U R My Sunshine In Day & My Moon In Night (Kkb-Few shots) (shot 2)

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U R My Sunshine In Day& My Moon
In Night(kkb)
shot 2:
Awwww… my dears!! Really I’m flying because of ur comments!! I loved all of ur comments& replied for ur comments also.. than q soo much my beloved sisieees & lovely frnds…frankly saying.. I didn’t expected this much support from u guys… I’m in ninth cloud while reading ur comments… than q soooo much… I don’t know.. I can write like that to satisfy ur expectations.. but, really I tried to write it to entertain u.. while writing I thought some of them were very elaborate& not makes any sense.. I can’t judge so many things.. whether u guys like that or not.. but, by ur comments I could know ur views & likings.. so keep commenting my dears!! as usual in this story also I have no twist ;);) i hope u support me… thanq u all readers … here is our story,,,….

Prag’s POV:
After sem holiday.. I reached class earlier.. I never went to class on time.. but, now I’m here half an hour before.. he came before others come.. is he too missed me .. that’s y he came too early?… pragya.. he always comes early.. u r the one who is always late.. I thought & smiled at him.. he too smiled at me.. god.. he smiled.. that too looking at me.. how cute..!! 😉 😉
BG song:
Yaaro Ivan Yaaro Ivan
En Pookalin Vaero Ivan
En Pennmayai Vendraan Ivan.. Anbaanavan
En Koadayil Mazhaiyaanavan
En Vaadayil Veyilaanavan
Kanjaadayil En Thaevayai Arivaan Ivan

Me: hii..
Abhisheik: hii.
Me: u came early?.
Abhisheik: I’m always come in this time..
Me: even in holidays?..(I asked him in a mocking tone)
Abhisheik: ya..
I’m surprised & asked him..
Me: really?..
Abhisheik: ya.. look at urself.. today I came na?..
Me: what today?.. today is college na?..
Abhisheik: are u okay ? wat happened to u?..
Me: wat?.. nothing happened to me..
Abhisheik: u know onething?.. tomorrow is college opening..
Me: u r playing with me na? I know .. jan 3 is reopening..
Abhisheik: ya, jan 3 is reopening.. but, today it’s not jan 3 madam..
Me: really,,?
Abhisheik: ya..
Me: u here?(I asked with a confused tone..)
Abhisheik: I have a habit to come here in leave days if I wish..
Me: ho..ho.. okay padipist..
Abhisheik: don’t call me like that..
Me:I’l call u like that only.. padipist padipist padipist padipist..
I said into his ears loudly.. he closed his ears& eyes.. some boys came there & started to tease me& abhisheik..
Abhisheik: go from here pragya..
BG song:
Un per solla aasaithaan..
Ullam uruga aasaithaan..
Uyiril karaiya aasaithaan..
Aasaithaan unmael aasaithaan..
Un thoal sera aasaithaan..
Unnil vazha aasaithaan..
Unnakul uthaya aasaithaan..
Ulagam marakka aasaithaan..
Ondrum ondrum ondraaiaaga aasaithaan..

Aww… he said my name for the first time.. thank god.. it’s really have some magic.. I want to hear him more..
Boy1: who r u to say that.. she is going to our prey..go from here..
Frankly saying I don’t have any fear..because I have my padipist idiot in my side..I eagerly waiting for his reply.. a hard punch in that boy’s nose.. abhisheik punched him.. blood oozing from that boy’s nose.. he started to beat him blue & black..the other boys went from there by seeing this.… then abhisheik looked at me..
Abhisheik: y r u here?.. go orelse u have to face problems..
Me: then u r going to face that alone..
Abhisheik: it’s not a matter to me.. I can manage.. if u r here then they will bad mouth about you.. they will write a story about u & take a film..
Me: if the hero is u then they can take a film….
Abhisheik: what?(with a confused face)
Me: nothing tubelight.. I’m going.. take care.. bye..
I said &came from there because of my nervousness.. now I can feel that.. y nikil feared to propose tanu.. y bulbul feared to propose purab..wat a feel is this pragya mehra…?? Aww.. to be pragya mehra… !!

The next day..
Me: wat happened yesterday after I went to home..
Abhisheik: nothing..
Me:he is back to form.. giving one word answers.. as if I’m asking him fill in the blanks questions..
After sometimes peon asked abhisheik to come & meet principal.. then for 1 week I didn’t see him.. I really missechim a lot.. but, I didn’t shown it.. then my crazy frnds will start to speak crazily..!!!
After 2 weeks exam result came.. god!! Please put pass mark to me.. orelse that double battery will give 2 days lecture for importance of studies & all..I can bear that.. but, my idiot abhisheik will feel bad .. because he is the one who taught me for all exams.. so, I have to pass.. my gang went near notice board& searched for our names.. we all passed except abhisheik.. I didn’t see his name.. how is it even possible.. ? I thought& felt sad for him.. then I looked at the top of the notice board.. there”abhisheik prem mehra topper of this semester” written in bold letters…(ya guys!! U guessed it right.. nanban movie.. 3 idiots!:) notice board scene!!) wow!!!! I jumped in joy& said “congrats padipist.. u made it…” I said while pulling his hands into an over enjoyed handshake(remember the hand pump we used to push & pull upside down na? like that..)all are staring me as an alien.. this padipist is staring at me like he is going to kill me.. am I done anything wrong!! Is wishing him is wrong or what?… he gone from there due to embrassment..
tanu: control urself pragya?..
Me: y Donald duck?u r not happy about him?.. see he is the topper..
Tanu: how many times I said u.. don’t call me duck..
Me: I called u donaaaaaaaalllld duck.. leave it.. tell me .. u r not happy?..
Tanu: it’s not first time prags.. he is always topper.. the first 2 sems also he is the topper .so, we are not excited .. because we know that he will be the topper..

Me: ho.. (I said with a grin..)
Boy 1 : hey .. wat yaar..this abhi is a boy or wat.. always used to score first mark.. he is making us to feel shame..
Boy 2: ya dude.. he is always studying like girls.. I think he is not a…
We r hearing that boys convo.. I can’t take it any more.. how dare he is speaking about my padipist..
Me: hey.. u !! wat u said.. he is a boy or wat?.. r u a boy?.. u r teasing him for studying.. u both unable to achieve this .. & u r mocking at him.. I know.. how he is studying to achieve this top position.. if u have any problem in that.. study like him..& stay as a topper.. who hold ur hands.. don’t talk & tease his hardwork.. if u r not praising him then shut ur mouth & go.. don’t dare to tease him.. idiots…
Boy 2: we r teasing him.. wat’s ur prblm?..
Purab: hello.. we are his frnds.. if u making it a matter we will also show who we are..(he said in a stern tone..)
Me: don’t dare to speak anything about him… (I said in a harsh tone)
Purab: go from here now..
They went from there.. after they gone.. all started to laugh at me.. like I did some stand up comedy…
Bulbul: we know u prags… (in a teasing tone)
Nikil: don’t dare to tease him…(like I said!!)
Me(I caught .. y r they laughing at me..): ya I supported him.. because it’s my copy rights.. I only have the right to tease him…
Tanu: like really?..
Me: ya..
Purab: then we also don’t have rights to tease him..
Me: u people have this much rights to tease him(by showing 2 cms in her hands…)I have this much rights.. (by stretching her hands as much as possible to stretch ..) got it my advisor..
Purab: s madam.. shall we move..
Me: ya.. we can..

Days passed.. & we are in final sem na.. so, we have to do project.. they gave us freedom to select our partner& guide.. purab &bulbul teamed up.. tanu said “last few days in college prags so I’l do my project with nikil.” I can understand them at the same time, Abhisheik & I hav no other option.. I’m happy that I’m partner of him..but I don’t want to lose his marks because of me.. & I asked my other class mates to do project with me.. &I’m not that much familiar to all .. & they all have company as well.. so, in my gang with absence of abhisheik I said.. “I will do my project single.. I know staffs will allow me.. “
Purab:but pragya, u can do with abhi na?..
Me:I don’t want to do project with abhisheik..
Bulbul:wat’s wrong pragya?.. y r u talking like this..
Me(I can’t control myself anymore): if I done anything wrong then his score also will get less na.. I don’t want to be a burden for him anymore..
BG song:
Unakkena Naan Enakkena Nee Ninaikayil Innikuthe…
Udalena Naan Uyirena Nee Iruppathu Pidukkuthe…
Unathuyiraai Enathuyirum Ulavida Thudikkuthe..
Thaniyoru Naan Thaniyoru Nee Ninaikkavum Valikkuthe…
Ithayathai Etharkkaaha Etharkkaaha Idam Maatrinaai…
Inikkum Oru Thunbathai Kudi Yetrinaai…

From my back:
Abhisheik:who said.. u r burden to me?..we r going to do the project.. got it?..
Tanu:by the way wat u did to him? Y u r saying that u r burden to him..
Me: u know na tanu, that 1 week he didn’t came to college..
Tanu: ya we know that.. he is suspended for beating a boy.. that boy misbehaved with a girl..
Me: u know.. who is that girl..
Purab: who?..
Abhisheik: why r u talking all that now.. come .. we have to prepare for our project.. we are not going to lose any marks..
Me: u keep quite.. I want to tell them.. that girl is me..
I said & broken down into tears..they all starred at me & him..they consoled me…then,..
Nikil: we can’t understand wat relationship u have.. she is always teasing u for silly things& if somebody teasing u .. she became like wounded tigress & give them nicely….. & u abhi.. u r protecting her to the core even though she irritates u like the hell.. great yaar..(he said while seeing me & him..)
Abhisheik just smiled & went from there saying that don’t cry so much & lose ur energy .. save that to do project with me..come quick.. we have to start project work..

Hey.. I’m going to work with him… superb.. hurray… I jumped in joy.. while others started to laugh at me like as usual..
Me: u guys r always like this.. staring at me or laughing at me.. don’t do anything other than this….
All(in chorus): oooo…
Me:wat ooo??.
Tanu: we are looking at u from the first day.. we r noticing lots of changes between u & abhi..
Me: nothing like that…
Bulbul: ya tanu.. no changes ..first day itself she started to like him… u all remember her first day.. she asked about abhi at first place..
Me: hey.. mickey.. it’s not like that.. am telling u na..
How can I tell them.. even before I saw him I started to imagine him & draw him in lots of poses… !!
Purab: stop it yaar.. we know about her.. but, wat abhi is thinking about her is the question now..
Bulbul: see purab.. he also having some feelings… that’s y he had beaten up that boy for prags.. ?& now also he is supporting her..
Purab: ya.. u r right..
Bulbul:I’m always right only..
Nikil: stop it guys.. abhi will do the same thing if tanu / bulbul were at same place like prags..
Tanu: point nikil.. he will support us like this only.. so, we can’t conclude by this he is having feelings for prags or not.. we have to try someother thing..
Me: (rolled my eyes in disbelief):stop it guys.. first of all who said I have feelings for him.. & u r going to next level also.. is he have feelings for me or not.. for god’s shake.. all shut ur mouth & do ur project work.. I have to concentrate on my project too..come let’s go..
All 4(in chorus): okay madam..

Days passed & we are busy in project works ..all are serious in their project..abhisheik & I were under a mango tree in our college.. all are enjoying as well as doing their project.. in my case we are only doing project.. he is not at all speaking to me!! How rude!!to be frank.. I have no interest in all that.. o god!! I thought that padipist will handle all the things in this project work& I can admire him while he is looking project work.. but, this bookist making me to work & he is simply supervising me.. (itharku thaaney aasai pattaaiii balakumaariii!!!<u wished for this only na!!)for this doing silly works I jumped from earth to sky!! Wat an idiot am I!!we have other subjects too.. that idiot padipist gave some work to me & continued to read his book & mark something in that.. that time my criminal mind worked!!if that book is not there means he will spent some time with me na!!wat can I do to hide the book!!god! if u take him for 2 mins I can hide his book!! Help me plzz! This time I will offer u abhisheik’s head shave!! Please!! I prayed to God!! Thank god he had a call in his phone!! He attended it & went little bit far away from me..& then came to me ..
Me: wat?..
Abhisheik:I hav to meet prof.suresh..
“ no matter wat!! This Korean gorilla always crossing in my path.. now, he is separating my padipist from me….. o god! I offer his head shave if he leaves for 2 mins!! Now he is leaving for atleast 10 mins!!But I’m sry God, I can’t see my padipist without hair.. so I taken back from abhisheik’s head shave & for that compensation I will crack 11 coconuts in nikil’s head after shaved his hair!! 😉 ;).. “ I thought…
Abhisheik:I’ll come back in a while.. until then u do it..
Me:always ordering me as if I’m ur wife..now a days most of the wives won’t do wat their husbands r saying.. but, here eventhough u r not my husband.. I’m doing all this unwanted stuffs for u!!(murmuring)
Abhishiek: wat u said?..
Me: heard everything & then also asking me wat I said!(murmuring)!Nothing..
He went to see that double battery & then came after approximately 10 mins..
Abhisheik: u completed?..
Me: ya going to complete it!!
Abhisheik: okay .. u continue.. I will continue to study…
He searched for his book.. & I smiled because of his face reaction!!..
Abhisheik: hey! Give me my book!!
Me:wat book?..
Abhisheik: my book.. the one which is I’m studying…
Me: y u r asking me?..
Abhisheik: because I know.. u r the one who took it..
Me: wat… u have any proofs that I have taken ur book?..
Abhisheik: ya I know!! U r always like this.. u r the one who played with all na?.. u took nikkil’s tiffen box… u took purab’s soapu dabba mobile phone.. u took tanu’s makeup items.. u took bulbul’s that kumkum bhagya’s photo collections & all na..!! I know all.. now, u r playing with me also..
Me: not bad padipist!!.. u observed me this much.. ya I want to play with them..but u know that.. for me & books this much distance(by stretching her hand as much as she could stretch..) so, I don’t get any fun of ..but, I thought, to hide ur book.. but, u gave the work na… so I’m doing it… & according to bulbul’s KKB collections.. I know.. she is too deseparate to that serial’s hero rockstar.. I want know .. wat’s in that rockstar!! Now.. I too fell for him!! Wat a cute guy!!
Abhisheik: hey .. stop it.. u r trying to divert the topic by talking about that dumb rockstar..
Me: noo more word about my rockstar!!
Abhishek: okay.. give me my book.. or else I won’t bear u.. like u said u r my burden only..
He said in a harsh tone.. that’s it.. my eyes filled with tear..there purab came with his bag & a book.. he didn’t noticed me..
purab: bhai.. wat’s going on here?.. & here is ur book.. u forgot it in suresh sir’s table..
I looked at him with falling tears in my cheeks.. his eyes is filled with guilt..
Abhiseik: I’m sry pragya..
That’s it.. I can’t hold my anger any more..it’s true i’m anger at him.. wen he know the truth he is not able to face me.. that hurts me.. I can’t see his face like that.. something hurts me a lot..my gang came & seeing this senerio..so too cool down the situation I smiled & said
Me:I can forgive u..
Abhisheik: thank you..
Me: but under 1 condition..
Abhisheik: wat is that..?
Me: give that book.. I want that book..
Abhisheik:no .. I can’t give u..
Me: I want that.. or else I can’t forgive u..
Abhisheik: is it so… then don’t forgive me…
Me: u r talking too much padipist.. I have my own way..i’l take & hide like I hide nikil’s tiffin box, like tanu’s make up box like purab’s soapu dabba, like bulbul’s kkb collections.. mind it..
He smiled at me& saw me like u r under arrest !!.. then only I noticed purab bulbul nikil & tanu were starring at me… o god!! I blabbered everything!!
Purab: wat u said about my mobile!! Soapu dabba!!! I won’t leave u..
He start to chase me.. & followed by others.. all are running behind me.. I looked at that padipist!! He is smiling all the while.. I came to him..&said while breathing heavily..
Me: mark this day in your dairy..
Abhisheik: I don’t have any dairy..
Me: mark this… day in… ur mobile memo… or schedule.. how u…. trapped me.. like that… I’l trap u with in … next year… this day…. I won’t … leave … u… (I said while heavy breath..)
Abhisheik: just try it…
He said & went while smiled..
Purab: u have some magic prags..
Me: wat..
Purab: ya .. we r seeing our old abhi sometimes with u …
Me: old abhi.. wat happened to him?..
Purab: loss of some people makes us to change na.. that is the case in abhi also.. a girl..
He started & it was cut by my mobile phone ring.. ma calling..
Me: ha ma.. bolo..
Ma: beta.. come quick.. here pooja is there na..
Me: ho. Ya ma.. I forgot it completely.. I’l come..
Ma: invite ur frnds also na..
Me: okay ma..
I cut the call & told about the pooja to them & invited them..
Me: I have some work.. wen u people come bring that padipist too..
I said & ran in a hurry.. they waved bye to me.. then during that pooja.. all came except that idiot abhisheik.. I know.. I want to talk to him.. wat had happened in his life.. I want to comfort him.. but, I could not ask him directly also.. I know he will create scenes for each & every thing.. I asked purab “why he had not come?””he had some other works” purab said.. all r here.. wat works he had.. god.. I can’t understand him..
After some days….farewell came.. as usual.. purab &bulbul gave name to pair dance.. & nikil&tanu also gave their names in dance..
Tanu: please prags.. participate in dance ..
Me: no Donald duck.. I don’t want to dance.. I will do some other thing..
Bulbul: & wat is that..
Me: that is suspense mickey… okay wat will that padipist will do?..
Purab: u didn’t told us what u r going to do.. so, we are not going to do what he will do in our farewell..
Me: please.. tell me dears..
All: no way..
wen I wanted something badly.. they all refusing at same time.. wat he is upto?.. hmm.. leave it pragya.. u can’t ask him.. he will make scene for tat.. so keep quiet until farewell..
the farewell day came..

final year students are there in the auditorium& some told about their college life & experience., some told about their teachers.. some told about their untold love story.. lots of wishes.. hugs & all.. emotional moments ..then lots of student showed their talents in various things like mime, drama,mimic,music & all.. then the dance show started.. all danced with their pairs or performed group dance& all enjoyed that… purab & bulbul danced for a romantic song followed by tanu & nikil..
after that the stage lights off..the students started to make noise like.. oooo.. uuuuu… huhuuuu… spot light spoted a person& here comes my hero with guitar in his hands..
o my god.. he is going to sing..

this song is dedicated to my lovable friends who supported me..
nanbanai paartha thedhi mattum otti kondhathen gnyabagathil
en uyir kaalam ellam avan ninaivu thudikkum en irudayathil
ulagathil pidithadhu edhuvendru ennai kettal oho
en kallori vazhkayai kattiduven
en adhutha jenmathil ingey maramaaven
ohaohaho nananna
nanbanai paartha thedhi mattum otti kondhathen gnyabagathil
en uyir kaalam ellam avan ninaivu thudikkum en irudayathil
& the next song..
Sila Iravugal Iravugal Thaan Theera Theeradhey
Sila Kanavugal Kanavugal Thaan Pogha Poghadhey
Sila Suvadugal Suvadugal Thaan Theya Theyadhey
Sila Ninaivugal Ninaivugal Thaan Moozhga Moozhgadhey
Neethaney Neethane Yen Narambukul Odinaay
Neethaney Neethane Yen Imaigalai Nivinaay.. Eh,,
Nee Odum Paathaiyil Nenjamo
Un Suvadugal Valippathu Konjamo Ey
En Vizhiyin Karu Maniyil Thedipaar
Un Kaaladi Thadangalai Kattume Oh
Prapanja Ragasiyam Purinthadhey
Un Siru Imai Pirivil Therinthadhey
Vibathukkkal Ènakkul Nadakkave
Un Ninaivugal Thappi Šella Vaikudhey
Unmaiygal Šølvathum
Unarchiyil Kølvathum
Uyir Varai Šelvathum
Neethane Neethane Yen Narambukul Odinaay
Neethaney Neethane Yen Imaigalai Nivinaay
Nee Theda Theda Yen Thølaigirai
Yen Valiyil Marupadi Kidaikkirai Hey
Nee Iraivil Veyyilai Irukkirai
Yen Uyirai Iravalai Ketkiraai Èy
Idaya Jathukkam Nadungudhey
Un Nyabagam Vantha Pinbu Adangudhey
Alaiyil Othunngum Kilinjalaai
Yen Nizhale Yen Nijathai Othukkudhey
Oru Ganam Šaaghiren
Marughanam Vaazhgiraen
Irandukum Naduvile
Neethane Neethane Yen Narambukulae
Neethane Neethane Yen Narambukulae…

This song is dedicated to my love of my life… he said & went from there.. I don’t know y.. but, felt that song is for me.. while singing he was seeing me like u got it?…. I’m confused.. whether he have his love & prove me that I’m not his pair or he is singing for me..i’m staring at him.. wat ever I lost myself in his voice, in his eyes,in his music& in him…
Then some others sung some song.. I didn’t listen.. tanu called me & said host is now calling u.. go .. I came to stage & I started to do something using sand.. ya.. I love sand art.. by using beach soil .. I draw 7 wonders of the world & famous buildings & draw some other natural scenes… all clapped & encouraged me.. at last I started to draw a human face… i thought to draw sundar pichai(ceo of google-INDIAN.. personally my inspiration!! ).. but, this time also I ended up in abhisheik’s face.. o my god..!! but, most of them didn’t know that is abhisheik.. but, my classmates & my gang started to shout … I felt embrassed & went from there.. all clapped for me.. I searched abhisheik & asked bulbul where is he.. as usual they said we don’t know in chorus.. & started to tease me.. I left from there by cursing myself..
I called his no. but, it’s unreachable.. god.. where he went.. I was going.. & I saw the boys who once teased abhisheik & I warned them..
Boy 1: hey here is the angel who supported that abhisheik..
Boy2: now, we can see how can he save her from us..
I started to run from there.. they are following me.. & there is no way to go now.. I’m trapped.. god save me from this idiots.. a boy slapped me & I striked the wall & get hurt in my head.. pragya.. a voice came !! & I know.. he is my padipist.. I don’t want to fear now.. but, I closed my eyes & became unconscious..
I opened my eyes & saw a big house.. I laid in the sofa.. I got up & look around.. no one is there.. I don’t know wat to do.. i marched towards a room.. I don’t know y I’m going there.. but, my subconscious mind says.. go there pragya.. so, I went.. I’m going to open that door..
“Don’t open that door.”. a voice said.. ya that’s my abhisheik only.. how can I hear him.. I always used to oppose wat he is saying na.. poor fellow.. he didn’t got me this time also..
Me: I will open it & see ur madona’s secret..
Abhisheik: I told u .. don’t go there..
Me: I will
I said& going to open it.. he came there with no time.. & stopped me from opening the door..
Abhisheik: wat the hell u r doing?.. go from here now..why r u interfere in this things?.. stay in ur limits..
He said with a harsh tone.. I couldn’t take that easily.. I can see him in pain both mentally & physically.. all these r happened because of me na.. I thought..
I immediately hugged him & crying my heart out.. “I don’t know… why I behaving like this…. but, I love u abhisheik.. I love u.. it hurts me a lot wen I see u in pain.. .. I can’t bear that.. ” I pulled myself& went to hall & took my bag..(ya abhisheik bring me & my bag also!!) I took all the drawings I had painted his face then give it to him..”i don’t know.. how I started to draw ur face.. but, I started to draw ur face even before look at u.. that means in my P.G 1st year itself whenever I started to draw I end up in ur face.. I don’t know the reason for that also.. “ I said.. he opened the door… I saw the photos hanging in the room.. the girl & abhisheik.. I couldn’t stand there anymore.. I ran from there while crying….
End of prag’s POV..

so guys.. how was it?.. tell me ur views.. keep smiling & keep commenting… 😉 😉 one more thing.. I don’t know wen will I update the next part.. but, I’l try to update it as soon as possible… we can see our abhi’s POV in next shots.. okay.. !! tak care dears.. love u all…..  forgive me for my mistakes toooo…

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  1. Sowji

    Excellent…who is that girl…who will reveal his past to pragya..y he changed.. lots of questions arising in my mind…awaiting for next ff…

    1. Nivethaa

      thanq dear!! i will reveal it in my next shot dear!!;) i’l update it soon…:)

  2. Really nivi sis I m dumstuck….wat a writing yaar….your r such a lovable writer…. from the first scene itself I started to enjoy this update…and I mentally visualised the whole part….I really like pragya’s naughtiness in this part….the way abhi saved pragya,their conversation,their gang teasing pragya,the project scene and pragya’s pout,abhi’s anger and his sorry to pragya,abhi’s smile for pragya’s cute antics,that wish pragya asked from god and for that cracking coconuts in nikil’s shaved head really very funny and I can’t control my laugh and the farewell day celebrations, purbul and takil dance,abhi’s song(it is really a nice one and apt for the situation), pragya’s drawing ended up with abhi’s face,for that their gang’s teasing all are really enjoyed by me….finally in abhi’s house there is a shock for us…feeling sad for pragya… want to know about the girl in the photo with abhi…. and thank you once again for the long long and quick update…. really waiting for the next one… can’t wait to know about the suspense… take care sis bye….

    1. Nivethaa

      than q da!!! than q for ur lovable comment .. as i said!! ur coment makes me to fly!!! 😉 ;)i’l update the next part as soon as possible dear!!! take care da!!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Awesome dear

    1. Nivethaa

      than q dear!!!:) 🙂

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