Gustakh Dil 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 6th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil and Laajo getting into an argument. Laajo asks for money. Nikhil’s friends ask Nikhil to pay the penalty and end the talk. Nikhil asks how much money do you want. Laajo says calculates and says Rs 600. Laajo laughs on Nikhil’s friends. Nikhil’s friend bargains on the amount. Laajo asks them to be quiet and scolds them. They ask Nikhil to pay the money and end it. Nikhil finally gives her rs. 600. Laajo takes the money and talks to her cow Parvati. Nikhil brings his friends to his Baba’s Haveli. They see their Baba (Nikhil’s grandfather) beating a man for drinking the wine. Nikhil laughs. Nikhil greets Baba and introduces his friends. Baba meets them all and blesses them. He calls Anuradha. (Nikhi’s Bua) Anuradha does Nikhil’s tilak and Aarti and he

greets her. She give shim kheer to celebrate Nikhil’s birthday, All of them sing the birthday song. Baba gives his ring to Nikhil.

The next morning, Nikhil talks about his village with Baba. They talk about the dvelopments. Laajo comes there and greets them. She comes with the milk. Nikhil sees her and asks her what she is doing here, he says you brought milk, it means your cow is giving milk, you took money from me. Laajo tries to fool him, but he asks for his money. Baba asks Laajo to return the money. Laajo tells Baba everything about the accident. Nikhil says she is lying.

Nikhil and Laajo argue. Baba asks Laajo to return the money. Laajo agrees. She says she came to know about Baba’s relative today.

Scene shifts to Nikhil’s house:

Nikhil’s Nani arrives to their house. Everyone are happy to see her and greet her. She talks to Indrajeet about his clothes. He jokes. Nani sees Gunjan (Nikhil’s sister) laughing and calls her. She asks about Tom and jerry and says lets see it.

Scene shifts to Nikhil in village:

Nikhil and his friends are having fun in the fileds, taking photos and enjoying. The song Gustakh Dil.. plays in the background. Nikhil’s friend gets into a pond and starts itching, Nikhil brings him to the doctor. Laajo sees him and acts like a doctor. She says the pond water is very bad. Nikhil says give some medicine. Laajo brings a balm for him. The doctor comes and Laajo talks to him about the balm. Nikhil says the doctor that Laajo saw him in the pond and did not warn him, she even laughed on him.

Nikhil is flying kite with his friends and cuts the other party’s kite. The girl runs to call Laajo. She asks Laajo to come with her. Laajo says she is busy. She tells Laajo that the city guys are cutting our kites, Laajo goes with her. Laajo’s sister stops her but she does not listen and leaves. Laajo comes at the spot and Nikhil looks at her. Laajo says win over me in flying the kite. She challenges Nikhil. They fly the kites with everyone cheering for Laajo and Nikhil, Laajo’s mum comes there and sees her flying the kite. Her mum scolds her. She takes Laajo with her. Her mum says Laajo’s marriage is in few days. Nikhil’s friends discuss about Laajo.

Nikhil asks Laajo to eat green chillies. She eats them. Someone from the groom’s side comes to meet Laajo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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