Jhalli Anjali 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kiera text Yuvraaj saying Maitreyi is ready He gets happy….Anjali sees picture of Angad and Sheena on Friendsbook…Anjali sees picture of them kissing in rain she imagines in rain Sheena and Angad are kissing and she started beating them with balls but Actually she started beating VP…Vp cries and tells he loves Amisha….Anjali tells but what to do Amisha loves Dhruv…Yuvraaj comes and tells Dhruv had a habit he always back of girls..Yuvraaj tells to come and see…Anjali sees Dhruv talking with Maitreyi…Dhruv apologises Maitreyi…Maitreyi seeing Anjali Acts says he is responsible what all happened..Dhruv tells it is very small thing…Maitreyi tells it is not a small thing….Dhruv leaves…Anjali tells he have to find out the truth because of Amisha….Principal asks Dhruv is he father is coming during the prize distribution cermony..Dhruv tells noo…Anjali comes to home eats muffins and tells what to do About Angadd…And what about Dhruv his character is good or bad she is worried…Amisha comes..Anjali throw the muffin in the window and acts as sleep…Amisha comes and asks ….is she was eating anythinh…Anjali tells noo…nothing tells she was just sitting…Amisha asks what happened Anjali tells that he is worried of Dhruv as she have seen her with Maitreyi in classroom…Amisha tells It all crap..Dhruv is best…Till that balwinder brings Anjali”s mobike and asks group invitation came…Anjali reads it …it was written “had break up Deal with the break then join the group” Anjali gets happy and joins the group…On another side..kiera and Yuvraaj gets happy…Kiera tells Anjali is trapped and joined their fake group…Next Day Anjali…Amisha Vp..Pinky…are at Canteen…Amisha takes out clothes from her trolley bag and ask if the cloth are matches or nott…pinky tells its not a big deal..Dhruv is wearing red-tshirt and blue blazer…blue pant..Amisha gets happy.. and thanka her..Kiera ia serving…in a waitress dress comes and places a tray near Amisha”s clothes…Anjali scolds at her tells she is blind or what cannot see the clothes..Kiera tells its public canteen not her trial room…and goes…Kiera gestures Maiteryi…She comes and sits on a table…Anjali and Vp sees Maiteryi…Maitreyi gets a call and she started crying ..Mitrey shouts “It cannot be possible” and cries…goes Anjali sees…Anjali and Vp follows her go back of her…Maiteryi goes to washroom…Anjali goes in and gets shocked…On another side Prize distribution cermony is started…Amisha come wearing Blue stripes t-shirt and blue blazar matching to Dhruv…Pinky apprecites tells what a match….All contestants stands in a row Amisha asks VP where is Anjali…Vp calls Anjali she tells will be coming in a minute…Sir Announces the name of Anjali and maiteryi as both are missing…Principal announces like last two years This year winner is also Dhruv…Dhruv gets happy….Tells defeating kiera this year winner is Amisha…Amisha and Dhruv goes…Principal was about to place Ribbon…Anjali comes and stops her…Principal asks whats her new drama now??…Anjali tells Dhruv does not deserve the exam..she tells infact no one deserves the exam who play with girls emotions.. tells.. Dhruv doesnot respect Women…Amisha comes and tells what non sense…Anjali tells its truth…Anjali tells Maiteyi is pregant because of Dhruv…He is responsible for that Anjali tells everyone gets shocked…Principal tells Anjali will get punishment if it proved wrong…Anjali tells it truth…Maitreyi enters…Maitryi stands beside Anjali..She cries and tells yes Dhruv is responsible for all that..Yuvraaj and kiera laughs..
..Dhruv goes to Maiteryi tells what??asks why she is doing all this because he was distracted and they loose the competitom thts why???Maiteryi tells no she is correct…Anjali tells if she is wrong why would she attempt to do suicide…Everyone gets shocked…Anjali tells yes just now when she went to washroom Maiteryi was about to drink poision Anjali stopped her…Maiteryi tells that Dhruv dumped her…Anjali tells no one can do suicide for her respect..Principal tells Anjali is correct tells Maitryi and Dhruv to meet at their cabin.
Sir tells cermony is ended..everyon can go…Yuvraaj and kiera gets happy…Yuvraaj tells Mr rounder became mr loser..Dhruv would be suspended and now is Anjali”s turn..Dhruv tells Maitreyi he wouldnt have imagine maitreyi took revenge in this manner..Dhruv tells its waste to talk to them…Principal tells Dhruv is responsible for all what happened…Dhruv cries..and asks her to give one chance..Principle tells noo and suspends him..

Precap:Amisha fights with Anjali saying she cannot judge People”s character as dhruv was good As till now she didnt judged the character of her loser Boyfriend “Angad” Anjali thinks

Update Credit to: Ansari

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