Saraswatichandra 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 7th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras receiving Kusum’s call. Badimaa keeps the phone back. She asks to whom were you calling at this time. Kumari says Kumud Didi. Badimaa scolds them. Kusum says we were missing her. Badimaa says we cannot call her at any time. Saras sees Kumud sleeping in the hall. He comes to her and smiles looking at her/ He reads her poetry and feels her pain. He says I know Kumud that I gave given you immense pain, but I wish you would have waited for me. He keeps the paper. She wakes up and says you asked me not to wait for me, you won’t come back. He says I came back, and reached your door, but Umesh stopped me. He tells her everything that happened that night. Kumud is shocked. He tells her he was taken somewhere by Umesh and how Alak got him on the road. He says when I opened my eyes, I had lost everything. Kumud cries. She says an accident cannot end everything, if you did not say no, this would have not happened, but its very late now.

Saras says you are right, if I had not said no, this would have not happened, my mistake cannot be forgiven, but don’t punish yourself for this, I cannot see this. He sees a pen and hurts his hand by it. Kumud is shocked. Blood comes out from his hand. He shows her his wound and says look at this, if Pramad hurts you again and if you don’t stop him, then I will hurt myself a lot more. Kumud says leave your hand, are you mad, what will happen by this. He says I can lessen your pain, else I can increase my pain. Remember this wound Kumud. If you felt the pain, then I will also feel it. If your blood comes out, then mine will also flow. Kumud leaves. Saras looks at his wounded hand and sits. Kumud comes with the first aid box. She asks him to do the aid himself. He does not listen to her. She does the aid looking at him. Music plays…… Kuch na Kahe Bas Chup Rahe…. She keeps the bandage on table, Saras and Kumud thinks about their lovely moments. Kumud says I did not listen to you, but when you gave me the bandage, I used it, now its your turn. Saras picks the bandage and aids his hand. He feels Aah, Kumud is moved by his pain. She turns not facing him. Saras slightly smiles seeing her as she turns to see him. The bandage falls, Kumud picks it up and looks at him. They have a eyelock. Rahe na Kuch bhi Darmiyaan….. plays………

Saras cannot stop looking at her. Kumud cries seeing him hurt. Saras stands up and says………..

Saras cannot stop looking at her. Kumud cries seeing him hurt. Saras stands up and says Kumud, even if you don’t believe, but I still love you as before (He stops midway). Kumud turns and looks at him. She says what were you saying. She says what, say, tell me that you still love me, do you know the meaning of love, if you loved me, then you would have not broke my heart like this. He says I did not break it, I have hurt it, but I came. Kumud says when, after my and my parent’s dreams shattered, and I lost my fate. You called and said change your bridal dress and forget it as a bad dream. He says when I told you this, I was not trusting even myself. He further says I lost my mum, and I could not get over it, but I always fulfilled my promise, listened to my dad, respected him but I came to know on Karwachauth’s night that Maa went so far because of my dad. Dad was having an affair with Ghuman and Maa committed suicide, mym mum would have not left me, but she got cheated so she ended her life, I broke my relation with my dad, I was like an orphan, I could only hear Maa’s scream, nothing else, I did not know what to do. I knew I was doing wrong, but I did not do anything. I wanted to go to my mum. Kumud is shocked and leaves from there. Saras says I don’t know Kumud understood me or not, but what I did to her, I know it. Kumud cries. Rahe na Kuch bhi Darmiyaan… plays again. They think how they parted ways.
The next morning, Kumud says I got my answers yesterday, this is my true morning, bless me Lord for accepting Pramad as my husband. She sees Pramad leaving from his room. He does not see her. Kumud goes to the room and sees Kalika sleeping inside. She is shocked to see her.

Kumud packs her bag in anger. She looks in the mirror and sees her Mangalsutra. Pramad’s mum asks Kumud why she is giving her Mangalsutra to Kalika….

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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