Ishqbaaz Ten Years Later (Episode 4)

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Hi guys sorry for being late. From know on all the updates will be in English ( except for some of Anika’s dialogues).So here we go…

Ishana thinks about the video. She says,’ when I was present in the police station yesterday so how is it possible that I had bailed Roop?’ She watches the video again (for the fifth time). Just then, Rudra passes her room and imitates someone’s voice, which sounded exactly like a girl. Ishana says, ‘ maybe someone took my getup and imitated my voice, exactly the same way in which I talk.’ She smiles and goes to the police station.
Shivansh returns home on his bicycle, along with Shivika on her bicycle. He thinks,’ why do I feel that Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi is somehow related to me, even though I am meeting him for the first time?’ He thinks about Shivay’s eyes, which exactly matched with him. They reach home. Shivika greets Anika. She tells her about her day at school. Anika notices Shivansh, who seemed unually quiet. She goes to him and says,’ is everything all right?’ He nods and goes away. Anika looks on.
Ishana reaches the police station. She goes to talk to the commissioner, whom she saw in the video. He says nothing, on asking. Ishana threatens him saying,’ I am a Gujarati . If I want I can do anything to prove you guilty, even take your job.’ He gets scared and tells her everything, how a woman came and bailed Roop, and bribed him to frame Ishana for all this and make a video without showing the woman’s face. Ishana asks him about the woman. He says that she did not give her name. Then he gives her a sketch of that woman. Ishana says,’ I think I have seen this woman, but where?’ She becomes confused.
Anika’s bungalow-
Shivansh eats food but engrossed in thought. Anika asks him,’ from the time you have come back, you have become a Sadhu( saint) , engrossed in thinking. What happened, has anyone told you anything ,done something wrong with you,you got hurt somewhere? Tell me.’ Shivansh thinks about Shivay and leaves from there, saying he’s not hungry. Anika looks tensed.
Soumya thinks about her falling on Rudra and smiles. He comes there and says,’ I thought that girls are intelligent , mature, so why are smiling on your own?’ She remains quiet. Rudra says,’ I think I have to go to the doctor’. Soumya says,’ why ,what happened! Are you okay?’ Rudra says,’ I’m okay, but I think my ears are not because I couldn’t hear your answer.’ Soumya tells him to stop his stupid dialogues. Rudra says,’ why will I stop? Firstly you think you are intelligent and can’t even answer a simple question?’ Soumya gets angry saying,’ as if you are very intelligent. Can’t even spell SMART and on top of that you are telling me of?’ They fight . Rudra tells her to stop saying,’ why are we fighting for such a silly reason? Actually you know we both are idiots.’ Soumya nods her head saying,’ if we always fight for such silly reasons then what are we going to do in our future? In fact we are engaged, so that means that we are just one step closer to marriage, isn’t it?’ Rudra looks on . He says,’ never thought that we will be married. Actually you know what at times opposites do attract.’ They look at each other, or rather have an eyelock. Soumya says,’ philosophy does not suit you.’ And Rudra says, ‘ being foolish does not suit you.’ They smile.

PRECAP- Anika gets to know about Shivansh’s confrontation with Shivay.

P.S. I will definitely try to expose the culprit behind Ishana’s framing , but please give me some time. My exams are coming , so I would be able to post only 2-3 episodes a week. I’m really sorry about that, but I’ll try to speed up with all the three leads. Thanks.

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