Bandhan 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shantaram’s house is on fire. They all rush out but pinky faints on the door. THey all scream pinky come out. Pinky come here but she is fainted. ganesh breaks the water tank and the water blows the fire. Shanta goes in and picks up pinky. He says thank you to ganesh. Mahesh aks watchman what is all this? Watchman says this wild elephant burnt everything. Shantram has gone to hospital with the kids. when I came this elephant had ruined everything. He hurt the kids too. Mahesh goes in and says your burnt his house and hit those kids? I knew this would happen. it was biggest mistake of my life to keep you at my house. I know you have done all this. I shouldn’t have brought you home. You should be left in forest. We considered you our son but we were wrong. You broke our trust. Now I know how wrong was I. Ganesh holds Mahesh’s hand with trunk. MAehsh says stay away from me. You have humiliated me in front of whole world. He sits in his car ganesh chases him.

Scene 2
Pinky is hospitalized. Raghav says when will papa come? Shanta says I have called him. sister says she is fine. she is on oxygen. Sister says if it had delayed she out have died due to suffocation but you saved her. Shantaram says ganesh saved her life on right time. Ganesh saved her life not me.

Darpan is sleeping. Parbha says thank GOd my daughter is fine. Ganehs comes home. Mahesh says how dare you to come back hom. prabha says why are you angry? Mahehs says I have decided he can’t live here. He has to leave right now.
bhao is the baray papa of pinky and her brothers. He comes in and asks what happened to my daughter. Who did this to her? sister says she is fine doctor says please wait outside. bhao says I am not going out and remember nothing should happen o her. Bhao says I will find the one who did this.

Prabha says don’t be so angry. Mahesh says he has proved that he is a wild animal. we made a mistake by making him part of our family. he is wild and he should stay there in wilderness. Mahesh saus darpan is ill because of you. Prabha says that’s not truth Mahesh brought doctor for darpan yester day. Mahesh says I don’t wanna listen anything. ganesh won’t live in this house and that’s final.

Doctor says to bhao you can take the girl home. Bhao thabks him. He says you should thank principal.
Prabha says I can’t let you do this. Basant says don’t do this dapran and ganesh can’t live without each other. Prabha says he is darpan’s brother and we considered him our cousin. Mahesh says don’t touch him prabha I have decided that he has to leave right now. Mahesh says I told you one day we wil have to pay for him. I have deicded he has to leave right now. darpan starts coughing. prabha says what will we say to darpan? Mahesh says she has to accept the truth. prabha says she will look for him every where. Mahesh says we will say he was wild he came from jungle and he went there. Prabha syas will this be easy? He says she will understand everything. prabha says she can’t forget him. what are you saying. THe forest rangers come to take ganesh with them. darpan comes and asks what happened ai why are you all out? prabha says why you came out? She says I am fine now, I am hungry. give me something to eat. she says you must be hungyr too ganesh. Ai give us both something to eat. she says lets go ganesh we will eat in my room. she says lets go ganesh. she sees th ranger there. mahsh says he won’t live with us anymore. she says are you joking? Mahesh says she hit kids and sets fire to the house of principal. darpan says he can’t do that. mahsh says he os wild he can’t live here. darpan says he cant harm anyone. he is not wild. Mahesh says prabha take darpan in. darpan says stop it no one will come to my brother.

precap-ganesh is leaving, darpan syas please don’t leave me ganesh. the rangers take ganesh away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Mahesh’s ignorance again.! How will an elephant set fire to a house? Can he light a match? smh

  2. Lol these writers r something else

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