Jhalli Anjali 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In canteen Dhruv tells jay about kiera….Amisha is amused listening this Suddenly..Taujii calls Anjali tells that she have to go back to Ambala as studies are over..Tauji tells he will take the ticket..Anjali gets sad and keeps the phone…Anjali thinks about the all moments spend with Amisha..VP and Dhruv …Anjali comes and sits…Dhruv asks what happened..Anjali tells Dhruv that her father want to go back …And work on Ambala…Dhruv tells to Adjust..Anjali says no ..she cannot..At home Amisha tells Anjali to say father that Anjali wanted to stay at delhi and Do Mba…Anjali tells that her.father knows everythng.next morning..Anjali is shocked to see Amisha getting ready..Anjali tells Amisha that she she has some work and will come in Some hour. Anjali tells she will also come but Amisha refuses and goes….Amisha goes to kiera and gives a bag hiding something..ALL vP..jai.kiera..amisha makes a plan..At home Anjali calls kiera.. and asks to come but kiera tells that she is buzy..Anjali gets upset..
Suddenly Dhruv comes in side the room..Anjali asks Dhruv that he is free now…Anjali goes Dhruv holds Anjali”s hands and pulls her..Dhruv and Anjali dances on a song…Dhruv kisses Anjali …Both spend time romantically…Anjali realises that it was her imagination..Anjali comes to Dhruv’s jouse..Anjali scolds Dhruv….Dhruv pulls Anjali inside the house..Anjali sees all lights are off…Anjali is shocked..Suddenly lights are onn everyone wishes happy birthday to Anjali.and claps..Anjali thanks everyone tells that she forgot that it was her birthday today..Anjali tells that it is her farewell…also..Anjali tells Dhruv to stop her..Dhruv says stop not to go Ambala…. Anjali says how….Suddenly Taujii and Taijii comes….Tauji says that Anjali is very luck got very special friends…Tauji says Anjali is not going..Anjali asks how Tauji tells that yestarday..Dhruv and all friends came and requested…thts why..Anjali gets happy ……Tauji and Taijii wishes happy birthday…Anjali tells thankyou…Anjali cuts the cake..Anjali sees Dhruv and feels happy…Tauji and Taiji goes…Amisha..kiera..VP..jay…Dhruv..Anjali all dances….
Anjali takes Dhruv in a corner and tells that she was very much worried..as Dhruv didnt even called her..and asked how is she..Dhruv says Anjali to stop and tells that he is incomplete without Anjali..And loves soo much…Anjali says “I love you too Dhruv”…Dhruv places his hand on Anjali”s cheek..both comes closer to each other…Anjali thanks Babaji.. for giving her a awesome gift…Anjali tells that her 100 amazing days project are completes…Anjali tells Babaji to lower speed breaker in life..tells that all happend because of friends..
Precap:Anjali is shown aruing with a girls…

Precap:Anjali is shown aruing with a girls…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Havent seen angad for a while i Wonder wht Will happen if he comes bck.dhruv n anjali rocks by the way

  2. So the show ended or it is the starting of a new arch?

  3. Thnkz for update

  4. Nice show..thnkz ansari

  5. love the show…

  6. Can anyone tell the background tune played when they kissed?
    I always listen to that in Love by chance.

  7. Ruchitaramshetty

    So the show ended ! Miss dhruv and anjali!

  8. If u watched the new show ps I ht u it has the characters of jhalli anjali
    like anjali as dimple n kiera as ayesha n principal as principal . Don’t know about the others but I hope they hv Dhruv cuz I luv dhrv n anjali together

  9. Awsom epi

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