Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi ~naino ki baasha samjhona-ONE SHOT BY NISHI

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Hey this is nishi!!Im the writer of kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang)and I have reach episode 117!!along with that,I have been inspired to do an OS by all of u since most of u are doing and OS.So presenting to you my OS-naino ki basha samjhena.

Character intro:
Sonakshi Bose~A 23 year old student,who has just got an MBA in medical.She had got a job offer in Suveda hospital,one of the most prestigious Hospitals in delhi.She is a bubbly girl from a middle class Bengali family.She is secretly in love with dev.

Dev dixit~the dean of suveda hospital.He is a 32 year old serious person,with no laughter.He has a bitter past of his childhood when his Mother left him in the responsibility of his Father and 3 younger brothers,Ayush,ayaan and armaan.he is secretly in love with sona.

Side characters:
Nishana bose ~sonakshi’s elder Sister,who has a huge crush on dev.

Yudhishtir dixit~dev’s dad who is on his deathbed and wants dev to get married soon.

Anshita Kapoor~Dev’s Best Friend and His advice giver.whenever dev feels Low he calls her or goes to her.Anshita is married to Sona’s Brother,Shivaay.(The main hero opposite anika in ishqbaaz)I don’t know his name sorry.

Maithili,anjali and Sushmita~sona’s best friends since childhood.they are trying to unite dev and sona.

now let’s get to the story.
hanumaan’s pic is shown.sona is shown in her normal salwaar kameez(before she got married in the actual show).She is praying.

sona:god ji,I don’t know whether you can hear me or not but..Pls make me pass this MBA thing..it’s bhaiya’s dream!!Pls..I have never prayed before to you because I can handle everything myself but..acha acha..*bites her side of her lips*pls..pls make me pass aah..*puts 2000 rupees infront of god*
anshita:Oh bhagwaan se vishwak..Haww very bad huh sona..by the way,If u really want to pass,then u need to believe in yourself..u can’t give money to god and then say pls make me pass.
Sona:bhabhi….pls uh..don’t make me nervous..*looks at her watch*chalo I’m already running late..pls let me go and say bye to bhaiya..
Anshita:bye!!good luck.

Sona snatches a sandwich from the table and sits in her car.she rushes.after a while the car collides with some white rich car.
Sona comes out in anger:oh hello,aakhen hai ya button?
The person in the white car comes out scratching his head.its dev.
Sona:kya dekhiye?Youre following me to the police station now..
Dev:look madam..it’s a matter of life and death pls take this*passes all his money from his wallet*
Sona holds it as he leaves..she counts it and finds out its 40,000 rupees.sona takes out her phone
Sona:sushmita!!apna bag nikaal!!its time to do shoppping!!!!!!!after college huh!!
Sushmita:pesa kaun dega?shivaay ya teri bhabhi?
Sona:yaar tu sirf aaja..aaj mera treat hai..
Sona:I just told u to come quietly..
Sona goes to the hospital and it’s her first day..she sees dev walk past her and points at him and shock.
Sona:oh helllo bhaisab!!pehele u give money to keep quiet..and u say it’s a matter of life and death..and now ur coming at the speed of my car?
Dev:oh hello madam..I sent my car for petrol putting..and I know how u would have reacted in that 40,000..yaar let’s go shoppping!!
Sona:you were listening to my convo?
Dev:what all girls like that..even men..it’s just the difference is men is like chal yaar Cricket dekthehai…look madam I really don’t have time for you..
Dev walks off..
Sona:but listen;sona gets pissed off..

@at the reception.
1 year later…
dev to the receptionist,(mallika):pls call ms Bose into my cabin.
sona enters:yes sir?
Dev:Dr Bose there is operation needed for Mr Ayushi Mehta.there is a shortage of docs pls we need your help.
Sona:yes sir.
Sona starts the operation And by accident her bracelet Falls into the stomach of ayushi.sona stands in shock.
Dev comes there with Doctor Zoya(a doc which has a crush on dev).
Dev:How could you be so irresponsible Dr Bose?Pls move aside.
Sona:I’m so sorry..sir..ma’am..
Dr zoya:ab ja..
Dr zoya and dev operate ayushi as sona stands there crying.
She walks off(Sona)

later on,Sona is walking past dev’s cabin while dev feels her presence.
Sona turns and secretly smiles at dev as she is love with him.when sona turns somewhere else,dev turns at her and smiles at her because he also loves her secretly.
Dev:Ms sonakshi.
sonakshi looks with awe:What did you just call me?
Dev:I mean Dr Bose,I’m sorry for what happened in the OT.I mean..;
Sona:It’s ok Dev..
Sona:I mean Dr dev..Dixit..
Sona goes out of his cabin and hits her head.dev also hits his head..and smiles..
Dev:Kab Tak..how Long will I hide my love for sona..what if she gets someone?that loves her more than me?
Sona:kab Tak..how Long will I hide my love for dev..what if he finds someone else?that loves his more than me?

After night shift,Sona is walking alone on the roads when some goons start teasing her.
goon 1:(rubbing his chest and chewing chewing gum)ohho,ke figure hai…
Goon2:hum me bhi thodi ishq..mohabbat dena..hai..
while sona is experiencing all this,the goons surround her and just then Dev comes in his car.He is furious at the goons and Beats them up(ishhh so filmy)
Dev:Dr Bose sit in the car..*anger*
Sona:no it’s ok Dr D;
Dev:I SAID SIT IN THE CAR NOW.*a lot of anger*

Sona sits in the car..
after their quiet journey..Sona finally musters courage..
Sona:I love you Dev.
Dev stops the car with a screeching halt.
Dev:what?you what?
Sona:I know it’s really awkward..I mean you’re my boss..I’m your employee..I mean;
Dev:get out of the car now Dr Bose..
Sona:dr Dev pls..
Dev also gets out and sona is confused..

Dev makes Sona stand infront of him:you know the first day I met you Dr Bose..I mean ms Bose..I mean sonakshi..I mean sona..the first day I met you I thought you were very clumsy,rude you know obodro types..But now,I mean as we worked together..and are working together..I found out or I’m finding out that you are sweet,caring,understanding…And you’re perfect for me..you know papa always wanted me to marry an Indian girl..But he was scared..because in college I used to date at least 5 foreign girls at one go..all I want to say is..I love you too..And WILL you Marry me Sonakshi?
Sonakshi:I wish dev*rubbing her clutched hands*But my Brother has fixed my marrige with A guy called Ayaan..he comes from a very affluent family..he is nice caring..and he has 3 other brothers..He only has a dad..I’m meeting him tmrw since it’s a Saturday..
both are heartbroken and walk opposite directions..

the next day,
Sona is wearing a Saree and goes with Shivaay and anshita To Ayaan’s house.
When she goes there she is shocked to see Dev representing Ayaan’s older Brother..
Ayaan:Sonakshi,this is Dev bhai..My older Brother..
Dev and sona Are both shocked..
8 weeks later Ayaan and sona are getting married and as sonakshi takes 7 nuptial rounds with ayaan,She angrily glares At Dev.
after the marrige sona is walking on a road where there is a cliff nearby..sona is crying and the wind is blowing her hair on her face.
Dev looks at her In sadness trying to say why.
Sona says it’s too late thru her eyes and jumps off the cliff..
After sona is gone,Dev mummers to himself:Kaash,pehele tumare naino ki basha samajgaya hota…
Dev walks off..

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  1. Aarti32

    ??happy ending hi kr deti..

  2. ???……sad ending……but in real life…there’s always sad ending…. Coming to OS….it was amazing one…..??❣❤️?……

    1. Erica

      YUP THATS the main idea of my ff maheela di!im sorry if it was sad because the whole point of ‘naino ki basha samjhena’is basically them two pleading eachother to understand eachother’S love and feeling but they cannot.

  3. Erina

    Ur os was . ???????ek to tmne pehli baar os likhal nd vo v itna ??????

    1. Erica

      I’m sorry!!The main point was to end in a negative way..Cuz my ff title was as such

  4. Niki645

    Awww……AMAZING but so sad??
    No Happy Ending??
    But seriously it was awesome ??

  5. Manya

    Sad ending???
    Dev babu ab regret karne se Kya hoga??
    Acha Nishi tumbe Mera sirname change Kar diya?Waise toh Mera sirname baad ajeeb sa hai-Puskarna
    I know I know thoda funny ya bahut funny ha?
    Love love❤️❤️i

    1. Manya

      Pushkarna* autocorrect?

    2. Erica

      HAHAHHAAHHA omg so cute???!!and plus ur being operated by dev dixit!!how how??dev babu nehe samjenge even in the real track because he is dancing to ishwari’s tunes still!!HAHA ok ayushi di❤️❤️

  6. Y so sad ending.

  7. Y so sad ending.

  8. Heshine

    Hy Nishi…..!!! First of all….I’m sorry fa the late cmnt….??had some imp work so…,then os was Amazing ….its really….gud..but sad ending…no prb anyways its worthed….and pls do update ur ff soon…waiting fa it…???

  9. Hey Nishi!
    Firstly, I’m terrible sorry for my late comment! Had been quite busy!
    Secondly, this was amazing! Sad ending, but that’s what life is all about! Being on time, nothing else!
    Hope you can post more of these!
    Love ya!?????

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