Pavitra Rishta 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rushaali telling her employees not to tell Naren anything about his marriage with Ankita. Naren comes. Rushaali introduces his employees to Naren. Ankita looks at them. She asks Naren to have breakfast and says lauke ki sabzi. Naren gets angry at his employees. Ankita tells him about the shares. Naren asks her to stop and says you are absolutely right. He says, atleast she knows about Shares and market value. He asks his employee to rewrite the report.

He asks Ankita about her education. Ankita says, commerce graduate. Naren says good. You can’t be my care taker any more. He asks her, how do you know about the share market. Ankita recalls Naren telling her about it. She tells him that she learnt this from him. Naren says, you are my new assistant. Ankita refuses to do the job. Naren asks her to think about it.

Naren sits for breakfast. He tells her that he doesn’t like bottle gourd dish. Ankita says, you liked it before. Naren says, I didn’t know and starts eating. He says, it is good. Rushaali comes and asks him about his employees. Naren says, they can’t prepare a report and says Ankita will handle it now. He praises Ankita’s cooking. Rushaali gets annoyed.

Pari tells Archana that her hatred towards Naren was vanished when he hugged her. She says, he still loves him. For one moment I thought we are in London then looked at Ankita. She says, I felt guilty. She says, I don’t know from where she got the strength. Archana tells about the Pavitra Rishta. Pari says, it should be two sided. Naren has forget Ankita.

Archana asks, did you ask him why he named himself Aman. Pari says, I didn’t ask him as he is not fine yet. He is normal, but he forgot about Ankita. I won’t meet him again. Archana says, Did Ankita told him that she is his wife. Pari says, don’t know. I won’t infront of him. He still remembers the time we spent in London.

Doctor asks Shashank to take care of Mansi. Mansi asks, what happened to me. Doctor says, you are pregnant. Mansi starts blushing. Shashank asks, are you sure? Doctor says yes. Shashank gets happy. Doctor writes the medicines. Mansi says, I will tell Aayi. Shashank says, we will go and tell her. Ankita gives the presentation to Naren. Naren asks, you asked me to write different languages. Naren gets impressed. He asks her to call Ahana from his phone.

Ankita calls Pari and tells her that Naren wants to talk to you. Naren takes the call and says I want to hear I love you from you. Pari is shocked. He says, I want to hear I L U. Pari says, not now. Archana hears their conversation. Pari tells him I love you. Naren tells her I love you too. Ankita hears and gets shocked. Naren tells her that he will tell her why he told his name as Aman Mathur and fixes their meeting for 7 pm.

He opens the cupboard and finds the dress. He asks Ankita. Ankita says, you made me wear this. Naren says sorry. Ankita says, it is my duty. Naren says sorry. Ankita gets hurt.
He says we have to do it for Ankita and she will get mad if she does not get Naren and says she risked her life for Naren. Pari says she is doing it for Ankita’s friendship, but meeting Naren is very difficult for her as she still loves Naren. Shekhar says she told him about her past and he does not mind about it. Pari says Naren has asked her to meet him. Shekhar asks her to meet Naren and says he is with her in need, he asks her to make sure that Naren gets well soon.

Ankita comes to Naren’s room with a coffee for him. She sees his T-shirt on the bed. Naren comes from bathroom and clasheswith her by mistake. She says she brought him coffee. Naren says she is his business associate and does not have to bring coffee. He says he is going on a meeting. Ankita asks what meeting. He says he is meeting Ahana as he wanted to move ahead in life and asks her help him buy an engagement ring for PAri. He asks her to go down and get his client’s file till he comes down.

Ankita goes down and says Rushali that she wants to talk to him as it is very important. Rushali asks if Naren is fine. Ankita says Naren is going to buy ring for Pari. Rushali says it is fine as Naren had lived a life where he loved Ankita and now he is in love with Pari.

Precap: Pari says Naren that she cannot marry him as he is already married to Ankita. Naren is shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Precap is good 🙂

  2. why is rushalli so fishing evil.doesn’t she have any sympathy…..what type of a woman is she…..a one without a heart…i guess….hope naren loves ankita alot…i am missing their chemistry……pls…and shekar pari should get married soon….pls.hope so.

  3. @ yoga efron Ankita also is to be blamed as wel las she new she was marring a man who love another woman and she desearve whatever happen to her but one question is why cant she just say she is pregnant

  4. Deipika Khanna

    Strtd watching this show frm last mnth n Em enjoying it. 😀
    Well, I just Wish That in tuday’s episode Naren Gts to know evrythng abt the pst 2 yrs en gts to know how imp. is Ankita to him 😐

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