Jhalli Anjali 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The epsiode starts with Anjali crying and running out of the college she throwed her necklace down and her head feather and came to home crying mom asked howz the college how was the day she wil drink tea or not but she ignores and leaves mom says that she wil make tea for herself..Anjali enters her room opens door crying thinks how angad insulted her that she resembles to a joker (while background song goes on “jagg soona soona laage” ) Anjali opened her almira and teared all the pictures of angad threwed the album weepin open the box of childhood memories and threw all the stuff…………..

While Her mom talks on phone father enters and asks what happened why the door is opened father is smiling and said that waiting for him her mother is sad father asked is everything fine or not she says anjali proposed angad but he rejected.Anjali is still weeping and took out the photograph of her and angad and hugs and collect all the picture and box and hugs the pillow while mother says to anjali father that she is soo much scared and should talk to anjali but he refuses and says to leave her alone anjali in the room says How sometimes life is rude how confidence air became a ballon and within a second losses all… but she says why to blame life life didnt spoiled her but love Anjali is not able to forget how angad insulted him thinks again and again unable to forget The sun rises….

Anjali mom knockin the door and searches her everywhere and says where this girl has dissappeared in the morning while anjali is in the kitchen cutting the vegetables Mother enters and says you and in kitchen and says preet has said her all about last night and she didnt understood angad till now and says only you was the one who used to think about Angad day and night and says how angad rejected him…….Anjali father enters tells to make something for guests while her mom says to leave all the work and go to college she replies that she dont want to go kolg not today or tommrow…she want to stay at home and work at home cleaning..crying and leaves goes to the room and lyed on bed while parents knocks the door…her father peeping out of window calls anjali and says that he wanted to talk to her and he gave his promise…..while both are outside the house his father breaks the plate and says in childhood he used to break all the plates….He asks her to look at all her anger out and about by splitting plates..Anjali will it and then cries precisely cursing angad …He has been her best friend sitting and crying while father says to forget all what happend in past and to start a new life saying happiness wil arrive shortly she cries precisely why Angad performed this in order to her..He has been his best friend…Anjali is collecting the broken plates while her friend comea and tells by avoiding calls she cannot ignore her and ask to come along with her…

Both are eating Gol gappas while jain(the vendor) asks to give sev puri but Anjali nodes the head saying noo…Jain says he is enough with ambala and will shift to Delhi and says new city will give new life while anjali is still in memories of Angad…Returning to home while walking Anjali sees a couple and remembers the good time she spent with Angad..then she became Sad comes running and imagines Angad in a group of boys…..Crying while running came across a girl..she says to Anjali how he rejected her and insults her while Anjali”s friend tells to mind own buisness and said how anjali insulted her when she used to like Angad..and says how she can be soo overconfident Proposing angad was too much and ambala would not match her while anjali returns back to home arranges pot while her father brings gave a big pot and gave her while she tells she want to shift to delhi want to complete studies and says she hav understood all the signs of god she want to go but father tells to think twice and leaves while anjali standing in the balcony seeing moonlit remembers ho Angad used to aplogises to her Wenever he comes late…Anjali while seeing a person on bike Imagines Angad saying that he is Sorry what he had done to her and he was umable to understand how much he love her He says I love you while realizes it was a dream and says she is jhalli and will never forget the memories till.she leaves the City and Took out the scarf which she had made gorAngad and says she is going forever.

Precap:: Anjali is at bus stop with her friend while Angad came running and tells her to stop

Update Credit to: Aiman

  1. Well nice written update bt why are u crying anjali jst kick angad’s ass and move on

  2. I agree wid u…..jiya…
    nice story…keep updating fast

  3. I lv u angad
    U r nyc anjali took ur frndshp in wrong way thts her mistk

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