Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada… Rivanya SS Part 5

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I think each n everyone of u 4 commenting n supporting me.

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 5
I know that some of u are really pissed off with Ritik hiding the truth from all.But this story is about the problems caused by his hiding tendency.I expected this kind of reaction from u all as this FF needed such reaction from the readers.This story shows how people can land up in bigger troubles when they hide things with lies.And if Ritik had told the truth to everyone as soon as he got Shivanya back the story would have ended in 3-4 parts.

Ritik:Papa..I can’t answer your question now.But I can assure you one thing that I am not doing anything wrong.
Ankush:I know my son very well.I know that you can’t do anything wrong.But why are you hiding it from us?
Ritik:One day you will realize it papa.
Ritik walked away.Ankush did not know how to react.Yamini came:Ankushji..what are you thinking?
Ankush:Nothing Yamini.

Seeing Ritik coming suddenly Shesha made Shivangi sit on the bed.
Shesha:Sit there.
Shesha:Don’t question me.Do what I say.
Shivangi sat.Shesha started telling her a story lovingly.Ritik who came there smiled seeing it.
After the story got over Shesha looked at Ritik.She smirked seeing him happy.
Shesha:Ritik..when did you come?
Ritik:Quite some time ago.You were engrossed in story telling.
Shesha:Shivangi loves my stories so much that she always tells me to narrate stories to her.
Ritik:Arre Shivangi beta…guess you like Shesha aunty’s stories very much.
Shivangi gave him a pale smile.
Ritik:Thankyou Shesha for making Shivangi happy.
Shesha:No need to thank me Ritik.Shivangi is my daughter.A mother can do this much for her daughter.Right?

Ritik smiled.
Shivangi thought:Shesha aunty is doing all this only to show off papa.She is acting so well that no one can understand that it’s acting.Unfortunately I can’t even tell papa the truth.
Yamini and Ankush came.
Ankush:How are things going?
Shesha:Going well papa.
Yamini:That’s nice.We are very happy to see all of you happy together.

Ritik and Shesha smiled. know one thing?Shivangi loves listening to Shesha’s stories.
Yamini:Really?That’s so nice.Ritik..tell Shivangi to call Shesha Maa.
Shivangi:Dadi..please don’t force me to call her maa.For me my mumma is my mumma.

Ritik:Maa,Shivangi is right.Let her continue calling Shesha aunty.Because Shesha is not her mother.Shivangi’s mother is only Shivanya.No one can take Shivanya’s position in our lives.

Yamini did not know what to say.
She thought:May be Ritik is right.Even I can’t give Shivanya’s position to anyone else.Then how can Ritik and Shivangi do that?
Shesha was very angry.
She thought:I did so much to show Ritik that I care for Shivangi.Still Ritik is not able to accept me.Why always Shivanya?

The next day…
Shesha went near Ritik.Ritik…today is Sunday.It’s a holiday.Shall we go out?
Rit:No Shesha.I have an important meeting.
Shesha:Meeting on Sunday?
Rit:Yes.They are coming from Dubai.Sunday is a working day for them.Only when they are available this meeting can be conducted.
Ritik left.
Shesha:Not even Sunday is free for him.

Ritik went to see Shivanya.She became happy to see him.
Rit:Today is free.So I could come here in the morning itself.
She smiled.
Shiva:But what excuse did you give your family?
Rit:I said I have meeting.
He rested his head on her shoulder:Today we will enjoy.
She smiled.

NAAShi:Ritik..I am bored of sitting at home.Can you take me out?Shall we go to beach?
Shi:Yes.You know naa I love beach a lot.Remember how we all used to go to beach together.
Ritik remembered one such day.

Flash back..
Ritik got ready to go to beach.Shivanya was dressing up baby Shivangi.
Rit:Hey Shivanya..we are going to beach.Shivangi too needs to get wet.So no need to dress her up so much.
Shi:How can I not dress up our pretty girl?
Ritik longed for a girl to dress her up.Right?
Shivanya smiled.
Rit:You are simple.But you want your daughter to be grand.
She smiled:Girls’ mothers prefer to dress up their daughter rather than dressing up themselves.
Ritik smiled.
Rit:By the way Shivanya..why are you wearing salwar suit now?Come on we are going to beach.So wear beach dress,not a salwar suit.
Shi:I can’t wear such revealing dress.

Ritik pulled her closer:Hey wife..even I don’t want you to wear revealing clothes as I don’t like anyone else seeing your body.Only I have that right.

But I have bought a beach dress which is not bikini.You can wear that.Right?
She was silent.He took that dress and showed it to her.
Rit:Are you fine with it?
She smiled.
Rit:Oh..I am relieved that my money did’nt get wasted.
She gave a kick on shoulder with a smile.He laughed.Shivanya wore the beach dress.She was shy. look cool.I never thought that you will look so nice in this dress.
She smiled.

Ritik,Shivanya and baby Shivangi enjoyed a lot on beach .

Ritik came back to senses.
Rit:But Shivanya..if we go out people will see and they may recognize you.
Shivanya became sad:Ya..I forgot that.But I longed to go to beach as this house is near a beach.

Ritik felt sad seeing her sad face.
Rit:1 sec.I will come now.
Shi:Where are you going?
Rit:I will tell that after coming back.
He left.
Shivanya was confused:Where did Ritik go?
Ritik came back soon.
Shi:Ritik..where did you go?
Rit:I bought a burka from the near by textile shop.
Shi:But why burka?
Ritik took the burka and gave it to her:You wear this and come.
Shi:But why should I wear this?
Rit:If you wear this nobody will recognize you.So that we can roam around comfortably.
Shivanya are very clever.
He smiled.
Shivanya came wearing burka.

Ritik smiled:Now nobody will recognize you.
She smiled.They went to the beach.
They held their hands together and walked along the beach.They made their feet wet together.
Viren came there. nice to be here.
Suddenly his eyes fell on Ritik in the small snacks shop at the beach.Ritik bought some snacks and walked towards Shivanya and gave it to her.
V:What?Ritik with a burka lady?Will she be Shesha?Why should Shesha wear burka?
Viren dialed Shesha’s number from the near by telephone booth.Shesha picked up the phone.
Shesha:Hello..hello..who is this?
Viren cut the call.He smirked:So she is not Shesha.Leaving his newly bride Shesha alone at home in the name of meetings Ritik is roaming around with his girl friend.Cool Ritik.In front of others he i still living in his late wife Shivanya’s memories.But actually he is enjoying with his ex-girl friend.Great my dear brother in law.

Viren observed them secretly.Ritik and Shivanya fed snacks to each other.
After some time Ritik and Shivanya went back home.Without their knowledge Viren followed them in an auto.
V:Guess this is that burka lady’s house.
Viren called a man who passed by.
V:Do you know who stays here?
He:Actually the house owner is not staying here.His relative one lady is staying here on rent.
V:Ok..she is staying here alone?
He:Ya.We heard that her husband is working in the Gulf.
Viren thought:In her husband’s absence she is enjoying with her boy friend.Ritik has selected the right girl as his girl friend.

After Ritik reached home Viren went towards him.
V:Who was the lady in burka?
Ritik was shocked.
He stammered:Lady in burka?What are you asking?
Viren smirked:I saw you with a burka lady at the beach.
Ritik was shocked.He started sweating.

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  4. Rivanyaforever1

    Hey sorry for late commenting………..
    A big fan of ur ff written very beautifully
    Do continue soon
    But yeah i can,t wait that when ritik will reveal to his family about shivanya
    And very sad to see shivangi suffering even though her mother is alive
    Still she is suffering from shesha’s evil acts and one thingni am not able to understand
    Who is that viren i don,t think u introduced him anywhere
    But lets see really excited to read further parts of the story
    And be quick can,t wait any more dear??

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot for the long comment. It really encourages me.I had shown viren in first part.he is ritik’s sister chaya’s husband

  5. sad that shivangi is not able to reveal the truth that sesha is acting . loved the rivanya scene when they met . liked the flashback a lot . shivanya is right , Girls’ mothers prefer to dress up their daughter rather than dressing up themselves . as u said , ritik is going to fall in big trouble because he is hiding abt shivanya from his family . omg viren knows that shivanya is alive . hope he understands them , hope he does not create any problem . really sorry for the late comment di

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