Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 15

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Hiiiiii! Back with 15th chappy…..thanku all for commenting and thanks Sufi dear for breaking ur silence……means alot to me??

We saw/read that Akash got killed bcz of Aliya

10 days passed

Everything became normal……Ishveer and Satgya also came back from their honey moon Sanchi told them about her feelings towards Kabir all were very happy but no one told this to Kabir and Aliya was still trying to create a rift between Kanchi

At morning:

Sanchi was roaming in corridor when Riya came running to her

Riya (happily):Sanchi……Sanchi……Sanchi I am so happy today finally he proposed me

The smile on Sanchi’s face vanished Riya noticed it and gave her a smirking smile

Riya:don’t worry ur Kabir didn’t proposed me

Sanchi:Riya……but then whom r u talking about?


Sanchi:Vikrant but u loved Kabir na

Ria:yeah I do……but (she tells her how she proposed Kabir and he rejected her)……and then Vikrant consoled me he was the one to handle me and then I started to fall for him and then he proposed me and I happily accepted  bcz I also love him

Sanchi smiled and hugged her

Sanchi:congrats I am happy for u

She said breaking the hug

Ria:ok now come we should go to the class

Sanchi nodded and they left

They came to the class and sat on their seats

Kabir came and saw Sanchi…..they both smiled at each other……Pragya elbowed her and she blushed

After the class

Kabir went to Anand and Sunil

Kabir:Ahh…….uncle there is a party tonight at (abc) place

Sunil:party……something special

Kabir:yeah…….actually dad and bhai got a very big contract from a big company and also as today is bhai’s birthday they were very busy that’s why they told me to tell u sorry for that

Anand:it’s ok beta we understand……

Kabir:thanks and u both have to come along with all family


Kabir:ok thanks

He went

At night:

All came to party area and it was celebrated beautifully

Sanchi was coming from one side and Kabir from other side both bumped and as usual Sanchi was going to fall and Kabir held her

Both were lost in each other Aliya sees them and fumes

They came to senses and stood up

Sanchi went

Then she was standing near some curtains

Aliya put them on fire and smiled evily

Then whole house was filled with smog everyone start running Sanchi was helping others to go out

When all came out Kabir didn’t saw Sanchi there he starts to search her everywhere

He saw a waiter and ran to him

Kabir:did u I saw this girl any where (he said opening pic of Sanchi in his phone)

Waiter:no sir

He ran from there

Kabir:Damn this girl

He went inside the place and start to search Sanchi every where…..he was having problem while taking breath but he didn’t care

Finally he saw Sanchi and ran to her she was lying on floor unconscious

He starts to shake her before he himself became unconscious

Kailash immediately called fire brigades

They came and took Kabir and Sanchi and put them outside

Anand checked Kabir and Sunil checked Sanchi

Kusum (crying):what happen to him plz Bhaiya check him immediately

Anand:this place is suffocated bcz of fire we need some clean place


They were taken to a nearby hospital…..both were in different wards

In Sanchi’s ward:

Sanchi was on bed still unconscious

Jaya (crying):Sunil what happened to her

Doctor:give me some water

He splits some water on Sanchi’s face and she starts to get her conscious

Sanchi wakes up

Sunil:beta r u ok

Sanchi:yes dad

Jaya hugged her

Jaya:I was so tensed thank God u opened ur eyes

She broke the hug and caressed her face

Jaya turned to Sunil

Jaya:how is Kabir

Sunil:I don’t know

Hearing it Sanchi became shocked

Sanchi:Kabir……what happened with Kabir

Sunil:beta he was also stuck in fire

Sanchi:in which ward he is now

Jaya:he is in the attached ward

She ran there


They went behind her

She came into his ward

Aliya:wow so here u r…….u r here walking and just see Kabir

Kusum:beta what’s her fault in this

Aliya:aunty I saw Kabir was already out but he went inside just bcz of her just to get her out

Kusum:but it’s not her fault

Aliya:aunty what r u made of here ur son is unconscious and still u r taking her side

Sanchi:Aliya……we…..we’ll discuss it later…..firstly….let’s see how is Kabir

Kusum:yes doctor how is my son

Doctor:he is fine he will wake up in 1/2 hours but for now let him rest and u all plz go out

Doctor went all sighed in relief

Kusum sat beside him and caressed his hair

Sunil said others to went and he himself also went after checking if every thing is alright

Here today’s chappy ends hope u all like it??

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