Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 4th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 4th August 2013 Written Episode, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 4th August 2013 Written Update

Kapil and Manish start off with a fight supporting Team Drashti and Lauren. The judges stop them and ask them to continue the brahmastras. Welcome John once again.
Sid & Mohena
Preparation: I don’t want my graph to go down as my performances have been getting better. Taking the aggression and hero like personality I am going to perform Paso Doble. I hope that the act goes well.
Dance Form: Paso Doble
Song: Sadda Haq
Madhuri: Your entry was good and the beginning was nice. Your strength and personality was there. Hats off to Mohena but the lifts had problems. But Sid I know how much you worked for it and the act was very entertaining. 8
Remo: The act/concept was nice Mohena but it felt like Sid was the bull and you were the matador. Hats off to choreograph something like this because of the drops and aggression in there. Sid you did it well except for the transitions which were jerky. But no problem, next time. 7
Karan: An intelligent act. How Mohena used his strengths and conceived the act. There was personality, confidence and general appeal in the performance. 8
John: Totally rocked Sid and I saw your journey and you are an extremely smart talented handsome guy so best of luck for the future.
Total Marks: 23/30
Manish asks Karan to talk about Dostana. Karan says that the credit goes to the writer (Tarun Mansukhani) of Dostana where he thought that John & Abhi make the best couple. Aish is a good bachan bahu but John is the favourite bachan bahu.
John says that he went to trial room for clothes after Dostana and the girls there said to change in front of them as in the movie. He says that the impression has been set but he is really shy in real life.
John and Karan dance to Maa Da Ladla and Karan pulls Manish and Kapil’s leg.
Mukti & Sushant
Preparation: Last week my performance wasn’t up to the mark but I have to give my best this time. The concept is of natural disaster. The better I connect with the audience the better my act will be. This time Mukti will be using her brahmastra.
Dance Form: Contemporary
Song: Lag jaa gale

Madhuri: The performance was heart touching because it was about the natural disaster and we experienced the pain of the people stuck in those events. You are tremendous dance-wise and your extensions are exceptionally. You are on par with Lauren, it was beautiful. Maar Dala. 10
Karan: I am scared after seeing this performance because I thought what if it would happen in real life. There was a screen play in the act and it had emotions, dance, performance everything. It was nothing short of brilliance. 10
Remo: You aren’t formally trained but at par with Lauren, not comparing but you are such an awesome dancer. Your choreography was brilliant and the clock movement was the best. This is it. 10
John: I am disturbed because it felt like watching a film. Your expressions were disturbing, real and outstanding. So beautiful and the dance and concept was outstanding. It was brilliant. I would definitely speak of this performance when I talk to someone tonight.
Karan pulls John’s leg about who will he go back to at night. John says that Karan is like this on sets as well. Karan says that John was made into a s*x symbol through Dostana and the credit goes to Dharma productions.
Total Marks: 30/30
Shonali & Sumanth
Avi: Sumanth says that Shonali is hosipatalized and she has high fever and abdominal pain. Hopefully she recovers soon and they can perform. They won’t be performing this week.
Sumanth: Feeling bad that we could not perform our best performance this week. But would do a solo performance which will not get marked.
He performs on Khabar Nahin.
John: You are outstanding, superb. My mummy sees this and she only talks about you two so I’m sure that all the viewer’s pray for Shonali.
Madhuri: When Shonali is with you the attention is on both because of the lifts you did together. But the solo today was my god, it was so good. Get well soon Shonali, JDJ is missing you and so am I.
Will not get scores for the performance or group performance so it’s up to the audiences’ votes.
John talks about his new film Madras Caf which he says will make the youth think about issues as it involved bombs and things. Entertainment is not only humour dance and songs but if a film is able to make you thinking it’s entertaining. Madras Caf is a political thriller.
Salman & Drashti
Preparation: This time we are doing romantic contemporary which I portray well in the show Madhubala. There are steps and song but doing romance is difficult. Lauren and Mukti are doing contemporary too but no comparisons with them. My brahmastra is acting, expressions and emo.
Dance Form: Contemporary
Song: Jeene Laga Hoon
Madhuri: When we lose someone we miss them and that was what was portrayed in the act. Drashi did very well expressions were great and you were dancing with soul. The props and lighting was used well. Heart touching and a beautiful act. 9
Remo: Did the contemporary well especially a few lifts and tricks. A sweet and simple act. 8
Karan: You are a very capable actress which you were lost in. But when you guys do something too simple we feel like you didn’t do much so you have to do something brilliant each time. Otherwise good job. 8
John: Outstanding beautiful. The effort you all take for set designing and costume is very nice.
Salman: We put in a lot of effort but it did not fall in place. I am disappointed in myself but it’s okay, we will be back with a bang.
Drashti: My body is giving up after doing the shoot and even though Salman is pushing I zone out. But I will pay more attention next time.
Total Marks: 25/30
Kapil & Manish try to cheer them up.
Avi: The contestants talk about how Drashti laughs.
Salman: I don’t know how I tolerate her. But for the past few weeks I’m not laughing and she kind of makes up for that by being so jolly.
Kapil pulls Sid’s leg and compares him with John.
John says that I am very happy that the two of us have come out of modelling and I see that he has progressed a lot. Hope he becomes a film star one day.
Sana, Mohena and Drashti says John is very hot and s*xy.
They measure the biceps of Sid and John and Sana’s waist.
John talks about fitness and Karan’s exercise. Karan says he is stretches to keep fit.
John bids farewell.
Team Lauren
Dance Form: Jive
Song: Remix of Lift kara de + I hate you like I love you + Bheja Kyun Sarkane ka + Tai Tai Phish
Madhuri: I loved the begger toil. Fantastic. Hats off to you all and your team spirit. Mind blowing Perfect. 10
Karan: I thought that the first group was about party and you guys were like a train which shouldn’t even leave the station. I know you had to re-choreograph due to Shonali and Karan Patel but you did great. Shaan welcome back. All of your energy and josh is back. More power to the best dressed beggers I have seen in India. 10
Remo: Definitely great performance and group dances should be increased. What choreography and energy and execution. There was always something going on. It was entertaining and at the same time pure dance. Hats off. 10 (LOL KVB going crazy over the 10s).
Total Marks: 30/30
The individual and group scores are now added.
Heavenly Performance – Mukti & Sushant.
Next Week Theme: Dil Hai Hindustani

Update Credit to: 3raser

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