Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem stops after getting a call before getting under the broken balcony and speaks while Anurag waits for him to come under it so that he can pull balcony on him.

Rashi says Jigar that Ahem scolded you again today. Jigar says he did right as mistakes in business can lead to heavy losses. He gifts her a bangle. Paridhi hears their conversation and says they are perfect couple.

Anurag pulls balcony with wire but seeing Gopi with Ahem tries to rescue her and balcony falls on him and Ahem. Gopi attends Ahem instead and starts nursing him. Kokila sees Anurag injhured and takes him in. Gopi sees sees Meethi taking out wire from balcony and is surprised to see masterji’s watch near it. She realizes masterji was behind it.

Kokila sees Masterji holding his shoulder and writhing in pain and says she will call doctor. He says it is okay, he is fine. Hetal thanks Masterji for saving Ahem. Ahem also thanks him. Kokila’s mother comes and worriedly asks Kokila about the accident. Kokila says a railing broke and fell. Naani says she came to celebrate raksha bandhan. She sees Paridhi and asks who is she. Rashi introduces her. Naani sees her wearing skimpy night dress and says girls should not wear these kind of dresses. Paridhi asks Kokila if her mom is still alive. Naani gets angry hearing that.

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Gopi picks masterji’s watch and reaches his room. She asks him why did he pull railing. He says he did not. She shows his watch as proof. She asks him what are his intentions and asks him to go from there. Rashi comes there, hears Gopi asking him to go and asks how dare she ask masterji to go. Gopi shows masterji’s watch and says she found it near the spot and he is the culprit. Rashi says she is jealous of tolu/molu’s success, so she wants to send him out. Gopi says she is happy about the kids and is just telling masterji’s truth. Rashi asks to stop her rubbish. Kokila hears their conversation and asks them to stop. She says they cannot fight in front of outsider and takes them with her to talk.

Urmila searches matchstick. Kinjal says she has kept with her as she wants to set fire, says her family is coming to celebrate festival. Urmila says if she wants her to beg for money after celebration. Kinjal says when she can spend so much money on herself why cant on her family. She asks what will she take when she dies. Urmila gets annoyed and asks if she wants to kill her.

Kokila scolds Rashi and Gopi for fighting. She asks if they both can run the house peacefully, if not, she and Hetal will take care of house. She says she will give them last chance, else at old age, she and Hetal can take care of house better. She says their behaviour will have a bad impact on new generation. Paridhi asks Rashi what happened. Rashi says it is because of Gopi. Paridhi says big family big fight.

Precap: Gopi calls Masterji’s wife and asks why did he leave her. She says he left her because of Gopi.

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  1. Watching this serial on tv is very interesting. .. i enjoy it..i dont mind rashi leaving. …cuz she needs a break…so i wish her happy journey. But i wished gopi acted better. I am enjoying watching it…but i heard for jigar wife ..simar from sasural simar ka was gonna come. Why parhidi..parhidi looks like a kid

  2. Oh ho lol good or should I say lool I’m gonna miss u ruche don’t goooooo

  3. i will miss rashi a lot…….love u rucha

  4. My heart is sinking thinking about Rashi’s quitting the show…… Such a
    Cute couple Rashi n jigar……at least now make Rashi enjoy with her family all her life was dedicated to the rules& regulations of that stupid kokila….this Mr.Bean is really disgusting stupid fellow…….

  5. fhhdh de plus en

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