Gustakh Dil 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 5th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with a scene in New Delhi. Nikhil is driving on the road while music plays in the background. He meets Ishaana at a restaurant and flirts with her. Ishaana is angry on him for coming late. He tries to make her mood happy. He holds her hand and she says don’t touch. People come there and catch Nikhil for teasing Ishaana. Ishaana takes Nikhil’s side and says he is her boyfriend. They run away fast from the restaurant. Ishaana and Nikhil have a laugh as they are saved from those people. Ishaana says we met in school, and we started liking each other, we are set. Nikhil laughs as Ishaana praises herself as hot, young, beautiful. Nikhil calls her overweight, Ishaan is annoyed and runs after him. They have icecreams on the road and have a walk. Nikhil says he is going to a village

to meet his grandfather and he wants to have an affair with a real village girl. Ishaana says you do it, then see what I will do. He says so you are jealous. The policemen see them getting closer and asks them to go. They sit on the benches and talk about their bet. She says lets celebrate your birthday tonight. He says he won’t as he has to go home. Ishaana insists but he says sorry, I can’t celebrate. She says ok, I understand.

He asks her to come with him to the village. He thanks her for understanding him. Nikhil sits somewhere outside and spends time alone, crying looking at the watch. Nikhil comes home and his sister Gunjan shows him his birthday cake. He says you remember, she says everyone remembers. He says then why are they not here. They cut it, he hugs her. Nikhil comes to his room and thinks about his elder brother who died because of his mistake on his birthday. Nikhil’s dad comes to him and Nikhil pretends as if he is sleeping. He leaves. Nikhil’s dad talks with his wife Barkha saying you are rude towards Nikhil, you should wish him happy birthday, till when will you blame him for Akash’s death. She says till I forget, I cannot forgive him, I cannot celebrate Nikhil’s birthday on Akash’s death anniversary. We lost Akash because of Nikhil. He says you know its not true. She cries and leaves.

The next morning, Nikhil starts going in his jeep, and his friend Cobra joins him. He wishes Nikhil happy birthday. Nikhil says there is nothing happy about his birthday. They go to Ishaana’s house and they meet their gang of friends. Ishaana says she won’t come to the village with Nikhil, as some relative died and she has to go there. Nikhil understands and hugs Ishaana and leaves with his gang.

Nikhil’s dad is annoyed by Shaila as she says he cannot eat the butter paratha. Barkha joins them on the breakfast table. Barkha’s mood is off. Everyone ask Shaila for Nikhil. Gunjan says Nikhil went to the village to meet Baba and Bua. Nikhil’s dad says your ancestors are there and our roots are there. Ayesha says ya right, our roots. Nikhil’s gang misses Ishaana and they all leave together for the village.

The song Aale…. plays in the background as they travel from the city to the village. Nikhil bumps into Laajo’s cow Parvati. This is the intro scene of Laajo. She comes there and overreacts saying her cow got hurt by this accident. Nikhil and his friends says we did not hurt the cow. Laajo says you are hurt her heart and soul, now she won’t give milk for three days, and thats a loss for her. She asks him for money. Nikhil and Laajo have an argument.

Nikhil comes to know that Laajo’s cow is giving milk and he took money from him, he asks her to return her money. Nikhil and Laajo fly kites in the village.

Update Credit to: Amena

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