Jhalli Anjali 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhruv comes to Anjali and says why she didnt discusses the topic with him…Anjali apologises tells that her mind where some one else..someone phone rings..Dhruv scolds…its VP…again cellphone rings…Dhruv scolds…Anjali..Amisha..VP… kiera says its not there cellphone..Anjali tells Dhruv to check his pocket…Dhruv checks his celphone rings…Dhruv smiles and tells that from today all will switch off their cellphone and keep in locker…All of them keepa….Dhruv again tells Anjali that they will discuss. About the show..kiera says she also want to discuss…Dhruv tells he is not worried about kiera but Anjali..Anjali and Dhruv sits in a class room..while Anjali checks the script..Dhruv sees Anjali romantically..tells that they must do something that girls particpation is more..till that peon locks the classroom door from.outside..Dhruv says Anjali to discuss any idea…Suddenly lights are off..Anjali tells what happend to light…Dhruv tries to open the door tells that they are locked..Anjali tells to Dhruv that he thinks himself “Khaabru jaaawan”..but cannot open…Anjali tries to open but fails…Anjali tells Babaji if whole night she stayed here then father will slap him…Anjali says Dhruv to do something..as she forget the mobile in locker room…Dhruv says what..Anjali says that Dhruv also forgot..Anjali tells not to take tension as she is here…Anjali shouts loudly with all force “Security chaacha” Dhruv smiles…Anjali sits restlessely…Dhruv sees Anjali and smiles..Dhruv whistles…and imagines…Dhruv is wearing school dress and Anjali too red skirt and white shirt and tie..Dhruv sings..”BAHAR SE KOI ANDAR Na AASAKE…Andar se koi bahar na Jaasake..Sooncho..KABI AISA ho to kya ho..Hum tum ek kaamre mein band ho aur chaabi khoh jaay”” …and dances with Anjali as light flashes…Anjali sings “teri naino ki bhul.bhulaiyya mein chaabi kho jaay”…Dhruv and Anjali dances..Dhruv sings “Aage hain Andher peechay koi dhaako looter”” Anjali hugs Dhruv and says “BABA MUJE DArr Lagta hain”…Dhruv again sings “Sooncho kabhi aisa ho..to kya jo…Hum Tum kaahi jaah raahe ho aur raasta bhul jaay””…Anjali repliess “”Ohh ho””…..Dhruv comes back Anjali says that the whistle from Bobby..tells that is is her father favourite..Dhruv tell like them their parents are also beautiful..Anjali tells what…Dhruv is quiet…Dhruv tells he is feeling hungry tells if anyone deliver him “paraathas”..Anjali tells she want “pav baaji”..Dhruv tells he thought some hifive restaurant..Dhruv asks then why she written wrong in sheet…Anjali remains quiet..Anjali tells choolay baaturay aur Daahi.choolay..tells it satisfies her stomach also…Dhruv tells his mother”s hand choolay baturay was awesome..Dhruv realises and is quiet..and Anjali too…Its night 1:40…Anjali tells her mom is like tea..everytime talking..Dhruv tells his mother will handle all his issues tells that his father dont cares….Dhruv is quiet..Anjali tells that uncle and aunty loved each other soo much that..Auntyji is not there thats why his father dont want to scold Dhruv alone thats why..Dhruv says that she is right and smiles…Dhruv and anjali loons at each other..Dhruv Smiles Anjali feels shy and turns..Dhruv tells Anjali that she never loved Angad may be it will be attraction..
Anjali says by seeing him no one can say he loved anyone Dhruv replies he loved a gal in 6th class…and affair was for 2years…Anjali says that girl must me tip-top…Dhruv says thae girl was like Anjali…anjali laughs and asks ThAT she was jhalli..asks if screw was loosed…Anjali says yes and tells have to tight Anjali is quiet..its 4:30…Anjali tells its morning..Dhruv tells telling lies to someone can be explained..but lying ourself cannot be explained…Dhruv was about to confess his love..suddenly peon comes and opens the door..Dhruv tells Anjali to come…Anjali tells wait…Dhruv goes…Anjali tell babaji that her life became a confusion..Anjali says bye and goes..Dhruv tells he will drop Anjali at home…Anjali sits beside dhruv song goes on background “Aadha ishq”” dhruv smiles and sees back to Anjalim..Anjali reaches home…and hides and sleeps..Amisha awakes..
Amisha asks when Anjali came home..Anjali asks Amisha when she slept..Amisha replies 10…Anjali says she came at 10:15…Amisha says lier…tells she slept at 11…Anjali gets sacred and tells she was locked with Dhruv..Amisha tells thankgod Anjali was not locked with yuvraaj otherwise trouble would have happened…Anjali says babaji..what happend to Amisha…Anjali tells she will come in second lecture…Amisha goess…Anjali comes out of house and shocked to see Dhruv in.milkman..Anjali cries..then realises..that it was real milkman…Anjali hires an auto..and shocked to see Dhruv as autodriver…She asks how he came here also..Autodriver tells he came from mumbai few days..back..Anjali goes near college gate..and sees Dhruv as security driver…and proff also as Dhruv..Anjali tells she is being crazy..Anjali eats paani puri..and gets shocked to see Dhruv again.imagines Dhruv everywhere…Anjali is sitting in Radiostation asks.VP if he know.any topic..
Vp tells his mood is off..Anjali asks why…VP tells he is feeling bore in college…Anjali tells all are.mad in.love..jiah asks Dhruv why is he getting ready…Dhruv says he.has done everything but not proposed anyone..Jiah gets happy and hugs Dhruv…On another side Anjali tells in mic that today’s topic is “pyaar me laagayi watt””..Tells to loves ourselfs as no rejection..A gal calls and tells she started loving herself..people are loving her..Anjali thinks about Dhruv…and is quiet..

Precap::Anjali tells kiera she dont want any boyfriend

Update Credit to: Ansari

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