Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 1st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 1st June 2013 Written Episode, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6 1st June 2013 Written Update

The Celebration started with Manish entering in “bachna Aye haseeno” Background music. Then he gives out the introductory speech and welcomes Sanaya Irani to start Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season VI. Sanaya her guest performance in “tumse milke dil ka hai jo” from Main Hoon Naa with Manish.
Manish introduced his co-host Kapil feeling sad that this time he did not have a female co-host to host with him.
Sushant Singh Rajput came on stage to introduce JDJ6 female participants one by one by dancing with them.
The first number he performed was from his own movie Kai Po Chhe. Then he tapped his foot on Desi Boys.

The First Participant Lauren Gottlieb dressed like an angel performed freestyle in “Jo bhi ho so ho”
Then came our very own sizzling madhubala, Drasthi Dhami who performed in bollywood style in “naache re naache madhubala”.
“Huya Chhokra Jaawan Re” came out Sweta Tiwari through a cage and danced in bollywood style.
Aarti Chhabaria, performed in “Hawahaawi” wearing a glittery green short dress.
Meghna Mallik wearing a gujrathi ghagra, matched her steps with Sushant in “chalo na naino se baan re”.
“Anjana Anjaani”, was performed next by Ekta Kaul, who wore a red hot dress.

Baby Sonali wearing lemon green dress performed in “uff teri ada” mostly on Sushant’s arms. He cradled her like a baby.
Finally all the girls with Sushant did their group performance in “tu mera hero”.
Manish later introduced taking their names one by one to the audience.
Sushant was asked by Manish about his remembrance in Jhalak and also asked about his favorite in JDJ6. Sushant confessed that he always like Lauren and used to keep her photograph with him. Lauren wished him best of luck for his career.

Ekta felt nevours on stage as she was doing it for the first time in her life.
Aarti said it is going to be tough fight for all.
Megha said it was a very new experience for her. She is trying her best to cope up on the stage.
Drashti said she doesnot have any expectations as of now. She will be trying her best on stage.


Remo D’souza blasted the stage with 11 choreographers in tribal costume performing acrobatics. There were beautiful dance formations done by the group. Two choreographers came at a time to perform.
Remo promised that this year audience would be getting a very different Jhalak as all 11 contestants are right now India’s top choreographers. But he also said that he is going to be very strict this time.


Male contestants were introduced by bollywood diva Jakhleen. She started her performance in “Aa Zara Kareeb Se”.
Shaan was the first male performer who performed in Don, wearing black head to toe.
Suresh Menon, performed in “Balma” mimicking rajnikant, dressed like a robot, dazzling in silver jacket.
Glittering in blue kurta Siddharth Sukhla performed in “Kawara hoon Kawara”.

Our naughty boy Karan Singh Bhora then performed in “aala mein aala” looking terrific in rust coloured jacket.
Then all the male participants did their group dance with jackleen in Race 2 compilation.
Manish introduced all the male participants one by one.
Siddharth said that he had never danced in his life.

Karanveer said for the next 3 months he is going to concentrate in jhalak and only jhalak.
Suresh ji said he doesnot know what he is going to come up with. Today he was dressed up like Rajnikant, who knows like whom he is going to dressed up like tomorrow.
Shaan was requested to sing a song and he sung “Musu Musu Haasi”.


Manish introduced Karan Johar who gave a dhamakedar performance in “Naa ja ne kahan se aya hai” with dancers dressed in sizzling red costumes.
Madhuri dixit did her introductory performance with Ranbir Kapoor from their new film “Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani”.
Manish asked how strict she was going to be this year. Madhuri said she is going to be liberal this year as she know the hard work the participants put forward.



The first performace was by Salman and Drasthi in “Ishq Wala Love”. They took up ballroom style. Drasti wore a white dress, which was complimented by Salman’s grey suit.
Judges Comments on their performance
Madhuri: The performance was good, romantic, soft, flowy. She felt that whatever nervousness she had will go.
8 points
Remo: Drasthi should be more soft on her feet.
8 points
Karan: Very graceful, the nervousness will go away once she starts getting used to the stage.
8 points
Ranbir: he complemented her looks first and then wished her best of luck.


The next performer was Lauren. With her choreographer, they pulled off HipHop dance form in “Beezubaan”
Judges Comments on their performance
Madhuri: “I am very very impressed. It was absolutely wonderful. It was not static at all places where they didnot move their foot. but due to there hand gesture and body moments it didnot look static”.
10 points. It was a perfect for her.
Remo: “Energy, grace, looks, everything is just perfect. That’s why she was casted in ABCD. Lauren thanked him for giving her such a great opportunity in bollywood.
9 points
Karan: “Lauren! Fantastic, your expression was superb, just like any bollywood actress”.
9 points.
Ranbir: Great Job.
Lauren wanted to dance with Ranbir, so he performed with her in “Balam Pichkari” applying holi colours on her face.


Shaan with Monisha danced in the tune of some of his own songs. Mainly “where’s the party tonight”.
Judges Comments on their performance
Madhuri: She welcomed him. She loved the fact that he was always smiling through.
8 points.
Remo: Knee slide step was done very nicely. For a first timer he did a good job.
8 points
Karan: “I am very proud of him to see him onstage. You are cool and I love your cool quotient. You were very very elegant and for a non dancer you did extremely well”.
8 points.
Ranbir: Dhamakedar performance.


Suresh and Suchitra were the next performers. He was dressed up in super man out fit. They performed in Tollywood style.
Madhuri: “Suchitra did a good job. I had fun”
7 points
Remo: “You were on the beat. There was rhythm in your body which you never left. You need to work on your dance and I am sure you will improve in the future if you work hard”.
7 points
Karan: “Comedy is your strength. Dance is not your forte at all. We will judge entertainment wise. If your choreographer can make you dance then that would be an achievment”.
7 points
Ranbir: I am a big fan of yours. It was mazedar. Best of luck


Aarti chabariya and Cornel performed in a dance form called bachata in “Mujhe to teri lat lag gaye” . She looked ravishing in golden glittery dress.
Aarti was out of her breath after the performance.
Madhuri: Very confident, very saucy, very s*xy. I loved the small small beat performed so nicely. A shinning debut.
8 points
Remo: The entry was fantastic. Posture in the chair was nice. Transitions were a little clumsy. It needs to be improved.
8 points
Karan: The performance was well done. And it was the s*xiest performace of tonight.
9 points.


At last everyone danced in the tune of Baatameez Dil with Ranbir Kapoor.


Update Credit to: appy indy

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