Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Naira deals with investors

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik crying and saying my dad is strong, get up now. Dadi comes to him and hugs Kartik. They cry seeing Manish. Kartik goes out. Dadi sits with Manish. He calls Suwarna. He says come back soon. She asks what happened. He says nothing is fine, come soon. She agrees. Naira comes to him. He asks will dad get fine, I know my dad is a fighter, he won’t lose, I can’t see him in pain. Naira gets manager’s call. She says I m getting calls from office, talk to him once. Dadi says office problem can’t be bigger than this problem, Akhilesh and Kartik won’t talk to anyone now. Naira says yes but… Dadi says I can’t explain you, go home and arrange food. Naira sees Kartik and goes.

Bhabhimaa says don’t know if Manish got fine or not. Devyaani says heart attack has become a common thing these days, none can say what’s going on in a healthy person’s heart. Bhabhimaa says we should always express anger and love, and not suppress feelings. Devyaani says yes, the cure is just one, stay happy. Bhabhimaa says Naksh said they had a big loss. Devyaani says yes, don’t know who will pay for it and how. Naira comes home. She hears some noise and turns to see. The investors get in. They ask her to call Manish and Akhilesh out. The manager says they got to know about the mall project and wanted to meet Manish. The investor says we didn’t know Puru will back out, the project will not be completed now, we want our money.

Naira says listen to me once, sorry, don’t worry, Goenka family won’t let you incur loss, Manish suffered a heart attack, we will pay all your money, this project didn’t get stalled. The investor asks how will you pay us, its all nonsense. She says this isn’t nonsense, its our promise, if Manish could talk, he would have said the same, I m saying this on his behalf. The investor says we spoke to Kartik and Manish, its better they talk to me. She says we are in trouble, try to understand, I m requesting you to give us some time, respect your terms with Goenkas, this problem is unexpected, we have to fight, be with us, give us some time, we will try once, you can do anything and decide. The investor says fine, we will come tomorrow, prepare a new proposal, if we see any scope, then fine, else…. She says if we get more time. The investor says we have no time. They leave. She worries.

Manish says Kartik, everything got finished, what will I answer the investors. Kartik says we will manage them. Manish gets up. Kartik says just relax. He calls out Akhilesh. Akhilesh gives tea to everyone and asks them to take care of their health. Kartik asks Manish to lie down. He shouts and sees a bell. Manish removes the oxygen mask and falls. Suwarna comes and holds him. She says I have come, calm down, nothing will happen to you. Manish says let me go. She says no. Kartik thanks Suwarna and says you have come, dad will get fine soon. She cries. He consoles her. Akhilesh checks his phone. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani try to console Krish. Krish cries.

Devyaani says Kirti went to meet Manish. Bhabhimaa dances to console him. He sleeps. They get relieved. A toy falls. Krish wakes up and cries again. Naira comes to hospital and asks Kartik how is Manish. He says better, mum has come, she has managed dad, but she is crying a lot. She says we can understand. He asks where were you. She says I will tell you something, will you get angry. He says no, tell me. She says I went home, all investors came there. She tells him everything. He asks how do you manage to do all this, we were thinking how to talk to them and get some time, thanks. He hugs her. She says thanks, you freed me of tension, I feel whatever I did maybe right. He says you did right, dad was asking me how will we recover money, you asked time from them, thanks.

She says we have to think of ahead now, how will we do this. He gets a call from bank. The man says we got to know your wife asked for some time, you will have to keep house mortgaged if you fail to repay money. Akhilesh comes and says Suwarna is crying a lot. Naira goes to Suwarna. Kartik says give me two mins, I will call you, there is an emergency. Suwarna says your dad isn’t opening eyes, ask him to talk to me. Kartik consoles her. Akhilesh says Kirti spoke to doctor, Suwarna has been in hospital since long and now she recollected Shubham, its all psychological. Doctor says reports have come, there is 80% and 100% blockage in two arteries, we have to do surgery in the morning. Kartik says we all are here, try your best, nothing should happen to my dad. Suwarna cries for Manish. Naira checks phone and thinks how will I present the proposal to investors tomorrow.

Naira says I m feeling bad for Kartik. Bhabhimaa says women can do anything. Kartik and Naira prepare the proposal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waah aur kuch baaki hai chamchigiri karniko
    A girl doesnt evn hav any degree s going office nd after dat v all knw wat wl happen
    Naira wl take over company she wl gt business successful nd goenkas wl do arthi utri of naira
    Nd her fabs r too blind nd proud .fr wat?representing todays women.My foot
    Like tl me did she finished her academy properly no nothing business knwledge toh dur dur ki baat hai
    Fr once concentrate on others characters instead of always focusing on dis cheap romance of kaira

  2. Do you know even know the well known people do not even hold a degree to be the richest man in the world??? the most intelligent people don’t have to have education to be one??? why think within the box??? come on you are in the leading edge!!! still thinking like the frog in the well??? Open you mind !!!
    The world is awash with so many possibilities and potentialities!!! some people have mouth but doesn’t mean they have brain!!!
    Those who don’t like the show can always quit watching instead of complaining!!
    Does complaining the show helps??? Will the script writers change script for you complainers?? NO!!! Too Bad but its truth hahaha!!!
    Or maybe the one who complain can ask to be place as the lead instead of Shivangi??? hahahah

    1. Totally agreed✌

    2. There s a thing called opinion.any1 can say anythn dats wat i said nd im nt a blind fan of them to do jaap on watevr they show
      Pls haan keep ur so called gyan to urself
      I can say wat i feel if u dont like it stay away

    3. Joke toh tumahri tarah ghatiya hai nd ya im nt evn intrested evn of it happens cz u knw its ur idol things like overact shout attention seeking nd insecured

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