Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi coming in the club. Mrigank/Arjun messages her asking her to come inside. She us glad to meet him. Arjun’s friends make fun of her and see her coming, saying she is so desperate to meet an unknown guy. She is shocked seeing few guys there and they laugh on her. They tease her. Arjun comes and laughs on her asking her to choose any guy to make her BF. Arjun says she came here to meet her online BF. They laugh on her and Poorvi is shocked. She says she came to meet Mrigank. Arjun calls a specs guy who calls her Jaaneman. Poorvi says you can’t be Mrigank. Arjun says you have spoke to him at nights and came here to meet him.

Arjun asks him is he not Mrigank. He says he is the one and says what she has written to him. He shows her the chat script. Poorvi starts crying. Arjun says lets take a pic now. The guy holds her and they take her pic while she tries hiding her face. Poorvi gets ragged and cries. Arjun smiles seeing her. He then stops everyone and looks at her tears. He signs her to go and she runs out. Teri khata hai mere jiya…………….plays……………. Poorvi walks outside and thinks of her dreams shattered. Arjun is on the way on his bike thinking about Poorvi.

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Lakshya talks to his parents and Nisha’s parents about booking a engagement hall. Poorvi comes home and says she is not feeling well and want to take rest. Nisha stops her and asks did she meet Mrigank. Poorvi cries and runs to her room. Shankar Dayal asks Nisha to come as they are getting late. Poorvi cries in her room. Arjun plays video games in his room and is upset. Chacha looks on and Arjun’s mum says don’t know what games he plays. Chacha says why don’t you talk to him, see he is in tension. She says Arjun can’t be in tension. Chacha says you obey to your husband so much, that you forgot your Mamta, so you did not see Arjun’s problems.

He says Arjun never fails, see today, he is losing on his own, it means its something bigger. He leaves. Arjun thinks I did a lot today. Gauri calls him. Gauri says did he forget, why is he not taking my call. She sees other girls waiting for Arjun. She hides seeing Nisha, Lakshya and Poorvi’s parents going. She says dad will take me if they see me here. The engagement hall man tells Dayal that someone else paid more and you can’t get the hall now. They leave and talk there is no hall now.

Watan comes there and meets them. He greets his parents and Nisha. He acts really sweet to Lakshya. Lakshya says we could not book the hall, its engagement tomorrow. Neelima says its his dad’s favor. Watan says dad booked the hall as its party function tomorrow. You can do the engagement in our personal family hall. Dayal refuses. Watan says Lakshya is like my family, so its decided, I will talk to my dad today. Lakshya says no, we are thinking to do it at home, anyways thanks. Watan says engagement happens once in life. Dayal says we will tell you. Watan says fine, I will be happy. They leave. Watan smiles. Nisha comes home and sees Poorvi crying.

She gets Arjun’s call. She says I called you many times and I waited for you. Arjun says my mood was upset. Nisha says mine too and scolds him for not valuing him. Arjun says nothing like that. He flirts with her and she smiles. She says Poorvi is crying, don’t know what happened to her, I did not see her crying like this. He asks why, its her deeds. She asks what. He says I will tell you what happened. He tells her everything. She says yes, you did right, don’t do it again. He says fine, I m feeling guilty. She says Arjun will be Arjun. He says yes, its my identity.

Everyone come back home. Neelima says its not good to take Watan’s favor. Dayal says lets go engagement at home. Lakshya agrees. Poorvi says she won’t go to college for two days and do work at home. Dayal says fine. Nisha comes to her and says she knew everything. Poorvi says you came to know how is that man. Nisha says yes, he told me. Poorvi says finally. Nisha says I still love him. Poorvi says are you mad. Nisha says please leave my personal life to me and leaves.

Bachcha Singh talks to his other son and asks what did the madam say. He says she said she will check the land file and get all info. Bachcha Singh says what, whats her name. He says Mrs. Dayal. Bachcha Singh asks her full details. He says we can’t go to DM’s office else everyone will raise their value, we have to do something else. Neelima asks where is Nisha. She comes to Nisha and hears her talking on phone. She says she could not book the hall, don’t come, we have offer from Lakshya’s friend but our family does not like him. Neelima asks Lakshya to tell Watan that we are booking his hall but he has to take the charges. Lakshya asks why. Neelima says I think the house will be small for this occasion. Lakshya says fine and calls Watan. Watan says its sure everyone will stay here for two days.

Arjun comes to Poorvi and scares her as she spoiled his romance with Gauri. Poorvi gets scared and moves back. He gets closer to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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