Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 3rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 3rd August 2013 Written Episode, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 3rd August 2013 Written Update

Kapil and Manish talk about arrows and bows, targets etc. We are only 6 weeks away from the finale so now the judges want the contestants out so each one of them will need to put forth their best foot. Since no one was eliminated last week the votes and scores have been combined for the results today. Sonali will not be able to join because she is sick.
In Danger Zone: Karan Patel, Mukti
Karanvir & Sneha
Preparation: KVB says it’s time that he uses his forte of his villain image. He plays a psycho and wants to say to the competitors, “When I’m good, I’m really good, but when I’m bad I’m even better.”
Dance Form: Freestyle
Song: Rohnde hain
Karan: I loved how Sneha didn’t wear any make up but Karan wore a lot. The act you portrayed was of the joker and this negative slant I liked very much. Truly got impressed. 9
Madhuri: The story was clearly presented and portrayed. Sneha would love to have you in my gulab gang. 9
Remo: The act was very good. The atmosphere that was set with the lights and everything was great. Also, expressions were good and you really well chose your “brahmastra”. This is by far your best act. 9
Rajeev is invited on stage…he is the guy from Roadies and portrays villains well. He praises KVB and says that he is ripped it.
Total Marks: 27/30
Team Drashti
Song: Mashup of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Dance Form:
Madhhuri: I really enjoyed it and thoroughly entertaining. Dhansu Fantastic
Remo: Superb choreography, great team work. All of you performed exceptionally especially Sid.
Karan: I didn’t want the party to end and special mention to Sid.
Total Marks: 30/30
Sana & Tushar
Preparation: Usually I am very energetic so this time I would want to be calm and different than usual. Last time I didn’t get a 30 but this time I want to do something different and get that 30.
Dance Form: Aerial
Song: Nahin Samne
Karan: I was in tension and scared seeing those movements. Congrats you guys were awesome. The best part was that both of them looked fearless. Seamless flawless batameez. 10
Madhuri: The difficulty level was very high but the way you portrayed it it was great. Dil cheen liya. Maar dala. 10
Remo: There were dangerous and beautiful lifts that were very difficult. Really really well done. This is it.10
Total Marks: 30/30
Manish and Kapil try to do the aerial dance. The judges talk about how ridiculous it was.
Shaan & Marisha
Preparation: Last week we got less marks and didn’t have any wow factors so this time we have to put up a good act. We will be doing mallakhamb which hasn’t been done by any celeb on TV. This will be difficult but I want to show some wow factor in it and will be back.
Dance Form: Mallakhamb/Freestyle
Song: Dil Haara Re
Remo: It takes a lot of years to perform Mallakhamb but hats off for doing this in such less time. I am impressed with your effort. I loved the beginning and the concept with the different poles. I felt the execution could have been better. You are probably the first celeb to do this on tv. 7
Madhuri: You chose Mallakhamb which was not used as exercise but as dance. There was little bit of problems but just for the bravery I salute you. Fabulous. 8
Karan: You look like Jeetu ji from Naagin. You were outstanding on your part. I have seen it in IGT where people do Mallakhamb but after training for years but what you did was outstanding. More power to you. 8
Shaan’s wife says that we both are strengths for each other.
Total Marks: 23/30
Shaan says that he feels disappointed for not being able to do the basic things. I felt I would get better marks but it’s okay. I want to get back to music for the past few weeks, don’t feel too good.
Madhuri says that Shaan you are inspiring people and Karan says that there were 4-5 people were saying you judge the same show which Shaan is a part of. You have the highest recalling factor.
Kapil and Manish try to cheer him up. Shaan sings to charge himself up and for Kishore da.
John Abarham walks in for his new movie.
He says that he is a big fan of JDJ and also the judges but especially Madz.
Lauren & Punit
Preparation: Me and Punit are doing contemporary which have been appreciated very much in this show. Our brahmastra will be concepts and will try that my act is different.
Dance Form: Contemporary
Songs: Ali Maula
Madhuri: You beautifully portrayed your concept about life after death. You showed through your dance the memories of life and slow moments. This time you sent me to heaven. Maar Dala. 10
Karan: There was a mesmerizing effect in this performance. Concept and choreography was absolutely fantastic. There was a rhythm in each movement and there was a tranquil effect…almost spiritual. Lauren was fantastic to watch. Blockbuster Batameez. 10
Remo: Used your strength which was flawless. Concept mindblowing. Expressions were beautiful. This is it. 10
John: I am not a dancer but the expressions and movements I saw were great especially Lauren.
Lauren, John and the judges dance to Desi Girl.
Total Marks: 30/30
Jaan Ke Liye Dance
Mukti goes first and dances to a remix of Ishq Shava while Karan Patel dances to Nach Baliye.
Karan Patel is eliminated.

Update Credit to: 3raser

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