Anamika 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 31st May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Chiku barking at the unidentified man. He rushes towards Jeet and tries to show him the same. Jeet in is room, when Chiku comes scurrieng. Jeet rushes behind Chiku but finds nothing in the place. Jeet lifts up Chiku and walks inside the house. The place where the unidentified man was doing starts flooding with cockroaches and the cockroaches further turning inside the Saluja house.

Next is Chhavi in Jeet’s cabin the office and making a fuss over Jeet’s things scattered here anjd there in Jeet’s absence. Jeet just enters the cabin and overhears the same. Chhavi realizes that Jeet has enetered and therefore in a frightened manner, drops the files. Both Jeet and Chhavi kneel down to pick those up and bump into each other. At the very moment Anamika eneters and says that she had come to collect her cheque. Jeet goes out of the room in order to manage her cheque efficiently. Anamika and Chhavi have a short talk in which Anamika tries to taunt Chhavi with her increasing relationship with Jeet and his family members. Then Jeet enters and Anamika leaves all by herself even after Jeet offering a help to drop her home.

Nani gets frustrated seeing Bebe with her laptop. While Bebe explains her some simple techniques of using the same and the knowledge of different sites. Jasleen snaps in between and gets a bit cordial. Bebe asks Jasleen to cook Chole. Jasleen turns over to the kitchen table and is extremely shocked to find the Chole container in a heap of live cockroaches. Even Nani and Bebe get scared to find them lying there. Bebe asks their family servant to clean the stuff up. Nani ends up proclaiming the incident to be an inauspicious one.

Chhavi is on a live video chatting with Bebe. Bebe explains her how Jeet was not able to carry his tiffin to the office because of the cockroaches and also asks Chhavi to take care of his food habits. Chhavi asks the receptionist if Jeet has ordered anything to which she answers in negative. Chhavi enters Jeet’s cabin and scolds him for not having anything at lunch time. She also suggests him to eat at a newly opened restaurant. Jeet not knowing the address asks Chhavi to accompany him.

Jeet tells Chhavi to wait at the receptionist for him. When he is about to leave, he receives a call form Anamika asking for Jeet’s help in a teary but scared voice. Jeet rushes outside. When Chhavi asks for Jeet, the receptionist says that he has already left.

Later at the Salujas, Bebe is surprised to find Nani with her ipad. On seeing Bebe, Nani tries to conceal it. Chhavi enters and asks for Chiku. Jeet parks his car near Anamika’s house and rushes inside. He bangs on the door several times and then Anamika opens it. Anamika shows him that one of the walls in her bedroom was flooded with crawling cockroaches. Jeet is feeling hard to believe that how did this happen coincidently at her house even at his.

Precap : Jeet is confuse seeing all the cockroaches lining up at the same time.

Update Credit to: CouchPotatoes

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