Jee Le zara…. Swaragini (ragsan) part 41

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hey guys my papers ended on 22 but I think now I got into another problem.problems can’t stay away from me.well leave that lets go and explore our ragsan’s world.

ragsan’s eyelock was broken as all ladies cleared their throat with twinkling smiles.sanskar rolled his eyes while Ragini sighed.”ok I have given my wife to you and seen the result… now leave I will take care of her”Sanskar said seriously pulling Annapurna and pari’s hand while swara and Sujata followed him.”arre””but””no”‘whistle’?.. these were the sounds made by the ladies, the last being sujatha’s.”mom”Sanskar shook his head irritated and closed the door on their faces who were stunned by his behaviour.sanskar could swear he heard his badi maa saying”you know how to whistle…teach me .. okay” followed by a bout of laughter.ragini came to him holding her heavy lehenga.”Ragini”saying this Sanskar hugged her kissing her hair.”ok let’s give you some space to breath”Sanskar said with a smirk as Ragini nodded enthusiastically.sanskar helped her in taking out the nose pin and the 3 kg necklace his mom had burdened his wife with.”show me your jewellery”Ragini opened the boxes and looked at him.sanskar tapped his chin with finger as he analysed each piece.”let’s get you a dress first”Sanskar held her hand taking her to the cupboard.his eyes fell on a pink and parrot green lehenga giving her an elegant yet classy seemed heavy but was really light adding to it being the preference.”change”Sanskar said to her moving to the jewelry boxes.ragini squealed seeing a light dress and moved to washroom.sanskar saw a necklace with green beads and Kundan and selected it for her smiling satisfactorily.
Ragini came out dressed in the lehenga looking the definition of grace.she moved forward as Sanskar felt his desires arising looking her like that.she pouted looking at him asking how should she drape the chunni.sanskar nodded in a daze and taking the cloth from her and safety pins from the table bent down to her waist tucking the edge there with pin.he hand touched her milky waist and his mouth went rather dry.”Sanskar you know I was suffocating in that lehenga….it was so heavy and they gave me 3 pieces to wear… you are my knight in shining armour…I know it sounds filmy but I was praying for miracle to save me from the ladies when you came in…I love you…so much…”Ragini was blabbering unknown that her husband was busy in staring at her waist.sanskar gulped removing his hand and started making plaits of her dupatta whereas Ragini continued her blabber.he tried shaking this urge to smash his lips into her skin but her moving lips and her hot breath on his neck didn’t let him.he somehow tucked the dupatta on her shoulder and looked at her.ragini smiled widely looking at his work in mirror.she turned make and gave him a peck on lips breaking away.sanskar now knew no barrier and pulling her waist smashing her body to his kiss her hard on the lips.tracing every curve of those perfect juicy lips,each line,dent he wanted to memorize running his tongue on her lips.the kiss was full of passion, desire and hunger to hold the other.ragini pushed her hand into his hair pulling it slightly to urge him to kiss hard.she nibbled his lower lip teasing him, Sanskar pulled her more into him that they seemed one.ragini parted her lips as their tongues met playing a hide and seek.pressing her waist he entered her mouth , his tongue exploring the depth as her tongue mirrored the same.after few minutes of snogging they broke apart breathing heavily.sanskar palmed her cheeks keeping his forehead on hers as their hot breaths mingled.”I don’t think I will be able to keep my hands to myself for long”Sanskar said as a matter of fact with a playful smile.”me too”Ragini nodded closing her eyes.
they parted away and Ragini got ready with help of Sanskar as they stole kisses in between.”now you look a modern daughter in law…. classy… elegant… gracious… proud…royal”with each word Sanskar traced her neck with kisses.ragini closed her eyes saying with reluctance”sanskar leave me…we have to go down”. Sanskar broke away pouting at her making Ragini giggle.
“I ate half your lipstick kissing you.remind me to not kiss you when you have make tastes bitter”Sanskar made a disgusting face trying to lighten the situation.ragini giggled pulling her cheeks.
“maa”Sanskar complained opening the door as Sujata stood on the door with a mischievous smile.sujata barged in stopping in front of Ragini.”you like like a diva”Sujata squealed making Ragini smile whereas Sanskar looked amused.”is she really my mother? whistle… teasing…diva…”Sanskar thought doubtfully.”maa you are you naa?”Sujata looked at him as if he said he is going to become mother.”aae chora bhang kha li hai Kay?”(are you drunk?) Sujata asked but Sanskar moved to her saying”I am in senses but you are definitely not..who are you? what you did to my maa?”. Ragini bit her lip controlling her laugh seeing the mother son duo over reacting.”oh so I can’t be a cool mother in law… you… you orthodox… traditional… stereotypical man… what sin did I do to get you…oh god my son doesn’t recognises his mother….hey Kathy Shyam ji…”Sujata threw daggers at him then wailed loudly winking at Ragini while Sanskar stood horrified unnerved by his mother’s cry.”maa I..I am sorry.. please maa don’t cry… I was… just.. joking.. please maa… Ragini convince her please..”Sanskar pleaded to both the ladies and seeing Sanskar serious and about to cry Ragini burst into laughter holding sujatha’s shoulder hiding behind her.
Sanskar gave a puzzled look but grimaced when even Sujata started laughing.sujrag fell on bed clutching their sides with years at verge.sanskar seethed and moved to them like a lion moves to their victim.ragini saw him from the corner of her eyes and jumped on bed squealing like a hamster.”maa…ahh Sanskar.. what did I do?I was just laughing… please Sanskar..I am all dressed up…ahhh”Sanskar ran after her around the room as the giggles filled the room.”wow we are playing…I will also play”Kanav who just entered clapped happily and started running after his maa.”baby.. please save me from your papa”Ragini kneeled behind Kanav breathing heavily due to running.sanskar stood looking at Ragini as a smile threatened to break from his lips.”you won’t catch Mumma “Kanav spread his hands in defence as Ragini smiled relieved seeing Sanskar backing off.”come Mumma sit”Kanav made her sit on bed while Ragini didn’t noticed him winking at sanskar.sujatha giggled while Ragini gave her a confused look.sanskar came forward as Kanav announced”attack” and both started tickling Ragini making her laugh hysterically.sanskar signalled Kanav and he moved to his dadi to tickle her.the whole room was filled with laughter when ram Prasad entered.he straight walked to his wife and helped his grandson to tickle his wife.ragsan stopped as did Kanav seeing Sujata laughing holding the stitch in her side as ram continued giggling her.ragsanav looked at each other and smirking shouted”ohho” breaking the old love birds trance.ram Prasad straightened his coat suddenly interested in the carpet while Sujata got up from bed and with attitude walked to ram kissing him on the cheek.everybody’s jaw touched the ground seeing her action as she dared through her eyes for anyone to tease her.ram gaped at her and flushed.ragsan looked here and there while Kanav giggled running outside shouting in excitement”dadi kissed dadu”like a mantra.”mom I think you would like to catch your grandson”Sanskar burst into laughter as Ramta ran outside while Sujata muttered a silent I love you to ram.ragsan looked at each other and burst into laughter.”now I know where you got this blushing genes from”Ragini giggled and straightened her dupatta.
“Ragini you look beautiful”swara exclaimed hugging her sister.”must say Sanskar is a good stylist”pari completed smirking making her blush.
“why do the men have to sit here?”Sanskar got up but was pushed by pari back into his seat beside Ragini.”the ladies will eat my brain… please… they are the typical neighborhood gossip mongers… have some pity”sanskar pleaded but the Maheshwari ladies just smirked.”why should we get fried by them alone so the men will also sit here… others are also coming… though reluctantly”Annapurna shook her head sternly.sanskar sighed giving up.
the ladies soon came in and the veil was draped over ragini’s head.”I don’t understand why they drape the veil… people have seen you here many times…then why”Sanskar whispered to Ragini as the ladies were busy in by one everyone saw her complementing her beauty.”as if I don’t know… and I am sure they will take out atleast one dislike on you… and then God knows what I will do”Sanskar spoke gravely as Ragini smiled slightly squeezing his hand behind her dupatta signing that she feels the same.
“beta you play sitar right? could you play for us?”a lady asked extra sweetly making ragsan frown.sujata lifted her veil as the ceremony was over.”aunty i..”Sanskar was cut by Annapurna who said smiling politely”yes she knows to play sitar but she doesn’t has it with her here”. for some time everyone was enjoying their own reverie when Sanskar heard a lady , his ears perking up.”arre this guy married a girl with a 5 year old child…I think she trapped him for money….poor Sanskar”Sanskar closed his hands into a fist watching to punch the woman but seeing his family he controlled his anger.ragini looked at him worried as his eyes showed the storm of emotions he was experiencing.sanskar smiled tightly making her frown.kanav came to his Mumma with a plate of snacks feeding her lovingly.ragini saw through the corner of her eyes some ladies mumbling something looking at her and her son and then senses Sanskar stiffening in his place.”these ladies are going to get it”Ragini shook her head mumbling this.
“hello everyone”Sanskar stood attracting everyone’s attention giving a fake bright smile.”I forgot to introduce my son… master Kanav Maheshwari”Sanskar looked at everyone as some ladies shifted in their places waiting for gossip.”and by my son I mean he shares not just my name but my blood also…he is my biological son…my blood runs in his veins.i would like you to set it in your brain.and this is my wife as you all have met… the girl who raised a boy who is not her blood but nurtured him like her own… they are a unique set of mother and son… each complementing the other greatly and I am lucky that Ragini took care of my child and now even accepted me in her family…Kanav accepted me easily as his father due to ragini’s value.this is my wife and son and I say proudly that it is my luck to be in their life.and I won’t like to hear any foul word from anyone regarding them or even any of my family members.i am happy to see people participating in our joy but I would like it more if you feel it with heart or not at all.this hypocrisy has long destroyed our life and hope to keep it away from the joyous environment.”sanskar folded his hands in namaste smiling sweetly at everyone as he sat.he glared the ladies who talked about his love and rejoiced as colour drained from both their faces.ragini looked in sanskar’s line of sight and smirked as he smiled.kanav looked at his parents and sat in between them munching pakode.”I wanted to throw them out but this solution was also great…mental humiliation”Kanav spoke in a dreamy voice unfazed by the shocked faces of his parents.”where did you learn such big words from?”Ragini asking feeding him.sanskar looked at him and realised Kanav was always unique in fathoming such things being more mature than his age.”pari badi maa”Kanav smiled as Sanskar ruffled his hair.
the function ended and everyone moved to their rooms to relax.sujata came in ragsan’s room where they were sitting closing their eyes.”sanskar”he got up hearing her.sujata gave him a proud smile saying”I have raised you with good values”. Ragini smiled at them and Sujata held their hands in each hers sitting down.”I wanted to give you this”Sujata took out a small red velvet box and showed them two thin gold chains.”I bought it years ago with my salary…yes I used to work as a teacher before marriage…I wanted to get something for my future children with my money and gold is the best investment”Sujata handed them each a chain which had small circular lockets with intricate leaf design which is considered the symbol of love.ragsan hugged sujatha from either side feeling emotional.”Mumma… Mumma tie this chain “Kanav ran to their room pouting cutely as Sujata broke the hug patting their heads.ragini saw the same chain in kanav’s hand and gave a sweet smile to sujata.ragini tied the chain in his neck while Sujata did the same with sanskar.both sanav kissed their mothers’ hand making them smile.

I hope it wasn’t too boring. I am conscious regarding your reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed writing the sujrag,Ramta,ragsan’s and Susan scenes, I hope you also enjoyed.
bye for today and this time I will be back soon.
Thanks for reading.

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