leaves fall, it does not get deterred by any climatic change; similarly happiness and sorrows are part of life and one should not change their behavior.

Precap: Soham confesses that he is Mathura’s biggest thief. Chandravali’s father confronts Radha that she chose Soham, but Krishna save Chandravali with his conscience. Radha thinks she was so wrong, Krishna signaled her many times, but she did not understand; she is unfit for Krishna. Krishna feels sad hearing that.

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