Do you like the new track of Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon?

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon has gone through different phases. Mainly the roles of the vamps and villains in the show have made the tracks popular. The list starts with Harshvardhan, Pam, Abhay, Leela, and now its Bhanu and Agni. Agni is RK’s cousin sister and Bhanu is his brother in law married to Tara. RK believes in his Dau ji’s principles. Even Dau ji loves him a lot, calling him his heir and his blood. Dau ji is RK’s uncle who did his upbringing after his parents’ death.

RK brought Madhu from Mumbai to make her meet his family. Dau ji accepted her instantly saying she is RK’s choice. Dau ji’s love for RK is shown in every episode, as he shuts his wife’s mouth when she speaks against RK. Everyone in the family want Bhanu to become Dau ji’s heir, as RK is not Dau ji’s son. Bhanu has worked really hard for Dau ji’s business and made it bloom in 15 years.

RK wins Dau ji’s trust and love as he brings his parents’ and Dau ji’s son Veer’s murderer infront of Dau ji and beats him. He orders his goons to kill that man and throw his dead body in the lake which makes Madhu hate him even more. Dau ji is highly impressed by RK for punishing the culprit.

Dau ji starts comparing RK with Bhanu. He tells Bhanu that if RK goes ahead of him, then he will don his business empire. Bhanu plans to kill RK to end the threat. Agni advices him to cut off Madhu from RK’s life, so that he wanders on her search and the business falls in Bhanu’s lap. Bhanu pays someone to harm Madhu. RK has to prove his life to Madhu, maybe this track will bring them closer.

Madhu regards RK as wild and mad. She feels he does not have any heart as he is ruthless. RK have his own mindset, which is also not wrong, as he was brought up in such a strange family. We have to see how this track ends. Dau ji’s character is supportive, honest, strict but good at heart. He supported RK over Bhanu when the time came to choose between right and wrong. This village track is going to end soon and the show will shift back to Mumbai, with some doses of Madhu and RK’s love. Tell us what you feel about the current track.

  1. plz bring d mumbai track fast.

  2. the rishab kundra and madubala kundra was the best………… this second season is baseless….
    madhubala 2 ….. does not seem least bit bothered that she is the daughter of two yesteryear superstars…she did not try to find the truth…bittuji disappeared…. he was totally unaware of his daughter’s marriage with abhay…and madhu’s marriage with raja who is a look-alike of RK and KRk..
    As of now madhu is not working…she is a bahu of some weirdo orthodox family….obvio dida thinks she is working as they dunno the truth….how is dida surving without money…..\
    the cvs have chucked out some character’s just like that…without any explanation… is totally illogiical……

    1. Sunitha Shenai

      u r right, madhu’s family members have disappeared completely, they should show something about them also, same happened in RK/madhu (Sr) character’s also, malik disappeared, then slowly all the other family members disappeared except for Roma in the end and then she also disappeared and they killed all of them. in the first place, they should not have killed RK, and secondly now this story, there is no story line and as you said madhu’s family disappearance but still do not want to miss watching VD and DD (their acting is superb and mindblowing)

    2. oh ya…undoubtedley..they both look awesome together… infact i still watch this serial only bcz of vivian….i had a crush on him since pyar ki yeh ek kahani…. 🙂

  3. and madhu’s specs are horrible…………….yuckkkkkkkkk

  4. i agree with u @someone…. truly the current track is pathetic…
    Although i still love that vivian and drashti are together… they make a fab pair… <3

  5. exactly…the serial people..just want to make this serial running…so they are showing whateva crap they feel like.. throwing old characters and bringing in new and waste characters is something not acceptable…thank god they retaind vivian and drashti….otherwise this serial would have gone inside the dustbin!!!!!!!

  6. The Madhubala 2 story line clearly comes out as a struggle by the serial makers to bring it to top ratings. The Original RK Madhu story looked original. The creatives can work to make a good story line, need not be anything like or similar to RK and Madhu, but can be different and should be able to do complete justice to versatile actors in Drasti & Vivian.

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