Shivika ff by nans ( part-5)

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Hi everyone
I am so happy with ur love that u showed through comments???????. Do comment if this part also gives u a pleasant feeling.

In last part I showed shivika cozy moment and rudra jokes omani bond,and sangeet ,intense chemistry BTW shivika.
Shivika come to senses with applause and they get down from stage. Dadi om rumya prinku smiling at them.jhanvi shakti giving a pleasant look.pinky confused abt ta happenings. Tej not much interested in any of this.
Tia is so enraged n goes to daksh n whispers “ daksh! What the hell is happening? I helped u in ur plan so tat anika gets away from my shivay baby. I gave u perfect plan to stalk anika first time and told u to become saviour but shivay became ta hero . and second time ur acting of saving her from knife attack has no impact on her and now their r dancing closely in front of me. Do u have a brain to do at least something? ( guys in my ff daksh is after anika, he want to win over her In anyway and tia observes daksh madness over anika so she helps him so that anika gets sidelined. And the cam in doll eyes is operated by both tia n daksh. Tia bf d is not daksh)
Here already daksh is fuming seeing shivika chemistry and tia taunted him so much
Now he just goes to anika hold her hand and brings her to stage. Oberoys r confused, tia is smirking, guests r surprised
Daksh kneel downs in front of anika

D: anika, I already said my feelings and u said no to me. I respect u for tat. But I want you to give me a chance for our relation. Trust me anika u will keep u all life happily. I know u don’t love me at this time but u will never regret ur live will be sufficient for both of us. Just say yes. Plz say yes…
A: dakhs mein……(( daksh I…..))
D: just say yes anika common say yes……
All the guests are encouraging him. And asking anika to say yes.
Shivay is enraged totally.pinky observes this. Rudra whispers in shivays ears “ bhayya fire sation mein pani toh aaj suba hi katam haogaya. Ab kiss bulao???” (( bhayya water in fire station got over in mrng only.whom to call now?))
Om signals rudra to be calm
D: anika say yes cmon………
Anika thinking all ta moments with shivay and those words ‘ she is a gold digger ,she want to take Tia’s place , she is doing this with motive , she is taking my favours as care towards her’ she closes her eyes tightly.
D: anika say yes…..will u marry me?
A: nahin daksh……( (no daksh))
Shivay is totally happy , smile appears on his face.

Nazdeek gain dil ki , for kyun large milke tuhe meri jeene ki vajah …….oh jaana…..
Omru too smiles.. Hearing no dakhs get up. Anika tries to leave . daksh holds her hand n stops her
D: do u love someone?
A: kya?….( ( what?))
D: if u don’t lve anyone y can’t u say yes to me.just tell me whom u love.
A: daksh mein nah isliye kaha kyunki me apse pyar nahi karti
Pyar kya kuch bhi aapke baaremein istarah nahin sochti. Muje lagta hai ye vajah kaafi hain. I am sry daksh par mera jawab nah hein aur nah hi rahega.
(( daksh I said no bcoz I don’t lve u.I dont even think abt u like tat.I think its enough reason.I am sry but my answer is no and always be no))

With this shivay smiles widens and his heart is flying in sky. And daksh become furious and thinks to give anika a good lesson for his insult.
All the guests leave shaking hands with tej n shakti oberoys.
Seeing daksh rudra starts singing “ jhor ka jhatka haay jhooronse laga ha laga ha lava….” shivom smiles at him. Daksh leaves from there.
R: anika didi acha kiya joh nah boldi apne varna kya ho jata ?(( good did I u said no ,if not what had hapned?))
P: kya hojata? (( what will happen ?))
R: did I bi bhayya ki tarah paraya dhan hojati na..toh (( she will also become Paraya dhan na so….))
Saying this he goes n hugs anika.
Dadi: anika puttar tune dabaw me na aakar soch kar jawab diya.muje tum par Garv hain puttar
(( anika,dear, u said ur aswer by thinking but not in compuslion. Proud of u dear))

After this all sit on sofas. Anika standing along with sumo n prinku behind sofa where pinky n jhanvy are sitting. Exact opposite to her shivomru are sitting.shivay is just glaring at her without even blinking his eyes.pinky notices this and tia is fuming a lot. Anika trying to avoid eye contact but couldn’t coz he is just opposite to her.she can see his relief feeling in his eyes, his love ,his care too.
But ta same time he is the same rude Singh oberoy n coward Singh oberoy.her eyes are wet now.
Our Rudy seeing shivay lost in anikas lost again strats
“ ankhon ki gustakiya ……
Maaf Karen……
Ru RU RU RU …….”
Pinky: what’s?
Rudra: nothing chotima
Kal cocktail party keliye drinks aye hain. We should taste them and should select na??? (( we should taste n select drinks for tomorrow’s cocktail party na???))

Servant brings two trays of full drinks. Evryone takes one one drink.tej gets a call from lawyer
Lawyer: sir!! Shivay Singh oberoy made some will papers one month back. Formalities completed and papers are with me now in office. I don’t kow what they r.
Tej: what ???? ( thinking a while) I will come.
Shivay: everything OK? Badepa
Tej: ya small work.see you guys. He leaves from there.
Dadi asks anika sumo prinku also to try ta drinks and help in finalising.
Rudra: sumo sirf eki drink ha tat to just try karne ke liye. Sari drinks kaali.mat karna
Sumo: shut up !! U duffer.
Here anika gets green apple cooler and tastes it and she couldn’t swallow it
A: kya hai yen ewwww yuckkkkk michmichi ho rahi hain uuuuuuu aaaa ewwwww
All smiles at her shivay remembers tat hangover drink made by mallika and anika face in bowl of water at ta very moment, he laughs aloud
All r surprised anika is lost in his laugh coz ta wonders happy rarely. Shivay still laughing for a while and comes to senses and calm downs.
Rudra: bhayya did u sensed my upcoming jokes now itself???
Shivay: ha??? Nothing I just remembered a situation. Of hangover drink tats it
Anika understands .shivay looks at her pleasantly. Anika is happy tat he laughed to life coz of her.

A: dadi me chalti hun.(( dadi I will take a leave))
Shivay gets up and says let’s go.
All r surprised.anika: what ? Why??? I will take a cab Mr.oberoy.
Shivay mood is off now listening Mr.oberoy and gives oh god why wala look.
S: anika its not safe I wil drop u
A: I said cab not rickshaw so its safe. I will go.
Tia: shivay baby let it be.universe want u to drop me.let’s go
Shivay has no option obvio leaves with tia giving anika serious wala look and anika gives like I care wala look.
Anika too leaves from mansion.
Here tej goes to lawyer and takes papers.he thinks shivay upto something.he opens the papers and gets shocked.shivay made the will tat on all his shares n property om n rudra have equal rights and after his death it belongs to omru prinku equally. These papers are made for recent shares he got n tat steel company. But he gets to know from shvays lawyer tat from the day 1 all shivay earned is named on omru only. Both the lawyers leave from there. Tej is totally blank. He was thinking to make om status higher than shivay recently but shivay all ta time was doing that only. He is regretting how couldn’t he recognise tat shivay is his first son in all ta means. ( from this the total my son’ my heir’ valka booth utargaya tej ko andar se and now he is also into his hum saath saath hain family ???)

Here anika enters her house still lost in her kanji ankhon wala Baghdad billa innocent yet mischievous laugh. She sits on sofa and power goes. She is scared of darkness.she breathes heavily calms herself saying in her mind “ u r ram ki sunshine. Be brave. U can do it” saying this she tries go out of home suddenly someone pushes door with a bang. She falls down hitting glass wase and glass pieces pierce inth her right hand.the mask man enters, he pulls hr hair and makes her stand up and pushes her to a wall. Her head hits to wall and it starts bleeding lightly. The mask man comes near her anika pushes him, takes her phone asap,and runs to bedroom locks ta door.she stands behind the door and calls shivay.shivay is returning home after dropping tat reiki baby.and receives ta call
S: hello anika

Before anika talks the person forcly bangs ta door with knife almost near her neck.with this sudden act she falls on floor and ta phone breaks. And she got a slight cut on her neck.
Shivay tries to calls back but its he is tensed he immediately calls khanna and asks where r they ,and asks them to go anika house asap. The maskman runs away seeing guards coming through window.guards come inside see things here there , blood on floor and go near bedroom
Guards: madam madam r u OK?

Listening to them she opens ta door.
Guards: shivay sir told us to come here.r u ok?
Anika: did u find that man?
Guards : he ranway madam.
Anika: its fine.thanks for coming here
Guards go and stand outside ta house.
Anika tries to remove glass pieces slowly thinking tat it must be done by tia.
Shivay reaches her home with full speed and gets to know tat stalker again came.listening this he runs inside and sees anika with wounds on her neck, head and hand.his eyes are fully wet now.
He goes and sits beside her.she sees him with plain look.physically she is hurt but she is not at all in pain. But her Baghdad billa eyes are with many emotions gulit tat he couldn’t protect her ,helpless seeing her like tis, pain he is feeling for her wounds.he gently holds her hand
S: Anika I am sorry.its my mistake I couldn’t protect u.
Anika can sense his wry
A: its ok
S: no its not
And starts removing the glass pieces gently.anika is just glaring at him.he then ties bandage gently.he takes cotton with sanitizer comes closer to her neck and starts cleaning blood
A: ssssss..and holds his hand
Now he slowly does it by blowing ta wound gently .all the while anika holding his hand.he is so close to her.and he does same to the wound on her forehead side.he puts bandaid and looks into her eyes. They can easily sense each other breaths n heartbeats.he gently pecks on anikas cheek.anika eyes widen but she doesn’t say anything. Shivay suddenly comes to realizatiom and leaves from the room to outside ta house.anika gently touches her cheek and tear drop rolls down from her eye and she breathes heavily.

Anika POV: what r u doing anika? Why didn’t u stop him? He is going to marry someone else. Yes tia is wrong but he wants to marry Her.he never trusts u. He called u a gold digger anika did u forget tat? And cries a lot.
Outside shivay gives strict instructions to everyone and goes to car and sits inside breath outs heavily and just observing anikas house and sorroundings keenly.

Precap: tia,daksh ,d out. I will kick them out of shivika lives.shivay realisation of his love.

Tats it guys. Hope u like it. Guys in my ff anika very brave n strong than in show. If she is weak only in front of ram. She let’s her pain out evertime alone.
Like always I just want a word in comments if I worth it.see you soon guys

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  1. Awesome episode…❤…keep going….but i wanted shivaay to be more jealous and that would have been possible when Anika says yes to Daksh…next one asap plss…?

    1. Nansshivika

      I will keep the jealousy track with another guy in coming episodes dear. And for daksh he is such a creep tat he comes and in one day he proposes her. And he is irritating na? Morevevr anika saying yes just bcoz her gussa on shivay I didn’t like ta idea dear. Tat yes will change her life n I don’t want to show her helpless. But I will bring jealousy track in future with a good guy.thank u for sharing ur opinions

  2. Wow…awesome shivika scene outstanding I loved it waiting for next part

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks dear . I will post asap

  3. Amazing as always……loved it!

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks hirah

  4. Lisaaa

    superb nans… lovely….

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks lisaa

  5. Pri_24

    Wow Nandupie its seriously amazing and the way Anika once again reject Daksh I liked it and Moreover ShivIka are so amazing and painful and to close but so far and Rudra OMG he is rocking and Ten wala part is awesome I loved it a lot…

    And kick that blo*dy b*t*h Tia out…. ?????

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanku chocopie???

  6. Sanaya_malik

    Yeah nans i want more jealousy…. Shivaye should be jealous….. Otherwise episode was more. Than. my expectations… Keep going….. Waiting gor next ❤❤

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks sana??? I will bring jealousy track in future with a cool guy don’t wry. I will keep tat jealousy track until u want???

  7. Shivika22kapoor

    Another wonderful epi dear and I have a suggestion for Rudra if fire brigade ? ka pani khatam Ho Gaya hai toh Shivaay Ki panika ko bula lo wo pani phank degi ya phir Shivaay ko paani Mai faink degi.
    Rudy was super cool as always and all Shivaay Anika scenes were damn good and especially when he pecks her cheeks it drived me all awwwww?????????? ? ??❤❤❤

    1. Nansshivika

      I aready thought same dialogue dear.I saved it for future jealousy track
      ??? thanks for ta comment

  8. Nainaa

    Woah!! Nandu pie you blasted it yet again…. Every thing was so cool and all the emotions are in their place. Keep going Nandu Pie…. Love you Dear…

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks cutipie???
      Love you too dear????

  9. It was awsome… Waiting for next update….

  10. Samm

    it was an amazing one nans 🙂 but my favourite part was the precap! 😀

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks sammm

  11. Nice episode ???

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks liara

  12. Shivika

    Awesome……wow…… nxt one asap

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks shivika

  13. Akshaya

    Awesome episode nandhu. Shivaay’s peck?? waiting for the next. I will award you a peck for this episode??

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks aksh ?? blushing with ur peck

  14. Ishqkum

    Super Dr shivika scene hats off

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank a lot dear

  15. Nan’s while reading out tia and daksh part I was like yuck !! But you twisted the track and replaced him with shivaay omg I could imagine the whole ff so good
    You’re such an awesome author that in the precap ur kicking them out thanks…

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank u shama dear??

  16. Nice ep plz post asap

    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks mihra

  17. Mukta

    Really sorry for not commenting in last 5 parts but seriously I didn’t get time to!!!!! But honestly, I’ve read all ur episodes & I must say u r doing a great job!!!!! You r just awesome….. I’m loving ur ff very much since episode 1!!!!!! Keep entertaining us dear and best of luck for next episode!!!!! Waiting….. post it asap!!!!!!;

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank you so much mukta ???
      U r reading all my parts tats a lot to me
      And do comment when u get time. 6 part is already out dear

  18. Awsome episode nans

  19. Tulasi

    Awesummmmm asusual my dear………..suorbb….fantastic….fab….anikaa my baby??? she must be strng only…i luvd it sooooooooo much…shivaay ??? he is sooo sweet …his eyes becummng wet seeng her wounds…its jus woweeee

    1. Nansshivika

      Thank you tussy

  20. Ruchitha


    1. Nansshivika

      Thanks ruchi

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