Love Has No Eyes (Shot 2)

Thank u all for Ur positive comments. I thought to give a different Raglak story. So that I made Ragini to be slightly dull. Please forgive me if had hurt anyone. Ok let’s move to the story…

At night 2:00 am,
Ragini was watching the moon and reminds the happenings after her college. Starting from groom 1 to groom 13, she remembers their rejections and their reasons. Then she looked herself on the mirror and thought of her broken engagement. She tries to control her tears but couldn’t. Finally she breaks down and thought that she was the only responsible for her family’s sadness. She thought that she wants to return their happiness. It was possible when she moves far away from them. So decides to suicide by taking rat poison. So she went to the kitchen and slowly takes it and came inside her room and locked herself. She was about to drink just then she thought to watch TV for the last time (because she loves to watch TV at anytime especially music channels). So she switched on TV which was in her room and was about to change the channel, but her eyes were caught on something. It was some channel X in which a serial called “Tum meri jaan” was playing (it was about 2:30 am) (actually Ragini had no interest on serial watching). But she watches it as she saw a man carrying a lady in his arms to the hospital. His eyes were red in colour which symbolizes that he had cried a lot. And his eyes could say how much he was wounded by heart. Even though he had cried bitterly, he looked amazing in his white shirt and blue pants and blue blazer. Ragini had forgotten what she was about to do. She just lovingly stares at that man. In that serial, that man…
Man: Doctors please save my Jaan. I could not live without her. She is the only hope of my life. I need her. I want to live in this world only with her. I have no other person in my life. I could not imagine a life without her. By saying this that man had broken down completely.
Doctor: Don’t worry Mr.Abi. Nothing will happen to ur wife. Please control urself. After consoling Abi doctor entered the emergency ward. While that time Ragini was also having tears in her eyes. In the TV, Abi was just looking at moon and reminded what had happened. In that flashback Ragini could not understand who were the characters and their roles in that serial. She just can understand that his wife (Arthi) had attempted suicide.
At that time only Ragini came to the reality that she was also about to do it. She then saw the TV in which Arthi’s parents and Abi were sobbing on her act. It was a great lesson to Ragini and she looked herself on the mirror and confronted herself to be strong and asked herself whether u want to make them cry like this??? She then builds confidence on herself and again watched the TV. She saw Abi praying to the moon to save Arthi. It was quite different to her. She just saw only his pleasing prayers. Just then the scene was cut and said “will be continued.” Then Ragini too slept.

At morning 8:00 am, Ragini’s room
Sharmistha: Ladoo!! U are sleeping upto 8’o clock? I can’t believe this. U has started to be lazy like Swara. Just then Swara came and
Swara: Maa! I am not lazy. I am just giving my body an extra rest. It doesn’t mean that I am kumbakarnan. Ok?
Sharmistha: Ji dadi maa. U are saying excuses for ur laziness. Saying this she pat on her cheeks and Ragini started to laugh seeing their morning drama. Sharmistha asked them to get fresh and have breakfast. They said ok maa in chorus. She laughed and went to kitchen. Ragini was about to get up from her bed Swara caught her hand and made to sit again.
Ragini: what happened madam. Did u want anything? Saying this Ragini lifted her eyebrow.
Swara: Haan. I need to know a thing.
Ragini: what?
Swara: What was ur dream yesterday? If u had met ur prince charm? Ragini slightly blushes hearing it. But she knows that she was teasing her.
Ragini: Oh hello shona! Ur jiju has not entered into my life yet. Then how could he enter into my dream. Saying this Ragini glared at her to hide her blushing. But
Swara: oh ya di. Then y was u late today.
Ragini: because yesterday I slept late.
Swara: Why? Because u have went a dating with ur prince charm. Right?
Ragini blushed more and took a pillow and hit at Swara for teasing her. Swara too took a pillow and hit. Then Ragini hit at her. Just then a bucket of water was poured on them. They were shocked. It was their mom with a bucket in hand and laughing. They two then started to chase their mom.
After a while Swara went to her Friend’s house. Shekhar went to the office. Sharmistha went to temple. Ragini was alone at house. She went to her room and started to clean it. Just she saw the TV and reminded the serial. She was very curious to know about that character Abi. So she took her laptop and browsed. After a while she found that his name was Laksh Maheshwari. She wanted to know more about him and that serial. So she browsed for some more time and found most of the details about him.

Ragini’s POV
His name was Laksh Maheshwari, a young serial actor, who wants to become a super star likes to live his life on his own way. He was very charming, hard working, waiting for an opportunity to enter into the film industry and unmarried. Many girls have crush on him and many were on the line to propose him and to date with him and many others were waiting for a chance to meet him at least once. O my god. What a man he was in a short span he had stolen many hearts especially girls. Ragini smiled while thinking these things.
What happened to Ragini? Is this a crush or love? Will Laksh come to know about Ragini? How will they meet?

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