Kaleerien – The Meervaan Saga (Part 4)

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Part 4-

Vivaan was busy with the doctor discussing the health of Amaya. Doctor were willing to discharge her in few hours. Vivaan thanked god that his sister was fine. But he was also feeling guilty to blame Meera for everything. He never thinks anything in his anger. Meera was extremely hurt and it was evident from her condition. He decided to call Preeto again to check Meera. Preeto informed him that Meera was conscious and she had send her for her practice match. Vivaan banged his head. Why this girl is so stubborn? He must go and check if she is fine. There is still few hours left in Amaya’s discharge till then he can go and come back. Also, Daadi, Uncle and aunty everyone was here to take care of Amaya. But where is Mrs. Kapoor? He hasn’t seen him at all.

Vivaan was shocked to enter in Amaya’s room to see Meera sitting there. What was this girl doing here? He saw Amaya all smiling and chatting with Meer. Meera seemed happy too.  But she looked pale and weak.

“What are you doing here?” Vivaan was shocked.

“Bhai” Amaya called Vivaan. “Look Meera Bhabhi brought Prasad for me. She cares for everyone so much.”

“You are the best Bhabhi in this world. If you haven’t been there that day….” Saying this Amaya hugged Meera tightly.

“Ssssshhhhh….. You are talking too much. Now, take rest.” Vivaan kept looking at the bond which these two girls had developed in such a small time. Amaya had always praised and supported Meera and he had always seen only her fault.

“Mr. Kapoor, doctor is calling you to complete some formality.” A nurse came in calling for Vivaan.


Vivaan wanted to talk to Meera but he got busy with the formality and Meera got busy with Amaya and her family. Dolly was very concerned for Meera but she assured her that she was fine. Meera helped Amaya to get ready and have her breakfast and got busy with arranging the stuffs. Vivaan asked the doctors to arrange AB- blood group for Amaya before she gets discharged. The blood group was not available at the hospital and Vivaan was trying to arrange it since last one hour. He was extremely exhausted, if this place have been London he would have provided best treatment facilities for his sister. Suddenly, he was informed that they have find a donor. He rushed to thank the person who was helping them.

This girl will never let him go without surprise. He was shocked to see Meera donating the blood. She was hurt and extremely weak, doctor had asked her to take rest and now in this condition not only she is back to hospital early morning but she is already donating blood. Preeto had informed him that Meera didn’t had anything. He didn’t know if he wanted to thank this girl or bang his head on walls. Why she is so stubborn? What will he do with her? And why she is so nice? He had insulted her, hurt her, blamed her for everything and yet she was here to take care of Amaya and helping him, supporting him unconditionally.

“Aaaahhhhh…..” He came back out of his chain of thought when he heard her scream. She was in pain and also seemed like she was afraid of injections.

Vivaan rushed and held her hand. Meera seemed a bit relaxed when she got support from him. She was afraid that he might not let her donate blood for Amaya.

“Vivaan, I want to make a request. I know you think all of this is my fault but don’t shed that anger on this blood. It is very important for Amaya.” Vivaan was shocked that what was she saying? He was very thankful of her.

“Tell me, you will not stop the doctors…” Vivaan shushed her putting his hand of her mouth. Meera was surprised by his action.

“You talk a lot. Just be quiet.” Meera made her cute face and Vivaan couldn’t stop himself from admiring her. They kept holding hand and looking into each other eyes for few moment when again Meera broke the moment.

“Vivaan, you go to Amaya. She needs you there.” She said letting his hand go.

“But, you are in pain and injection.” Vivaan tried to argue but when he had won in front of this girl?

“I am fine. And sister is here for anything. You just go.”


The doctors had asked Vivaan to stay with Meera for some formality and police enquiry as Meera was the one who admitted Amaya. Vivaan wanted the case to be investigated at the priority basis so he decided to wait with Meera at hospital. He arranged the car and asked Dolly aunty to take Amaya home. He was still confused with the absence of Rooma.

He returned to the ward and saw Meera sitting there alone. She told him that everyone had left for home and she was waiting for him. He told about the police procedure and they needed to wait as there is something that police wanted to discuss with Meera, him and doctors.

“Have you eaten anything since morning?” Vivaan got worried for as she seemed really pale and weak. With so much trauma of running away from Sheri, that party, to hospital, fight and everything had taken a bad toll on this girl. She just meekly nodded no.

“I will eat something once I get back home.” She said trying to walk away from there.

“Why you have to be so stubborn Meera? Last night you fainted and now you have donated blood and didn’t had anything from I don’t know from last 48 hours. Are you crazy?” He held her hand from walking away. He was very concern for her.

“You don’t worry. I am fine.” Her head was spinning but she didn’t wanted to make Vivaan worried for her.

“Yes, I can see that very well. You are looking so pale and exhausted. We are going home now. We will talk to police later.” He pulled her with him.

“No, Vivaan, wait. This is important for Amaya. We need to find the culprits.” He sighed at the level of stubborn attitude this girl had. He was about to argue with her when the sister came in telling him that police officials will be meeting them tomorrow as they have found some clue and have gone to arrest few people.

Vivaan sighed in relief. He had a lot to handle now. This story of Pammi K, where was Mrs. Kapoor and now Amaya will need his support. He pulled Meera to the car and drove the car to the Kapoor Mansion. They reached home and he got out of car. All the way long he was noticing Meera’s discomfort and uneasiness. She was silent and also she was not feeling well but she didn’t uttered a word. He saw her struggling with the seat and she was holding her head. He walked to Meera and opened the door as he tried to lift her up she stopped him from helping her.

“I can walk. I am fine.” He gritted his teeth in anger. She somehow managed to get out of car and walked to step ahead and stumbled badly. Before she banged her head with the rod kept at the side of garden Vivaan managed to hold her in time saving her to hurt herself again. He didn’t give any chance to Meera to stop him from helping her. Without losing a second her he lifted her in his arms carefully. Meera kept looking at Vivaan and he ushered her inside the house.


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