Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kalpi comes to dewan house. She finds everything strange and says when will I remember everything. They all welcome him. her cousin says welcome home suhana this house was missing you. he gives her the flowers. Butler asks what will you like ma’am orange juice or lemon tea ? Sanjay says you will remember everything soon. Tell them what will you drink ? Kalpi says ginger tea. He says you never drank tea before. She says I want to drink. He says okay. kalpi goes to her room.

Scene 2
Vitthal’s tears drip on kalpi’s picture. pakiya says baba you alwys used to make tea for ai. sHe must be coming you should make tea for her. He says yeah I am making it. He says teapot is empty. Go to gupta and bring it. Pakiya says he won’t give on loan. When I went to bring the flour he says return the previous loan. Kamla comes in and says who will give us loan for ages / Vitthal says what should I do ? I go to work but I keep seeing kalpi. I keep missing her. how can I work ? My daughter was my strength but you didn’t understand. We won’t have been facing all this if kalpi was here. Kamla says I miss her like you do but that doesn’t mean I will run away from my responsibilities. I will do everything to save this house. He says go do, don’t ever lecture me again. He leaves.
Kamla gives parshad to pakiya and says you know I met a girl. she was like our kalpi.

There kalpi eats the parshad. butler comes and gives her the tea. SHe sas there is something missing the taste of this tea.
Kamla says I feel like kalpi breathes with me. He says I fell the same that kalpi will come back. SHe comes in my dream and asks me to take care of you both. She syas she will come back. He cries. Kamla says cry as much as you want. I believe that kalpi will come back.

kalpi at night sees the accident she met. She wakes up saying ai. Sanjay and dheraj come there. kalpi says I saw a bad dream. Sanhay says don’t be scared you are in your home. Dheraj says is she recalling something. I should give her that medicine. Dheraj says to sanjay bhaiya you should go to your and rest I will be here with suhana. Sanjay says no I will stay here with her.

Scene 3
kamla is in temple and says God you created the hope in me that kalpi is alive you have to bring her to me.
Nettu comes to the chowl. Manda says where did you come from ? Nettu says I came in car I am not a chowl wali. Manda says you will always be the chowl wali for me. pakiya says you are right mandaa. Kamla asks nettu how are you ? Nettu says I am good. Gauri has lost the hope of Raghav’s return. They have done the funerals. I think you should also.. Vitthal interrupts and says we don’t need your suggestion. You already ruined our life. You must be thinking that this car will make us jealous. Kamla says when I look at you I recall the daughter who betrayed me. Nettu leaves.

Scene 4
Kalpi is on breakfast table with family. SAnjay asks dheraj to give fruits to suhana. He takes a glass of juice and says I asked fresh juice for suhana. He says let me bring the juice for you. He goes in the kitchen and says puts the medicine in it. He says here is the fresh juice of suhana. Kalpi drinks it. She finds rakhi in the hand of a butler. He says is it raksha bandahan? he says yeah my sister sent it to me. Dheraj says aman every year suhana binds you rakhi. Aman says I consider her my sister from heart but I don’t believe in all this rakhi. sanjay says you can’t force him. Suhana says to sanjay can we go to temple. I felt good there yesterday. He gets a call for meeting. Kalpi says no worries I will go with driver.

Pakiya asks kamla to extend her hand. He places a rakhi in her hand and says kalpi used to bind a rakhi in my hand. Kamla says no problem this year I will bind you rakhi she will come back and bind it her self.

Kalpi is on her way to temple. Driver stops the car. He says let me check it. Kalpi gets out of the car and sees something. SHe starts going in a direction. She goes to the gate of chowl and looks at the café. She recalls herself working at the café. She touches everything. People wonder there who she is. kalpi recalls hugging kamla, vitthal and pakiya.

Precap-Kapi binds rakhi to pakiya and does is arti. kamla is in tears and so pakiya. sanjay and dheraj are there as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. why is the show continuing i thought it must have been scrapped by now rubbish

  2. is it a story . stupid,idoits, fools grabs ,mental cases

  3. yes…u guys r rt..evn i dnt undrstand y dey r cntinuing dis show..the makers themselves had killed a very beautiful story by their own hands…by replacng raghav n kalpi they spoiled de story already…nw there is nthng left in it…i jus watchd de story till today to knw wat r dey thinkng to do ahead..bt utter dissappointment..nw they r nt showng anythng neithr abt raghav nor abt paki..sahil kapoor is missng..nd gauri waz jus shown once aftr de accident,nw she is also missin…disgustng….dis is de 1st time a story has completely gone down in zee tv…i wish atleast aftr all de comments de makers decide to change de story bak again by bringing ashish n rachna……..

  4. Maha bakwaas serial. Raddi ke bhav bikne layak bhi nahi raha ab yeh serial.

  5. vashtie motilal

    bring back our kalpi

    1. Ways wrong wid asha nehi

  6. Bakwassss…..ema.

  7. maybe paki will jump off a bridge with Netu.
    The show ends.

    Not the same without the real Kalpi

  8. Stupid writers. Like you all still dunce? Go and read your bible and learn some sense!! Incase you didn’t know bad deeds isn’t something good you know! Which decade you all are from?

  9. Did I miss something……..why isn’t this story about pakkhi as well? Hey writers, just to jog your memory, pakkhi KIDNAPPED Kalpi, you do remember that don’t you???? Where has she gone???? She should be in jail. YOU ALL ARE SENDING A VERY BAD MESSAGE IF YOU LET HER GET AWAY WITH WHAT SHE DID……APPALLING !!! I am a 63 year old Grandmother, I really enjoyed this show, you writers have RUINED IT!!! You have made it look like RICH PEOPLE CAN DO ANY ‘EVIL DEED’ THAT THEY CHOOSE, AND STILL BE VICTORIOUS, ONCE AGAIN, A P P A L L I N G, APPALLING, APPALLING. I GUESS ‘you’ will get my message clearly.

  10. Never seen such a pack of shit like this

  11. For a while now d writers of dis show have deviated from portraying any moral teaching in dis story, I am only surprised at Asha Negi for signing on d show 2 replace Rachana, she must not be having any job offers so let’s wait nd see d magic she will perform 2 make their TRP better when they haven’t done anything 2 change the storyline 4 d better. They must think its only five yr olds nd uneducated housewives r d only ones watching their show so they care about d viewers opinion, we’ll goodbye 2 bad rubbish.

  12. I mean they don’t care about viewers opinion so goodbye 2 bad rubbish

  13. This show is getting worse daily.
    EMA needs blessings right now

  14. writters have to take viewers opinion

  15. what more do you guys think is left to say when asha is being made to act like rachna ,there is nothing spectacular about her act ,zee tv should get the serial off screen,the whole story is not making sense its share waste of air time

  16. Yes, EMA dont care who’s in their show, as long as they have Kamala bai @ Shilpa Shirodkar, they think they can survive, that’s why they took away the jewels /the glory of the show- Aashish n Rachana……lets see how long they can cont!!! Everyone, – Ashish n Rachana fans, boycott this show n give this Ass**** a big slap on their faces!! Curse u EMA…rot in hell!!

  17. Pls take this show off air.EMS lost its charm with Rachana’s exit . Rachana as Kalpi was the soul of the show and the show is dead now.The credit goes to CV for killing their own show.

  18. no rachna no ema no aashna bigggggg no to ema

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