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Hey guys I m here again.thanks for ur comments on last chappy,I know u all r excited for it jst lyk me.

Link to previous chappys: All Parts here

so lets start:
Maheshwari mansion was luking lyk a palace with orchades all around .inside the mansion people was chit-chatting admiring the décor,the food and other arrangements.
“why sanskar is celebrating his b’day with such pomp and show,he doesn’t like it then?”thought swara standing in front of mirror tieing her gown’s back dori.
“u r luking breath-taking”laksh said sensuously making her blush helping her with the dress.
“swara”sankar barged into their room without knocking.
“oh sorry”he turned around embrassed while swalak composed themselves.
‘wat happened?”swara asked him .
‘woah did ragini called u?she’s not picking my call…..”sanskar said pouting sadly.
“yaa,she said she’ll reach here from her flat only,no need for pick up or anything”swara said still in her thoughts.
“ok”sanky smiled brightly but his face fell the other sec. he turned around leaving their room.
“she picked up her sis’s call but not mine,didn’t even messaged me about her coming,I heard it from swara only speaking to laksh”sanskar said in low spirit.
“but may be she wanted to give me surprise…but then even swara wudnt have told me anything……..sanskar don’t think too much,its ur biggest day so take a deep breath and get to work”sanskar said moving towards his room.
“u r luking gr8 ragini,awesum”ragini said luking herself in mirror trying to force a smile but any1 cud tell she’s nervous.
“ahh,it aint happening,………but I have to be strong and normal so that they don’t doubt me or else……”ragini said gathering courage.
“I m ready”ragini said on phone.
“r u sure ,u wanna do this in front of him,on his b’day?”kabir stated from other side of phone.
“yes,I have to,its our only 1st and last chance”ragini said sighing.
“hmm be strong ,ok,if u need any help,then I m jst a call away”kabir said tensedly
“ohho,if u wudnt have such imp. Work then I m sure u wud have been here accompanying me,getting more hyper”ragini tried to light up the mood.
‘hmm,but take care and be brave”kabir said worried for her.
They hung up and ragini look at herself in mirror,she was wearing a cut sleeves hot pink gown till her ankle,her hair tied into a bun with minimal make-up.jst 1 thing was missing,her smile,which she tried to give but cudnt.the moment she anticipated for so long will arrive in jst few minutes or hrs.,she was sumwhere satisfied that now she will fulfill the responsibilities she had which came with the death of her extremely close one,whom she treated more than her own sis, and mother,her soul sister kavita and her new found mother,kaveri who gave her a gift more precious than her own life,kanav……..

She takes a deep breath and remembers all her moments with kavita,kaveri and kanav.’I have to do it for them”ragini said and stepped out of her house.
Sanskar wore a blue color suit with black tie looking no less than a greek god,any girl wud go flat on him but now he was damn nervous and excited to confess his feelings to his love,ragini.not knowing wat destiny has stored for him,his biggest shock of life wud be cuming true today ,he was staring back and forth towards the door luking for his heart beat to cum.
“bro chill,she will cum,she wont run away”shaurya teased sanskar to which he blushed.
“after all she has to meet me,shaurya goenka”shaurya thought in mind smirking evilly which sanky failed to notice.
Sanskar saw her stepping inside luking nervous but really adorable in her pink gown,he lost himself in that moment,he jst wanted to admire her lyk anything and not end this moment.she lifted her eyes and their eyes met ,telling eo how incomplete they felt without the one,sanskar’s eyes were filled with love while ragini’s eyes were filled with anxiety,nervousness but courage and hope too.she came to him and hugged him lightly muttering “happy b’day”.”thank u”sanky said breaking the hug.”oh god,she luks more hot than in photo,it will be fun”thought shaurya and grinned evilly luking at her from tip to toe.
“meet him he is my frand,shaurya goenka,he never misses my b’day even being in any part of the world”sanky introduced both of them placing his hand around shaurya’s neck.
“hi”shaurya forwarded his hand casually not showing his real intentions.
“hi”ragini shook her hand with him which he grabbed tightly and smirked luking at her.
Ragini withdrawed her hand giving a weak smile and sanky took her to the hall.
“after so much tym,I got to have a good toy to play with,last tym I failed to snatch kavita from him but now,he wont get his love”shaurya thought.his evry word spitting venom for sanskar showing his true and monsterous avatar.
“now presenting b’day boy’s mom,who specially preapared a dance no. for her son”said shaurya who was working as a host too.

Sanky smiled brightly ,eagerly luking at the stage,ragini smiled luking at him but felt sorry that he has to bear it all,the whole week she was worried for him,how will he react wen he will get to know that his best frand snatched his love from him,killed her,and that sanskar has a son who he was unaware of these 5 yrs.,she was praying evry moment from then to give him courage to handle the truth and prepared herself mentally to be by his side ,no matter wat he says……
Sujatha came and danced on ‘chanda hai tu mera suraj hai tu’ cutely making sanskar remember his childhood and happy tears dropped from his eyes.sujatha came and took him into a bear hug consoling him.
“nxt cums b’day boy’s bhai and bhabhi”shaurya waved his hand in air depicting their entry.
Swalak danced on gaaye jaa making it more of a couple dance to which evry1 felt shy seeing them dancing.sanskar was enjoying it all but waiting for it to all end to propose his love.
“now cums,2 of best frands of sanskar that is me and his new found yet best frand,ragini,cum on give a hand for us”shaurya said moving towards her.
Ragni was shocked at his announcement and luked at him nodding no.sanky encouraged her that its jst a dance and shaurya took her hand and went to dance floor.saans song plays in bg.
He keeps his hand on her wasit and makes her keep her hands on his shoulders.she was feeling extremely uncomfortable and jst wanted it to end soon.he danced with her trying to touch her but she was smart enough to not let him.the song ended.”this girl is too smart,hmm,mazaa ayega”shaurya says letting out a sigh.ragini moves away from evry1.”god,this shaurya,wanna punch him right in the face”ragini huffed in anger.”hello,yes u cum here,he is here only,cum fast”ragini said to sum1 on phone.she turned to go and collided with sanky.
“oh I m sorry,I didn’t see u cuming”she said rubbing her head.
‘its ok,but now this”he said forwarding his forehead to hers saying”warna kaala kutta kaat lega”,ragini smiles and they touched their heads slightly smiling contently. “cum ,its tym to cut cake”sanskar said taking her hand and moving to hall.he cut the cake and fed all the elders and then ragini,ragini fed him cake and her eyes welled up.”wat happened?”sanky whispered in her ears,”happy to see u so happy”ragini said wiping her tears.
She goes aside to receive kabir’s call but a waiter collides with her pouring juice on her.”sorry mam”waiter said scared.”its ok”ragini said moving from their to washroom.she went upstairs to clean herself.the party was on full swing with loud music not even letting people to hear eo’s words.

“ragini,r u fyn?”came sanskar’s voice from outside the washroom.”yes’ragini said wiping the mark on her dress.she cums out and sees the rum in utter darkness.’sanskar,r u still here”she felt hot breath on her neck and asked so.”I m here ragini,close to u”sanskar’s voice came but in a lustful tone.he kept his hands on her belly grabbing her and ragini gasped to this.”sanskar,wat r u doing?”ragini said trying to push him away but it didn’t work.’making u mine”sanskar said turning her face to him and trying to kiss her forcefully.”sanskar,leave him”she screamed loudly pushing him.”u cant run away from me”he said grabbing her wrist and pulling her towards him.her front hit his chest and she was extremely confused as to wat’s happening.”sanskar leave me,have u lost it or wat?”ragini shrieked wen he pushed her on the bed.he came on top of her trying to force himself on her wen ragini gave a knee blow on his main part.he pulled back and stood up crying in pain.she stood up hastly and opened the lights.she luked around and found a person with his back facing her hissing his pain.she analysed that it wasn’t sanskar.”who r u?”she said moving cautisously towards him.he turned around straightening his posture and gave an evil smile to her.”shaurya”ragini luked at him with revengeful eyes.”come on ragini,u r a girl,I m a boy so cant we fulfill eo’s needs”shaurya said bluntly.”its gud I met u here only,now u will see wat happens,wanna fulfill ur need naa”ragini said in a seducing voice.sharuya smirked and said”oh I was getting worried jst lyk that”.ragini came towards him smiling and punched him hard in his stomach making his saliva cum out.”ouch,wat ru doing,stupind woman”shaurya said holding his stomach.”wanna have fun naa,I am doing that only,at ur service sir”ragini said punching right on his face.his nose started bleeding and he got furious realising it.”I thought u r jst playing but now,if u want it,then fyn,I also lyk jungle billis”he said in his dangerous tone.he grabbed her hair making her wince in pain and smirked victoriously.”aww wat happened,got hurt,baby”he said tightening his hold on her hair.”don’t call me baby”she gave a blow on his knees with her legs and huffed in anger.he stood straiught and grabbed her neck pinning her to the cupboard behind.”woah,so much of strength,well this is gonna be the best nyt ever.”he said giving her a lustful look.she grabbed a vase with much difficulty and hit on his head making him bleed.”yes,indeed it will be ur best nyt”ragini said pinning him to the cupboard and giving the same arrogant look he gave ,grabbing his neck.

Sujatha saw around and not finding ragini moved upstairs and wat she saw opening the door of guest room was ragini leaninig against him and captured him in her hold.she gasped and widening her eyes.”wats happening here?”she asked in her same melodramatic tone.ragini left his neck which she had grabbed and shaurya masked his reactions as if a victim and hid behind sujatha.”aunty this girl was trying to take advantage of me,I resisted so she harmed me lyk this’he said acting innocent.”u don’t u dare lie,stop ur drama of being innocent”ragini said huffing in extreme anger.”stop u,I know shaurya since long tym,and u ,u r accusing him,u must have done sumthing”sujatha said glaring her.ragini cudnt believe wat she heard and tears formed in her eyes.”shaurya beta,u got to my rum and do the dressing of this wound,I will send all the guests and then sanskar will decide wat he has to do with her”sujatha said giving a disgusting luk to ragini.sujatha went from there to downstairs and shaurya gave a victorious look to her.ragini was irritated like anything,at this moment she wud have killed him but she had to wait.

Sujatha send away all the guests and now evry1 was puzzled by her behavoiur.”maa wat happened,y u send everybody so sonn?”sanky asked being confused.”I will tell beta”sujatha said caressing his cheek.”shaurya cum out”sujatha called for him and then he came putting on the most innocent face in the whole world.”shaurya wat happened to u?this bandage,u were here only,fit and fyn”sanky said analyzing him.ragini descended from stairs with her head high ,”see how besharam she is”sujatha said giving her an unworthy luk.”maa wat ru saying?wat has happened?y shaurya is injured and u r taunting ragini?”sanskar asked worried holding his mother’s shoulder.”sanskar beta woah”suji said gathering courage to say such cheap things but shaurya stopped her.”I’ll tell,………sanskar woah,aunty saw me and ragini together……actually ragini……she was ……forcing herself on me,……….when I resisted she attacked me with a vase…….”shaurya said acting as a victim of the situation.”no this aint true……this cant be”sanky said feeling hurt than ever,his eyes extremely red due to anger or hurt no one cud guess,he found it difficult to even speak a word knowing sumthing lyk this which he cant even imagine,1 side his best frand,a person he knows from so long and other side,his love,his life on whom he had more trust than himself.ragini luked at him with red teary eyes.”how cud u even say lyk this,do u think we will believe u,no never”swara said holding ragini by her shoulders,both sisters luked at eo painfully and turned to face evry1.”she has done it,I have seen it with my eyes”sujatha says loudly to prove her point.”but chichi we know ragini,she’s not that type girl,u must have misunderstood,shaurya I think there’s sum confusion”laksh said trying to normalize the situation.”misunderstanding?no,it wasn’t ,I had seen her leaning on him……..u r believing this girl over shaurya whom u know from so much tym”sujatha said pointing towards ragini giving a hopeless luk.

“ragini speak up,see wat is evry1 saying,u jst say something andi know all confusion will be cleared”sanky said holding ragini’s hands acting hyper,this was the most difficult situation for him,to choose b/w frand or love,no one can,u cant leave 1 of them bcoz both r an integral part of ur life and this tym sanskar was trapped in this situation.”wat will she speak,I will tell about her character,this girl ran away from her house 5 yrs ago trying to defame her sis,and then came after 5 yrs with a son,whose father name she hesitates to tell,if she’s married then y don’t she wear manglasutra,where’s her sindoor, I think she aint married,kanav is an illegi……”she was bursting out giving evry1 a certificate of the girl stding silently there.”maa/aunty”san and rag shouted at same tym making her gasp.”I didn’t knew she had a kid,woah such a girl,sanskar’s choices”shaurya thought not getting effeted by any of this.”u r shouting on me,sanskar I m ur mother,u talked to me in high tone,for whom,for this girl,for her son”sujatha said tearing.”maa,wat has happened to u,u r fyn?she is ragini,u have seen her ,she cant do this and who gave u right to put finger on her character,u know how she has taken care of kanav,no naa then y all this”sanky said helpless maintaining his tone.”I have also seen shaurya in front of my eyes beta how cud I deny it,and wat I have seen in rum that’s also not fake “sujatha said persuading him.”aunty leave it,if it creates problems in ur lifes,then lets end this topic here,I wont lyk to see u all worried lyk this”shaurya said turning suji towards him and faking tears,ragini furrowed her eyebrows at him.”see this is called manners”sujatha said caressing his cheeks.”even if sanky loves her,now I m sure sujatha aunty wont marry them”he thought hiding his smirk.

“ting tong”bell’s voice cum to their ears and a sevant goes to open the door and runs to them again muttering “police”in scared voice.evry1 was puzzled while shaurya smirked thinking”ohho,aunty called police ,now toh she is sure to go jail”.”police inspector,u here?”laksh asked them trying to be normal.”we r called here by …ragini gadodia”the inspector said reading name on warrant.”ragini?but y will she”laksh asked puzzled,’wat is she trying to do?”shaurya whispered luking at ragini,his smirk turning to frown.”yes inspector,cum inside, here is ur culprit”ragini said signaling them to cum down.”y police ragini?”swara sked holding her elbow.she noda to swara and points towards shaurya and police moves towards him .”wat’s ……happening,y me?”shaurya asked jerking his hand wen constable came to handcuff him.”hmm,u don’t know wat u have done,oh how will u know,if u don’t remember wat u did jst few mins. Ago then how will u remember this long tym ago happened incident”ragini said pouting sadly moving towards him with hands crossed on front.evry1 was puzzled by her behavoiur,sumtym ago she wasn’t saying anything and now wat she’s saying no 1 cud understand.”wat I did?”shaurya asked fear visible clearly in his eyes.

“hmm,I will tell ,ok if u don’t remember”ragini standing meeting her furious eyes with his.she took the arrest warrant from police’s hand and read aloud letting out a sigh and not matching her eyes with the 1 who will have the most thundering effect of it.”shaurya goenka is being arrested for the murder of ……..kavita ghosh,kaveri ghosh under crpc 302,for fraud under crpc 420,for blinding the law and proving murder into accident,forgery,and murder of ramakant pandey”ragini read tear developing in her eyes while sanskar stood numb feeling the ground under his legs swept he heard it wrong,he definitely heard it worng,he was jst thinking or moreover praying for it.shaurya’s eyes popped out and he luked at ragini with null expressions.”so now u know ur crime,here’s ur arrest warrant and here’s police ,so do the service of going to jail on me”she said smiling sarcastically hiding all her pain and worry ,she knew she shudnt show her real feelings to him or he may find her weak and attack her inturn.”its all lie,no its not true”he said in high tone wen they handcuffed him,but no 1 listened while ragini gave him thw worst disgusting look and he was shoved from there.”stop inspector, put a case of molestation also on him”ragini said wen police was about to leave,they nodded and shaurya stamped his feet on ground and turned around jerking the constables who had held him.he ran to sanskar and luked at his expressions.”hmm,quite nyc,I m glad to see u lyk this”shaurya said luking at sanskar still in his arrogant manner.

Sanskar lifted his head and shaurya felt a happiness to c him lyk that.”u know y I did all this……..bcoz I was jealous of u,yes u always got the best in everything,from studies to family……..u scored highest in class and I,I always used to cum 2nd jst bcoz of u,u got a such joint family wid being a centre of attention always,u know my parents gave me money instead of love,……whatever I wanted ,u snatched it from me,my ranks,even my parents gave ur inspiration to me,to becum lyk u,my foot,I tolerated it till then but wen u snatched kavita from me,I was highly furious,she was jst going to be mine but u ,u came in b/w,I thought to take u for party to distract u from studies but no,u outshined and ur luck made u get kavitaa,the girl I was behind from 3 damn yrs”shaurya said ,his each word spitting venom and unveiling hishidden true face in front of evry1,his each word stabbed sanky killing him evry tym,the frand he placed so much trust on ,whom he thought to be his best frand,who he thought was always in his happiness and to help him in problem but now he got to know that he wasn’t happy in his happiness but jealous,he was only behind the problems he faces where he stood for him,he was broken by evry word of his.

“and u changed completely,u replaced me in college popularity,girls started talking about u,and then I got to know that its kavita,behind all this change………u remember kavita was about to get hit by truck”shaurya said smirking evilly while sanky luks at him with expressionless face.”well,I was behind it,to kill her but u,u saved her and then I mixed sedatives in her drink to make her mine…….but u ,u came in b/w,again and then the nxt day wat I heard u r getting married with whom?kavita…,I thought at that tym only,if I cudnt stop u from proposing her but now I wud take revenge of everything in one go….by killing her and u remember u were attacked by goons on ur marriage day,by ur bade papa?guess who it was ,it was me,I was behind it all………it wud have done my 2 works,killed ur life and snatch ur family away from u,ur support,ur strength where uwud have gone after u were destroyed,the goons told me that she died,but u know I m not that bad frand so I didn’t got u killed,after all I had to c u suffering ,to see u dieing everyday,jst lyk I did……..”he said bringing out all his frustration on sanskar and declaring it all in a chrpy voice as if he had won a trophy and laughed loudly seeing him broken and despondent lyk he was earlier.”but don’t know how she survived,u know I met her in Mumbai,there I got to know she cudnt meet u due to her stupid promise to her mother but then I tried my luck to agree her for marrieage but she got away ………again and then I planned to complete my left work and this tym no mistake,I killed her and her mother too……..i got successful”he said throwing his hands in air and feeling a sense of satisfaction.”y?y,u did this all jst bcoz u were jealous”sanskar said falling on the floor with a thud crying woefully.
“sorry bro, had to do it,and u ,lyk a fool believed me lyk anything,I snatched ur everything and u wont be happy anytym,bcoz u r a looser,u don’t deserve anything,u r a fool,u wont get love anytym,not then and not now”shaurya said mocking him.shaurya grinned evilly and said”inspector,now my work is done cum lets go,he wont be able to get over this and his life will go in this guilt only that he wasn’t able to save her….tutu….tuch…tuch”and he whistled his fav. Tune..the police moved from there taking shaurya away from them.shaurya started ragini with vengenance and ragini gave him an equally matching look.”this girl,I wont leave her,she cant be sanskar’s”shaurya thought in mind looking back at her while going.

Evry1 of mm was shocked than ever,the guy whom they knew from so much tym had such feelings for them,and he was the culprit of sanskar’s destroyed life,they weren’t able to grasp it and believing it was not in their senses by now.It came as a shock of life for sanskar to know that the love of his life was alive whom he thought dead,and was living away from him and the reason for his gloomy and destroyed life was his own frand,shaurya on whom he placed more belief than himself,who he told his life’s even smallest thing.he saw him lieing on ground aimlessly and everything that happened jst now played in his mind lyk a nightmare,he closed his eyes to get up from such dream and see a beautiful day but he found no affect and screamed loudly.”ahh”.ragini hurriedly moved towards him and knelt down taking him in her embrace.”sanskar,pls,he’s not worth it,relax”ragini said in broken voice feeling his pain rubbing his back.”kya main itna bura hu,ki shaurya did all this,m I that bad that kavita didn’t even turned once to luk at me,……”he said hugging her tightly and breaking into tears asking her all this.”no sanskar,u r not bad,jst the situation is,the other person is,u rnt bad,and may be about kavita,she also made promise to her mom naa,so u have to think lyk her too”ragini said caressing his hair consoling him.”get up,sanskar,u need to know sumthings”ragini said holding him by his shoulders and lifting him.he stood straight and ragini wiped her tears luikg around at evry1’s pale faces.
“aunty u now only asked me naa who is the father of kanav,wat is his identity?”ragini asked luking at a pale-faced sujatha and holding sanskar’s hand.”he is kanav maheshwari,the grandson of this house,sanskar’s son,ur grandson”ragini said luking at sanskar who lifted his head to see her widening his eyes.”I know u rnt able to understand ut and I know even that u all r not in a state to know this but,main aur sahi waqt ka intezaar nhi kar sakti(I cant wait more now for ryt tym”)”ragini said giving every1 an honest luk.
“but how?”sujatha almost whispered not able to understand.”he is kavita’s son”ragini said remembering kavita and a tear skips her now swollen eyes.sanskar was in a fit ,wat was happening,one after other thing,how?y ?with me only?these all were going in his minds but he felt a happiness listening that kanav,his champ was actually his son,his blood.”but how do u know kavita?”laksh asked raising his eyebrows.”and how u got to know of shaurya’s misdeeds and u even got him to jail….”swara askedher sister.
“I will tell everything”ragini sighed gathering courage and luked at a morinless sanky who was getting the biggest shocks of his life.

Precap-how will sanskar react?

Ok,now I m asking a really important thing,u wanna see separation b/w them or u wanna see ragini standing beside sanskar supporting him while he is angry lyk anything on her and dosent even wanna see her face,guys do tell ok,it’s a request from ur sisso sargam ,waiting for ur choice.
I know I didnt revealed the whole truth but wait for sum more tym.i know I m not that gud in expressing feelings,I myself cant express my own feelings and here I m talking about characters and their feelings,didn’t thought of it anytym in past but now I have.
Love u dearies to the moon and back,thanks for making my journey soooooooo beautiful.keep commenting and share ur views.

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